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Veena Rawat is a singer and gets worried when she starts getting sick more frequently with seasonal infections. These recurring infections are not only making her weak but also affecting her career as she is unable to sing due to months of colds and has to give up many opportunities. Trips to hospitals have been unable to find solutions to infections that have come under attack following the change in season, sometimes lasting for weeks. Finally, she finds a magic potion that helps her survive the high tides of these cyclical contagions. And this drink comes from her own kitchen! And it was nothing except that she started taking Tulsi tea regularly along with some herbs, which improved her immunity with time. Not only Vena, many of us get sick due to viral infections when the season changes and some of us are even more susceptible to these. It happens because some of us have a weaker immune system than others, making us more susceptible to disease. By Smita Mishra readmore

How To Cure Viral Infection

The solution to most of our ailments lies in the season itself. Author and renowned nutritionist Kavita Devgan says, “There’s a reason we have an array of sahaag (greens) during winters; they’re naturally warming and loaded with nutrients that help the body fight off seasonal infections. Decorate your plate with color. Vegetables are colorful and contain phytonutrients in abundance during winters.” It is the best protection against painful colds and fevers.” It is important to have greens at least 3-4 times a week. Read more

Common Cold: Symptoms, Cold Vs. Flu, Treatment

Why do we need Adrak Wali Chai so much in winter? Maybe it’s our body’s desire to ask! Ginger is said to be warming to the body and loaded with anti-inflammatory gingerol and shaogal to soothe sore throats and relieve congestion and kill rhinoviruses that cause colds and flu. Since honey has anti-inflammatory properties, it soothes sore throats and relieves coughs. During winters, daily consumption of a teaspoon of fresh ginger juice and honey can help prevent seasonal infections. Read more

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Tulsi not only boosts immunity but is proven to cure colds and coughs, helps relieve symptoms of asthma and arthritis and is a component of many ayurvedic combinations in treating many other ailments like diarrhea, fever, dysentery, arthritis, dyspepsia, vomiting. , acidity, heart disease, back pain, skin disease etc. Black pepper is loaded with anti-bacterial and anti-antibiotic properties as it is a source of immune boosting vitamin C. Pour a cup of water, add ground black pepper and some. Tulsi leaves. Drink tea during the day. Alternatively, you can have 5 tulsi leaves, 2 peppercorns and half a teaspoon of honey on an empty stomach first thing in the morning. Continue throughout the winter for best results. Read more

It is the divine elixir in Ayurveda. Amola, the richest source of vitamin C on earth, is a surefire way to boost your immunity in winter. All you have to do is include it in your daily diet. Bonus? Clearer skin, better digestion and a shiny mane! Read

Garlic contains allicin, which has antibacterial and antifungal properties. Several studies have shown that people who regularly take garlic supplements are less likely to get colds and flu than those who don’t. Raw garlic works best so you should have one to two cloves on an empty stomach for best results. Allicin, found in garlic, is said to lower cholesterol levels in the body.

Virus Or Bacteria

Drink a glass of warm water with turmeric every day in the morning. Make it your first drink. Not only is it good for your liver, it is said to remove toxins from the body, but it is also believed to accelerate the production of mucus from the respiratory system by natural microbes. Turmeric has anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties so it helps fight any type of infection in the body and its anti-inflammatory properties relieve cough and cold symptoms. Read more

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As you all know (if you follow me on Instagram), I’ve been really sick this past week. I posted a story asking for some natural remedies because I went to a doctor and they gave me amoxicillin…which didn’t work. I learned from the follow-up that I have a VIRAL infection, not a bacterial one. Basically, this means that amoxicillin does not help at all.

You all responded with so many amazing tips, tricks, products + solutions. I couldn’t keep all this goodness to myself, so naturally, I had to blog about it!

Home Remedies For Stomach Flu

I hope this list is helpful for anyone battling a virus, sinus problems, congestion, or the flu!

Let me know if I missed something and I’ll be sure to add it to the list 🙂

The first way to treat a virus naturally is by increasing the consumption of immune-boosting foods. This includes green leafy vegetables, which provide vitamin A, and foods rich in vitamin C, such as citrus fruits and capsicum.

Probiotics such as Greek yogurt or fermented foods and beverages such as miso soup or kombucha can help fight infection.

A Minimal Monitoring Approach For The Treatment Of Hepatitis C Virus Infection (actg A5360 [minmon]): A Phase 4, Open Label, Single Arm Trial

I also take a prebiotic and probiotic from BIOHM most days. You can find their products here and use the 20% discount code 🙂

Tip: When you first wake up, try drinking warm water with apple cider vinegar (with mom!), honey and cinnamon. Black tea is rich in an array of disease-fighting compounds that can protect against various viral infections.

If you’re feeling crazy, throw your ACV, honey, and cinnamon into some hot black tea for a boost.

The second way to treat viruses naturally is to use antiviral herbs to strengthen the immune system and prevent viral infections.

Viral Rash: Types, Symptoms, And Treatment In Adults And Babies

In addition, they can be used to provide cardiovascular, digestive and anti-inflammatory support. It can be used as infusion, tea or herbal oils.

Incorporate ginger, garlic, elderberry, oregano oil, licorice root, echinacea, calendula, and cat’s claw into your health regimen to prevent + prevent viral infections. The common cold is an infection of your nose, sinuses, throat and windpipe. The flu spreads easily, especially in homes, rooms, and workplaces. More than 200 different viruses can cause the common cold. There is no cure for the common cold, but it usually goes away within a week to 10 days. If you do not feel better within 10 days, see a health care provider.

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A cold is a contagious upper respiratory infection that affects your nose, throat, sinuses, and windpipe (trachea). You may have heard that the common cold is the coronavirus. In fact, more than 200 different types of viruses can cause the common cold. The most common cold virus is rhinovirus.

We call the flu “common” because, as the name suggests, it is widespread. You probably have more colds than any other illness in your life. Adults get two to three colds a year, while young children get four or more colds a year.

What Is A Virus And How Does It Make Us Sick?

You may feel a tickle in your throat for one to three days after catching a cold virus. About half of people with the flu report a sore throat or sore throat as their first symptom. Other common flu symptoms you may experience in this early stage include:

At this stage, symptoms worsen or become more severe. In addition to the symptoms in stage 1, you may experience the following:

At this stage, the flu usually starts to subside. At this time you can be free and clear. But some symptoms may persist. Some people develop a nagging cough that can last up to two months after inhalation.

If your symptoms get worse and/or your fever returns, go to a health care provider. You may have another infection or complication, such as bronchitis, sinusitis, or pneumonia.

Is There A Cure For Hiv/aids?

If your child has any of the following symptoms, call the health care provider. These symptoms may mean your child has something more serious than the flu:

Rhinoviruses cause up to 50% of common colds. There are over 100 different rhinoviruses. But other types of viruses,

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