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Whether a room is too big or too small, the right furniture style and arrangement can make all the difference. Rearranging and replacing can bring new life and highlight a home’s architectural features, overall flow, and lessen its weaknesses. Below are some common problems we encounter when staging occupied and vacant homes, as well as some simple solutions and photo examples to create spaces that appeal to buyers.

How Many Furniture Or How Much Furniture

Solution: Move chairs and couches away from walls and move them into cozy conversation groups. Use a neutral background color rug that blends with the furniture to create a more cohesive feel. Make sure there is a clearly visible walkway.

What You Need To Know To Arrange A Pass Through Living Room With 3 Or More Doors — Michael Helwig Interiors

Solution: A room needs an identity. A few key matching pieces of furniture, a unifying rug and simple modern accents will do the trick. For example, a spacious, empty closet or the staircase in the hallway can become an extra office corner if you add a desk, a chair and some functional accessories.

Solution: Replace aged and worn furniture with modern style rental (as our client did in the photo above). Or choose the best pieces and hide the imperfections with a throw, bedspread or colorful pillows.

Solution: Create a focal point by arranging furniture to display a picture window, a well-placed bookcase, or a clean fireplace mantel with a special mirror or colorful artwork.

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Patti Stern is the director, decorator, and professional stager at PJ & Company Staging and Interior Decorating, and has been decorating and staging homes since 2005. He and his team provide turnkey, full-service interior design and home improvement services to clients in Connecticut, New York, and Massachusetts. He also developed an award-winning stage program for luxury homebuilder Toll Brothers.

How Much Furniture Do I Actually Need

Patti has been featured in Connecticut Magazine, the Hartford Courant, the Danbury News-Times, and on NBC Connecticut and FOX TV. He is a regular contributor to the National Association of Realtor’s Blog, “Style, Staged and Sold.”

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