How Much To Rent A Tow Dolly From Uhaul – Whether you are moving or on a trip, you may need to tow your own car or another vehicle behind you. This is when a dolly tow comes in handy.

There are a few car and truck rental companies that rent dollies for local and one-way trips.

How Much To Rent A Tow Dolly From Uhaul

You may be able to simply rent the dolly for use with your personal vehicle, or you may be required to include it with a vehicle rental.

Premium Stow And Go Folding Car Tow Dolly With Surge Brakes

The cost of a towing dolly varies depending on the size and type of vehicle you’re towing, the destinations you’ll be traveling to and from, and how long you’ll need the dolly. to use

You can attach your car to the dolly using chains or straps to ensure that your vehicle does not run away while towing.

Each rental company has its own type of security system and detailed instructions for keeping your car safely attached to the dolly. Make sure you ask the partners for all the necessary safety information before renting.

Note that in some cases, you will need a car carrier rather than a tow dolly. A car carrier supports the entire vehicle, lifting it completely off the ground (unlike a dolly).

Car Dolly Rental

If your car is four-wheel drive or all-wheel drive, or if you have a vehicle with a low front end or air dams, you will likely need to rent a car carrier.

Before you rent a dolly, be sure to ask the employee if your car will work well with a car dolly or if you should choose a car carrier instead.

For a convenient option that allows you to rent tow dollies separately from trucks and usually doesn’t require a deposit, U-Haul may be your best option. With locations nationwide, it offers the widest selection of dolls and trailers.

If there are no U-Haul locations near you, Penske is a great alternative. Its offerings are similar to U-Haul’s, and its prices are comparable.

Towing A Car On A Dolly

Below, we list the companies that offer towing dollies for rent, including information about rental and deposit requirements.

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All of the companies listed below also offer car carriers for rent if a tow dolly isn’t enough.

If you also need a moving truck, check out our article on where to rent long distance moving trucks. Alternatively, if a trailer is a bit too expensive or too heavy for you, we also list the places that rent car trailers. road, so if you’re constantly taking trips in your RV, it’s important to make a financial investment that fits your lifestyle. While it might be tempting to rent a dolly tow for those occasions, owning your own gives you the freedom to go wherever you want, whenever you want . So if you want to make an investment that will give you years worth of memories, consider buying a Car Tow Dolly instead.

If you’re ready to make an investment that can go the distance, but want to know how much a Car Tow Dolly costs, keep reading.

The Proper Way To Use A Car Dolly

If you enjoy summers exploring the great outdoors, and visiting places with your family and friends, a car pull dolly is a must for your lifestyle. Whether you’re going on long road trips or visiting relatives in small accommodations, a towing dolly can tow a variety of front-wheel drive vehicles with ease.

If you’re a big fan of these adventures with your family, it’s time to consider buying a dolly tow, instead of sticking with annual dolly rentals year after year. But before you make the investment, you might want to know exactly how much a dolly costs.

On average, most towing dollies cost between $2,000 and $4,500. This includes the total cost of their car carrying capacity, materials used, and the type of brakes they have. . Every tow dolly has a different price tag, but it’s a matter of finding a style that works for you. If you spend months out of the year towing a car from place to place or plan to move anytime soon, it’s important to invest in the right tow dolly.

The EZE TOW Tow Dolly is different from most car dollies, for several reasons. Our EZE-TOW package sells for as low as $1,799.99. Inside our package, you get a spare tire and wheel, an extra set of wheel straps, and a three-year warranty. This package will add the extras and peace of mind you need, but if you’d rather skip the extras, the starting price for the EZE TOW dolly retails at $1, 299. Whatever your decision, the EZE TOW Car Tow Dolly savings are worth your time.

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The best part? You can assemble our tow dolly in advance, so you can spend less time preparing and more time on the road. Making an investment that saves you time, and is worth money in the long run.

Although buying a car dolly is a big investment, there are additional things to consider while on the road. Since your vehicle is on the move so often, and you’ll be loading and unloading your car between road trips, it’s a good idea to check backup, re- invitations and dolly accessories that can handle heavy trips. Depending on your travel needs, we have a number of facilities such as:

If you’re not sure how long you’ll be on the road, and you want a tow that can go the distance, explore our range of tow dolly accessories. Think of your utilities as another long-term investment. It helps guarantee the safety and security of your car, wherever you are.

To learn more about the long-term benefits of the EZE TOW Car Tow Dolly, read our Car Tow Dolly Comparison to find out what makes our product stand out from the rest. After your initial investment, check out How to Lower a Car on a Tow Dolly and What Ground Can My RV Tow Dolly Cover for more helpful tips and tricks. t want to spend money on a moving truck? You might consider renting a dolly car instead. But how much does it cost?

Roadmaster Adjustable Tow Dolly With Electric Brakes

Are you looking for a cost effective way to move your car around and thinking about the cost of renting a dolly car? If you don’t have access to a tow truck, renting a dolly car can be a good option. However, it is essential to choose from car rental companies that allow you to draw and understand the rental fees for different types of car dollies. Keep reading to find out more!

JD Power ranks Hertz as the best car rental company in North America, and for good reason. Their focus on customer satisfaction means you’ll have a great time renting from them – from start to finish.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car has locations all over the world, so chances are they’ll have one near you. In addition, they offer a wide selection of cars – from economy to luxury – so you can find the perfect ride for your trip.

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Fox Rent-A-Car is the perfect solution for budget-minded travelers. They offer low rates on all of our vehicles, so you can hit the open road without breaking the bank.

Tow Dolly Vs. Auto Transport

It costs about $40-$65 to rent a car depending on your location, if your trip is one way or two ways, or if your car is picked up and returned to the same location or not.

You have to pay at least $250 for a car dolly, you also have to rent one of their Budget Trucks because of a package deal. The total rent would be over $700 per day.

They will not let you rent their tow dolly separately from their truck. The rental fee for both tow dolly and truck would total $880 per day.

Unlike Budget and Penske where trucks usually don’t include towing dollies as an option, in U-Haul you can rent a car dolly separately, so you can use while renting a rental truck or with your personal vehicle.

Tow Smart Trailers

If you are towing with your personal car, you need to know the make and model of your car, as well as the car being towed. This determines whether or not your vehicles are suitable for towing.

It usually takes two people to load a car onto a towing dolly, and the dolly comes with safety chains and tie-down straps.

The trailer on vehicles can be up to 6,000 pounds. A bumper may cost around $150-$800 or an average of $450 to $500. Most insurance companies only cover an accident for the towing vehicle, so if you want accident coverage for the towed vehicle, expect to pay pay extra, in addition to the price of renting a dolly tow. To prepare for your upcoming move, budget for things like towing gear and fuel.

A dolly car rental will cost you different fees. Find out the price of the tax and when it is due

Car Tow Dolly

Build dollies

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