How Much Is An Exterminator For Ants – The average cost of an ant exterminator is $150 and can range between $80 and $500 for a single treatment. If ants are significant in your home, you may need more than one treatment. Four treatments a year cost between $400 and $480 but can go as high as $1,400. Ant exterminator The type of ants in your home, the size of the area requiring treatment, the accessibility of the infested area and the method of extermination.

Several hundred species of ants are found in North America. About 25 of these are home invaders. Here are some of the most common home invading ants and how to identify them.

How Much Is An Exterminator For Ants

Up to 1/2 inch long; black or black and red; having an evenly rounded chest; When disturbed or crushed, emits a rotten coconut-like odor

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1/16 – 1/4 inch long; yellow to red to black; Antennae with 2-segment club; Bites easily

Exterminators charge different rates depending on the type of ant. Certain species of ants are more difficult to get rid of and thus cost more. Here’s what you can expect to pay for some of the most common types of ants found in homes.

Carpenter ants treatment costs between $250 and $500. Carpenter ants are one of the most difficult ants to deal with, which is why extermination costs are high. Their central nests are usually outdoors, in dead wood or decaying tree stumps. An indoor nest is likely a satellite nest built to access more space, food, or a hospitable breeding site. To completely eradicate carpenter ants, you must locate and destroy their central nest.

You can do the extermination yourself, but given the difficulty of exterminating these types of ants, you may be better off hiring a local ant exterminator to do the job for you.

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Fire ants typically cost between $100 and $300 to exterminate. You can find these ants in the southern US, between North Carolina and Texas, but infestations can also occur in the Southwest.

Fire ants are very aggressive and will rush out of their nest to bite and sting at the slightest provocation. Some people experience allergic reactions to their bites. For safety’s sake, contact an exterminator to deal with this ant infestation.

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The cost of exterminating Pharaoh ants is between $200 and $250. These ants usually enter buildings through cracks and other openings but can also get inside on packages, supplies and furnishings. They can be a nuisance to remove because they have a habit of nesting in hard-to-reach areas like inside walls.

Pharaoh ants don’t usually bite, but they harbor pathogenic bacteria that can spread throughout your home, especially on food.

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Exterminators typically charge between $200 and $250 to remove sugar ants. These ants mostly look for sugar and all kinds of sweets, such as honey, jam, cakes and juices spilled in houses, thus the name.

Most other ants that invade the home — such as Argentine ants, stinky house ants, thief ants and rover ants — will cost an average of $150 to eradicate. See if you can identify the ant you are dealing with before you contact a professional. This can help them know what tools they need to bring to work or types of treatments. If you can’t identify the type of ant or aren’t sure, the exterminator can do it when they report for the job.

Who you hire will affect how much you pay to fix your ant problem. Orkin and Terminix are two of the most well-known pest control brands and both use more or less the same methods of ant control. Any company’s treatments may include insecticides, baits, and other products for use in ant nests or other places where they are active.

However, plan options and pricing differ between Orkin and Terminix. Orkin offers customers a personalized ant control treatment program that takes into account your home, the ant problem and the surrounding environment. Terminix offers a standard pest control plan that covers 13 different pests, including ants. With this plan, you can go for one time or quarterly service.

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At Orkin, ant extermination costs between $200 and $1,400. Meanwhile, the average terminix cost of ant extermination ranges from $150 to $1,200, making it a bit less expensive. Ultimately, the actual cost depends on the size of the affected area and the severity of your ant problem. Expect to pay at least $480 a year for four treatments.

The average hourly cost of hiring local handicappers for preventive maintenance is $60 to $125 per hour plus materials. A handy person can prevent future ant infestations by sealing cracks or making other repairs around the home. While hiring an exterminator can treat an ant infestation, hiring a helper can help get the problem under control.

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The level of infestation can affect the amount of labor, skill, method and length of treatment required and therefore the final cost of the ant exterminator. A widespread ant infestation in a large home will cost more than a localized infestation in a small home.

A one-time ant exam costs an average of $150. But if you need more than one treatment, most exterminators will reduce the cost of individual treatments when bundling them. So you could pay $100 to $120 per treatment, which translates to about $400 to $480 annually for four treatments. In more severe cases requiring more frequent treatments, costs can reach $1,400.

How Much Does Hiring An Ant Exterminator Cost?

Some exterminators may charge based on square footage. For a 2,000-square-foot area, a course of ant pest control costs about $160 to $330. As the size increases, the price will increase and vice versa. For a 4,000-square-foot area, prices can reach $500 per visit.

How much you pay also depends on what method the exterminator uses. The exterminator will assess the ant species you are dealing with and where the infestation is located and determine the best approach. You can spend anywhere between $150 and $400 depending on the technology you choose.

When you buy ant traps at the store, they often only affect the ants you can see. They also won’t work for large infestations. To eliminate the problem completely, you need an ant exterminator to target the colony or nest and prevent the ants from returning. Additionally, most store-bought treatments do not work on fire or carpenter ants. Since these ants can cause damage to humans and homes, hiring a professional is the best option.

Ants can be attracted to your home for a variety of reasons and can enter in a number of ways. There is no one-size-fits-all strategy to keep them out of your home. However, these tips may help:

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A local pest control professional will visit your home and determine which ants you are dealing with as well as the level of infestation. They will try to find the source of the problem and then determine the best treatment approach. They may return for a follow-up visit after applying the treatment to make sure they have eradicated the infestation. If not, they may give another dose of treatment.

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In recent times many exterminators have turned to eco-friendly or green products to reduce their negative impact on the environment. Some exterminators may still use older chemical-based products, so when getting a quote, ask if your professional uses eco-friendly practices if this is important to you.

Most exterminators specialize in different types of pest control, so they can deal with ants and other pests. Just know that pest control costs for multiple infestations and treatments will increase your final price. A professional exterminator will recommend the best course of action for any pest problems.

You can expect to see results within 48 hours for most ant treatments. However, it can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks for ant problems to go away completely. The time taken depends on the level of infestation and the treatment method used.

How Does Ant Pest Control Work

There are many ways to prevent or repel ants using natural solutions. Some popular methods are listed below: Ants are our friends outdoors, but indoors, it’s a different story. If you spy swarms of these creatures inside your home, consider hiring an exterminator to get rid of the ants. The cost of ant exterminators depends on the type of ant infestation, the size of the area that needs treatment, and the number of treatments required.

Because exterminators need to use more chemicals and spend more time treating larger areas, some charge per square foot, especially for customers with larger houses or properties. If you are dealing with an extensive ant infestation in your large family home, an extermination treatment will cost at least a few hundred dollars. For an average 2,000-square-foot home, a one-time ant exterminator treatment will cost between $150 and $330. As the size of the property increases that value will increase (and vice versa).

If you have a large ant infestation, you may need extensive extermination. It can warrant multiple extermination treatments, which can cost up to $1,400 per year for a 2,000-square-foot area.

You can purchase ant traps at your local home improvement store for about $5 per package. Spray

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