Can A New Mattress Have Bed Bugs – Not surprisingly, bed bugs are found on mattresses more often than on any other household item, as bed bugs congregate in areas of a home where their human blood hosts are regularly and most frequently located. Coming in second to mattresses, new, used and rented furniture items are most commonly infested with bed bugs. It is known that bed bugs are commonly found on used furniture items, and many people rightly avoid bringing used furniture into their home to avoid risking an infestation. Of course, furniture items that are rented by many people are also likely to be infested with bed bugs, but people rarely consider bed bugs when they buy new furniture from reputable dealers. This is understandable, as there seems to be little reason to worry about bed bugs infesting furniture that no one has used. However, there are several little-known ways that new furniture and mattresses can be infested with bed bugs before they leave the store, or even the warehouse.

Some large retailers pick up and dispose of old and used mattresses and furniture from homes before selling new products, and most retailers issue warranties or customer satisfaction guarantees that sometimes see recently purchased mattresses and furniture from homes after being used for a short period of time. were In these cases, bed bugs can settle on used or short-used mattresses and furniture that may be stored in a company warehouse or shipping truck alongside new and unused products that may also be infested.

Can A New Mattress Have Bed Bugs

Such incidents have not only happened before, they are becoming more frequent. In fact, there are now lawyers who specialize in defending people who claim that large retailers sold them mattresses or furniture infested with bed bugs. If a consumer experiences a bed bug infestation in his/her home as a result of purchasing a new mattress or furniture item that had bed bugs, a lawsuit is likely. Mattress and furniture companies have lost a lot of money in these court cases to disgruntled consumers. For example, not long ago, a JC Penny location in Cherry Hill, New Jersey was forced to pay $49,000 to a couple who bought bed bug-infested furniture from the department store chain, and another resident in the Northeast plans to close. Raymour & Flanigan is suing after buying a bed bug-infested recliner that caused damage to his home. Do you think you have bed bugs? Have you experienced insect bites at night? Maybe you’ve actually seen bed bugs in seams and crevices on your mattress. If so, you need to remove these bed bugs from your mattress and from your home before they become an even bigger problem. Here we describe what you need to do.

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Hot Shot Mattress And Luggage Treatment Bed Bug Killer At

Bed bugs are small but visible wingless insects that feed on human blood. They range from light brown to reddish brown in color and have a flat oval shape (

), but tend to hide during the day and this makes them more difficult to see. They come out to feed at night when humans are sleeping (

Unlike dust mites, which are practically unavoidable in homes, bed bugs are not present in all homes. Bed bugs are not normal to have at home: you should never try to just live with them. However, if you have bed bugs, chances are they are most likely to be in and around the mattress and bedding, as this is where they come to feed at night. However, they can be found almost anywhere, especially in hard-to-reach places, such as in cracks in tiles, under carpets, and in cracks (

Unfortunately, it doesn’t always matter how carefully you keep your home clean, bed bug infestations usually stem from just one contaminated item entering the home (

How Fast Do Bed Bugs Spread

). This can be an article of worn clothing that has picked up bed bugs from being in someone else’s home, or it can be clothes that are used when traveling and staying in hotels or on a cruise. A second-hand piece of furniture can also be a source of a bed bug infestation.

In fact, bed bugs can even travel through apartment walls, so if your neighbor has a bed bug problem, it can spread to your apartment through no fault of yours. Even a vacant apartment without furniture can still get bed bugs if there is an infestation in an adjoining apartment (

). Bed bugs can go without food for months if need be, making them very difficult to eliminate.

Wherever many people live close together, the risk of bed bugs increases. This has led to an increase in the population of bed bugs everywhere: from 2009 to 2012, the number of cases of bed bugs in Singapore almost doubled (

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To Stop Spread Of Bed Bugs, Sanitation Requiring All Mattresses, Box Springs Left For Pick Up Be Sealed In Plastic Bag

Bed bugs are a big problem because they actually bite and feed on human blood. A bed bug bite is red, puffy and itchy, and it can cause significant discomfort (

), as there are usually many bites above the skin. Most people are not even aware that they have been bitten until later. Remember, the bed bug feeds while humans sleep. Therefore, some people assume that they have been bitten by another insect, such as a mosquito. So a bed bug problem can be hard to spot unless you actually notice the bugs or actively look for them.

) they are still a problem. The itching and discomfort of bed bug bites cause problems for the sufferer, and even bed bugs will multiply in the home until they are treated. So bed bugs must be removed: ignoring them is not an option.

Another big problem with bed bugs, apart from the bugs themselves, are their eggs. The bugs themselves are time-consuming to remove, but at least they are visible. Their eggs are extremely difficult to see (

How To Treat Bed Bugs In Furniture

In addition to all these steps, or instead of them, consider calling a pest control professional who has a lot of experience in eliminating bed bugs.

Instead of encasing your mattress in a bed bug proof cover for a year, you might consider buying a new mattress. A new mattress gives you peace of mind that there are no bed bugs in it, in addition to a good night’s sleep in comfort and luxury. Did you know that all ® latex mattresses come with a removable cleanable cover? This cover can help prevent bed bug infestations in the future. Should one arise, if you recognize it early, you can simply remove the mattress cover and clean it.

Of course, if you have an infestation, you should still take precautionary steps for existing bed bugs in your bedroom and home first before buying your mattress. Bed bugs can quickly spread to other parts of the home, and you should definitely remove existing bed bugs and dispose of your old mattress before installing your new latex mattress.

It is important to take sensible precautions for the future: never put luggage on the bed, remove and wash clothes immediately when you get home from your trip, and avoid buying second-hand items.

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How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs In A Mattress [100% Working]

Bed bugs are a big problem because they bite humans, causing itching and discomfort. Another problem is that bed bugs lay eggs and multiply very quickly in a mattress or other bedding. If you suspect you have bed bugs, take immediate steps to get rid of them, as infestations can quickly spread to other areas.

Bed bugs can be found in even the cleanest of homes, as it only takes one contaminated item to start an infestation. In the future, be very careful when you bring your things back from the trip: wash everything that can be washed immediately.

In addition to the steps outlined above to get rid of bed bugs, consider purchasing a new latex mattress and latex pillow. Latex bedding is wonderfully comfortable, and our mattresses all come with removable, cleanable covers, which is a big help in case of bed bugs. You still need to remove existing bed bugs (and dispose of your old mattress) before installing your new latex mattress, but this will help make your mattress less bed bug friendly in the future.

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Found Bed Bug Eggs? Here’s How To Eliminate An Infestation

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