Round Beds For Sale Ikea – No shipping. You must pick up during the pickup window on November 12th from 2pm to 4pm or your item will be lost after you pay.

Payment Instructions: We will take payment for this auction at the pickup location in Westerville, Ohio during pickup time – Thursday, November 12th from 2pm to 4pm. You can pay by CASH or CREDIT CARD. There is a 3 percent fee on credit cards, but feel free to bring cash. We do not make personal checks for this sale. So there are no checks. We do not accept credit or debit cards for vehicles sold. For vehicles we only accept cash, bank check or wire transfer. If you are shipping your items to us we will ship them to the eSell Post Office in Upper Arlington the week following the Thursday sale. IF THE INFORMATION SAYS NOT DELIVERED WE WILL NOT TAKE IT TO THE CARRIER, AND WE WILL THROW THE GOODS OUR WAY. By selling in this auction you as the winning bidder agree to authorize your registered credit card to charge Burns Auction & Appraisal LLC for the total invoice if you, the winning bidder, do not receive and pay during designated times / hours. . If you do not pick up, and we declare that we will ship, then you, the winner, also authorize us to pick up your item for shipping, and charge the delivery fee stated in the item description. We will send you a pickup address once the auction is done. All sales are final and no longer offered. WE HAVE DONE OUR BEST TO EXPLAIN EVERYTHING. DO NOT PAY IF YOU ARE NOT SURE, NO MONEY IS GIVEN.

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Round Beds For Sale Ikea

Shipping Instructions: By accepting and not accepting, the seller authorizes Burns Auction & Appraisal to transfer the lot to our carrier for shipping. IF THE INFORMATION SAYS NO BODY AVAILABLE WE WILL NOT DELIVER TO THE AIRCRAFT. We will deliver the items to be the carrier after the sale. We are not responsible for items once they are delivered to the carrier. If you do not want us to use a carrier, have an agent or other carrier come during the pickup window to pick it up. Items lost, broken or damaged after landing at the carrier will not be returned by Burns Auction. We charge a delivery fee to deliver items to our carrier since these items are in a private home and must be packed and delivered to the carrier.

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Ikea Sultan Sandane Round Bed With Mattress In E12 London Borough Of Redbridge Für 200,00 £ Zum Verkauf

Check Date & Time: Bring enough help to work. If you buy a lot, bring workers with a trailer or truck and come at the beginning of the pickup period. If it’s not finished at the end of the download window you’ll lose what you didn’t collect.

Pick up for this sale is: November 12th from 2pm to 4pm at home in Westerville, OH. You must pick up during the set pick up hours or you may, at our discretion, either lose your item (you will be charged) or have a late pick up with a fee of $30 per furniture or $15 per lot charged to your card on file. This is not a late invitation. Most of the time you will lose your things. If you buy a lot, bring enough helpers to get everything out on time. If shipping is not available and you do not accept it, you agree that you will lose your goods, and they will be disposed of at our discretion, meaning we will throw them in a dumpster or take possession of them after you pay your card. Please allow yourself enough time to get all your items before the cut off time. By bidding on this auction you give us permission to bill your card if you don’t pick it up, even if we dispose of your item. At cut-off time we will close and ask applicants to leave, regardless of whether they have finished unpacking. We do not accept credit or debit cards for vehicles sold. For vehicles we only accept cash, bank check or wire transfer. Get people to help you. If you buy a lot, bring workers so you can get everything out of the house on time. By bidding in this auction the buyer agrees to follow good safe moving, loading and securing procedures when handling all lots purchased at this auction, and when handling any items at the pickup location. By giving permission the buyer also agrees that he/she and any helpers have the experience, training and equipment necessary to safely move and load the items purchased at this auction, or, if not , will use the movers they have made. The seller holds Burns Auction & Appraisal LLC harmless for death, injury or property damage caused during the auction. Children are prohibited at all auctions. Buyers agree that once paid for, their purchases at the pick-up point become their (buyer’s) responsibility for security, safekeeping and removal. Buyers agree that any items left at the property after pick-up hours will be treated as abandoned and disposed of at Burns Auction’s discretion unless other arrangements have been made in writing together. and Auction Burns at the time of delivery and the money will not be given. Bidders agree that they are responsible for ensuring that all their purchases are removed and loaded before leaving the sale site that day. Sellers also agree that items left behind after pickup hours due to confusion, mix-up, oversight or any other reason will be considered abandoned by Burns Auction with no refund to the buyer. not. Please check your final invoice before departure to make sure you have everything. We often clean up immediately after sales pick up hours and will dispose of what is left behind at our discretion. When applicable, items not picked up at the auction on the day of pickup will become the property of Burns Auction, even if paid for, unless prior written arrangements for pickup have been made and agreed to by Burns Auction. Buyers must respond to our carrier and pay for shipping within 14 days of the carrier’s initial call or email to receive payment. If shipping is not received within this period then these items will be returned to Burns Auction and will become the property of Burns Auction and no refund will be issued. By placing an order and not accepting, the seller authorizes Burns Auction & Appraisal to transfer the winning lot to our carrier for shipping. IF THE INFORMATION SAYS NO MARKET WE WILL NOT TAKE OUR FURNITURE ITEMS INTO THE LOT IT SHOULD BE CLEARLY STATED. Bring packing materials and boxes. Bring help loading. We will help as much as we can to keep moving forward. But we may not be able to help with all of them. We will not help move large or bulky items. Bring help. WE HAVE DONE OUR BEST TO EXPLAIN EVERYTHING. DO NOT PAY IF YOU ARE NOT SURE, NO MONEY IS GIVEN. ALL sales have ended! We do our best to help contestants get together and move more. But lately we’ve had a lot of shoppers making big purchases, then showing up either alone or with enough help to move their purchases. So, for some big or big ones, we have added to the information an additional fee that we will charge to your credit card on file if you do not have enough help to move your belongings. If you pay for your item, and you don’t have help and want the item, we charge the fee to help. If you don’t like the item you still have to pay for it, but you won’t be required to pay a refund if you discard it. We will decide if you have enough help. For example, if you buy a freezer in the basement and bring your 85-year-old father as the only helper, we charge you for the help. In other words, we defined inadequate help as not having enough helpers to complete the health work. Our first priority is safety, our second priority is not causing damage to the home. Inadequate help creates danger. If you can’t find help for one of these things, don’t give, or pay the fee without a minimum. For some things we declare that there is no help. This means that if you don’t bring help, we don’t help and you can’t get your stuff, even though you still have to pay. This will apply to large and/or heavy items. You don’t have to take all the contents when you buy. Just take what you want. However, any conversion on or near (or anywhere for that matter) auction items is illegal.

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