Rent Furniture Dolly Home Depot – A dolly is a super handy tool used to transport heavy things over short distances. Dollies are mostly used for moving, placing, installing appliances, etc.

Home Depot does not sell tow dollys, also known as car dollys. However, they do rent moving trailers.

Rent Furniture Dolly Home Depot

While dolls serve essentially the same function, each different type of doll is specialized for a specific task.

U Haul Vs Home Depot Truck Rental 2023 Comparison

Hand trucks are the most common and versatile type of dolly and can be used to move objects up to several hundred pounds. They are great for moving stacks of boxes, furniture, etc.

Appliance dollies are heavier and are specifically used to move (you guessed it) appliances. Ideal for transporting heavy items up to 1000 pounds, appliance dollies are the safest way to transport refrigerators, washing machines, etc.

Flat dollies use a super simple design to make it easier to move heavy things over short distances. Because they don’t have a lift assist mechanism like other dollies, they are best reserved for moving objects that can be lifted by one person and placed on top of the doll. They also offer much less precision than a hand truck or appliance dolly, so they’re really only good for speeding up and easing the process of moving something that you could theoretically carry but might not want to.

Renting a dolly from Home Depot is very affordable, but prices vary depending on which type of dolly you choose.

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Hand Truck, Dollies & Moving Equipment

Here’s a chart listing the daily rental prices for each different type of dollies available at Home Depot. These prices reflect current prices at Home Depot in Seattle, Washington. Rental prices may vary by location.

It is important to note that you cannot schedule a tool rental ahead of time when you visit the Home Depot Tool Rental Center in person. So make sure that when you go, you are ready to start the rental period.

If you want to start the process before you drive anywhere, you can reserve dollies online through by visiting the moving and lifting equipment rental page. From there, you can select the type of doll you want to reserve and schedule a pickup time.

Using an appliance dolly is a little different than using a standard hand truck. Specially designed to move heavy items like refrigerators, dishwashers, dryers and more, appliance dollies require care and precision in handling.

Lb. Capacity Wood Moving Dolly Wfd1830

Dollies make it easier to move larger equipment, but still require the user to maintain control and have the necessary physical strength to maneuver them. If you’re not sure if you have the strength to safely maneuver your doll while carrying heavy equipment, be sure to ask for help.

This depends on how far you plan to travel. A dolly is ideal for shorter distances, while other forms of transport, such as a flatbed trailer, are better for longer distances.

A tow dolly is ideal for towing a car short distances, usually within a radius of one state. Longer trips with a tow dolly can add unnecessary wear and tear to both the towing vehicle and the vehicle being towed.

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Renting a dollhouse from Home Depot is easy and affordable. You can rent a hand truck, appliance dolly, or flat dolly, all for $25 or less per day. This can save you a ton of money if you only need a doll for one day.

Mount It! Stair Climber Hand Truck And Dolly Mi 913

The Home Depot Tool Rental Center can be used in person by visiting any Home Depot location, or you can also make tool rental reservations online.

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