How Many Syllables In About – Did you know there’s a whole set of syllable rules that tell you exactly how to spell and where to split words so you know what a vowel will sound like?

In order to get to that point, you must first learn the 6 syllable types.

How Many Syllables In About

I’m sure most of you reading this know what a syllable is, as many of my readers are educators. But for those who don’t, I’ll explain.

How To Teach Students To Divide Words Into Syllables

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A syllable is a continuous sound segment formed by opening and closing the mouth to form vowels. It consists of one or more letters with a vowel sound. This means that we hear a vowel sound in each syllable.

As you can see, it is not as simple as identifying the vowels in a word and using that number, because sometimes 2 vowels make one sound, as in the word.

To count syllables, you might have done that thing where you put your hand under your chin to count how many times your mouth opens when you say a word. This works because you have to open your mouth wide when making vowel sounds. But I think it’s more accurate to buzz the word and count the rumours.

Syllable Division Rules: How To Divide Words Into Syllables

And it clearly looks like 2 parts of one word. Using the hand under the chin method with the word

I also give my students a mirror so they can see their mouth formation when pronouncing vowel sounds compared to consonants. They can easily visualize opening their mouths to make vowel sounds, which is the part we count for syllables.

So now that we know what a syllable is and how to count it, you might be wondering why anyone would need to know this.

When I went to primary school in the 90s, they didn’t teach syllables. I never learned any spelling rules or phonetics but I had a great memory and somehow internalized the spelling rules through exposure.

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Syllable Counting Caterpillars Worksheet

But if you or your students are like most people, “they don’t make sense!” But that is not the case. There are many rules that govern the way we read and write and not as many exceptions as most people think.

Syllable rules are very important to know for spelling and decoding, and are crucial for teaching students who struggle with reading or spelling.

Knowing about different syllable patterns and breaking words into syllables helps students decode and write words correctly. They can predict what a vowel will sound like and break longer words into smaller chunks to make reading easier.

A closed syllable ends in a consonant. The vowel before the last consonant has a short sound. Examples include:

How Many Syllables? A Syllable Counting Printable Pack

This is the first type of syllable taught, usually in first grade. At this point, students are very familiar with closed syllable words such as CVC words.

The open syllable should be taught together with or after the closed syllable. Just as students know closed syllables in first grade, they also know many open syllable words.

This syllable should be taught after students have learned short and long vowel sounds and closed and open syllables. A good transition is to go from closed syllable to VCE by adding silent e to CVC words.

This should be taught after the open, close and VCE syllable. The first and second levels are when this syllable is taught and practiced.

Free Digital Syllables Games For Google Classroom

A diphthong syllable usually has 2 side vowels that are pronounced together. This creates a special sound; among others:

This syllable is also known as a vowel group. This is taught starting in the first grade but there are difficult ones that can be left for the second grade.

It is the last type of syllable to teach when the student has mastered the other 5, usually in second grade.

There are some rules to help you divide words into syllables. Refer to this guide to syllable division rules for more information on syllabification.

How Many Syllables Should A Business Name Have?

Be sure to download my free 6-syllable type poster for your classroom from my free library. I like to print out the reference sheet in 6 syllable type for my students and put it in a plastic bag for them to refer to as they should.

Below, read all about the closed syllable to get started teaching this syllable and find activities and strategies.

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Delilah Orpi is the founder of Thrive Literacy Corner. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Special Education, a Master’s degree in TESOL and is a member of the International Dyslexia Association. Orton is an experienced educator and literacy specialist trained at Gillingham and Lindamood Bell. Delilah creates literacy resources for educators and parents and writes to raise awareness of dyslexia based on the science of reading and to create effective literacy instruction based on the science of reading.

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How Many Syllables

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