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Recently, I had the misfortune of two flat tires during my morning commute. The first morning I was run over by a hole in the middle lane. Immediately, the tire pressure sensor warned of low tire pressure. I was able to stop (luckily on the very wide shoulder of the highway) and swap the right front tire for a spare. I took the car to my local Americas Tires and they had the tires replaced due to irreparable damage to the sidewalls.

Are Tire Road Hazard Warranties Worth It

The next morning I was driving on the same highway where I had a flat tire the morning before. I was careful to drive in the right lane to avoid potholes. Unfortunately, I was run over by something on the road, and suddenly I heard a “thump, thump.” I submitted immediately. Oddly enough, I ended up stuck in the exact same spot where I had a flat tire the morning before. Once again, I drove the spare tire to the same America’s Tires to change tires.

Nail In Tire…is This Repairable? I Bought The Tires From Walmart 17 Months Ago With ‘road Hazard’. The Tires Are Goodyear Wrangler At/s P265 70r16 113s. The Walmart Service Rep Said The

This time I got a U-shaped groove in the tread of the tire. After replacing my tire, the Americas Tire technician showed me what was inside the tire. A strangely shaped pipe seems to have punctured the tire and got stuck inside it.

Both days were very good experiences with America’s Tire. They have a policy of offering tire puncture repairs for free to anyone, even if it’s not the person who bought the tire. This is effective enough that minor punctures within the tread area of ​​the tire can be easily repaired by a tire shop.

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But what if it’s a damaged sidewall or a big hole that can’t be patched/plugged? It should be about $150 for my front tires (first morning) and about $180 for my rear tires (second morning). That would add $330 plus labor to replace the tire.

Normally, when offered any warranty related to a car, I automatically decline. The same is true for road hazard protection in tires. I declined any additional guarantees ever offered. So why did I leave the shop with two of her new tires on the car if I had never purchased a warranty before? because you chose to join when asked. Now, before I say how smart my wife is than I am, let’s take a holistic look at whether she’s worth getting tire road hazard protection before we come to any conclusions .

What Is Road Hazard Protection?

I understand that the tire warranty already included with the purchase of the tire usually covers the tire under normal wear conditions for a specific tread life, uniformity of wear and material finish. . But what does purchasing an additional Tire Road Hazards Plan cover?

The main exception to the tire warranty is damage to the tire that is not the responsibility of the tire manufacturer. This means that if you run over something on the road or hit a pothole, your normal warranty will not cover it. Well, if the damage is a simple hole, it can be fixed fairly cheaply (about $20-30) at your local shop. Shops like American Tire will fix it for free.

However, the tire warranty does not apply if the tire has to be replaced due to damage caused. Unless you want your spare tire to last forever, you’ll end up paying for the tire (just kidding, please stop). However, if you purchased a warranty, you can bring your car in and have it replaced, no questions asked. As I explained at the beginning of this article, this was my experience with both punctures.

For example, if you buy tires through his tire rack, he already includes two years of free road hazard coverage. This is a great feature with the flexibility to change tires at any participating store. However, this is only for two years, after which it will be on its own.

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Costco Tire Warranty: What You Need To Know

Below is an example of a Tire Road Hazard Protection Certificate from America’s Tire, detailing the program.

If you purchased your road hazard protection warranty through the physical installer, the warranty period may vary. At this time, America’s Tire warrants him from the date of purchase for 3 years, or his 3/32 inch of tread. Depending on which installer you use, the terms of this warranty may vary, so it’s important to check the details to see how beneficial your warranty is.

Also, keep in mind that if you replace your tires under warranty, you may need to purchase a separate warranty for the new tires installed on your vehicle. A warranty is tied to each tire, so if you replace a tire you will need to purchase a new warranty that covers that particular tire.

I think it’s important to mention this issue because it can have a big impact on your decision whether or not to buy a road hazard protection warranty for your tires. I believe there are three main factors that affect your chances of finding an apartment.

Different Types Of Tire Warranties Explained

How Much You Drive: This is easy. The more you drive, the more likely you are to have a punctured tire.

What kind of tire do you own: Low profile tires tend to have shorter sidewalls and wider treads than regular profile tires. While there is no real difference in the likelihood of a puncture (basically both types of tires have the same contact patch), there is a difference in the likelihood of a tire sidewall puncture. This is because a tire with a low profile is less effective than a normal tire in absorbing the impact when hitting a pothole or the like.

Where you drive: If you drive in heavily industrialized areas, you are more likely to get a flat tire from falling material from work vehicles. When I worked in the industrial area of ​​San Francisco’s Dogpatch district, I had regular punctures from screws and nails falling from the back of my work vehicle.

There are certainly factors that determine whether road hazard protection in tires should be considered, but in the end I think it all boils down to one main question. It’s whether you’re wearing tires with a low profile. In my experience driving SUVs, I have had very few flat tire situations. On the other hand, my experience driving a car with low profile tires sometimes rivals the frequency of oil changes.

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Road Hazard Warranty

Needless to say, if you have the money to spend on extra protection and want peace of mind, absolutely go for it. However, there are many factors that affect the likelihood of a tire going flat, as well as price and warranty terms.

For our car (which has low profile tires) my wife made a great decision to purchase tire road hazard protection for the tires. At the time, I probably opted out of additional protections. However, she paid just over $100 to cover all four of her tires, so she saved over $300 on just two flat tires. So it was definitely worth it, and her wife who made that decision is certainly smarter than I am.

Hi! i’m scott I run The Track Ahead. My goal is to provide useful articles and tutorials based on my experience and research on car maintenance and car detailing. When I’m not writing or doing my day job, I find myself spending time with my family and working on house and car projects. While washing the car she noticed a 3 inch cut on the rear tire. I don’t know when that happened.

Is this covered by the Chevrolet or Michelin warranty? I was reading on the net and it seems I should buy a new one. i hope i’m wrong

Landsail Road Hazard Protection

Do not have? If you search his page 10 of my girlfriend’s 19 year bolt warranty booklet, starting on page 9, “Not Covered, Tire and Wheel Damage or Wear” says:

Download the last two PDFs from Michelin Warranty Information | Search for Michelin and Hazard and you will find road hazards excluded.

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