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Engrave your wedding rings is a unique way to add additional meaning to an already meaningful symbol of your union. Check out these wedding band engraving ideas featuring jewels from the Blue Nile!

Should I Engrave Engagement Ring

Your wedding rings are a symbol of your love and commitment to your partner, so they are already inherently personal. But one of the easiest ways to add more love and meaningful touch to your wedding rings is to personalize them with engraving.

Wedding Ring Engraving Service

When it comes to wedding band engraving, the sky is the limit! There are many ways to personalize your wedding rings and make them truly unique to you and your partner. Whether you want a simple inscription or something more elaborate, we’ve got plenty of ideas and tips to get you started, with some beautiful options from Blue Nile.

Before you decide on the right inscription to engrave inside your rings, keep these helpful tips in mind.

When choosing an engraving for your partner’s wedding band, think about his personality. Is your partner a cheerful, emotional person or more of a joker? Focus on choosing a secret message that honors both your relationship and your partner’s unique personality.

Explore different locations for inscriptions. Depending on the thickness of the band and what options your jeweler has available, you may be able to engrave on the inside or outside of the band or even around the edges.

Diamond Ring Engraving Ideas For Couples

Talk to your jeweler about any special requests you may have in mind. You may also want to ask about any restrictions due to the size or material of your wedding band. Some jewelers offer free wedding ring engraving, while others charge extra for this service. Others offer hand engraving, while others do laser engraving by machine. Regardless, it’s important to speak directly with your jeweler to get clarification on the perfect inscription.

Consider keeping your special message a secret until the big day as a way to surprise your new partner. This romantic gesture is the perfect way to delight your partner on your wedding day- aka your first day as a married couple! What better way to set the tone for the rest of your lives together than to exchange beautiful rings with an extra personal touch. Your partner is sure to remember it forever – especially since they’ll be wearing the ring every day!

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A short sentence or phrase is all you need. After all, there isn’t much real estate inside a small engagement ring or wedding band. You probably won’t be able to fit more than a few words and certainly not lines of text, especially if the band is too thin. In fact, some bands may not be good candidates for engraving at all. Find out if you are limited to certain characters for your engraving.

Set to include a special message inside your rings? Blue Nile makes it easy to browse all engravable wedding bands. Check out some of our favorites below:

K Gold Filled Engraved Name Ring — Priscilla Ma

You’ll be surprised to know that Blue Nile can also engrave dainty wedding bands like these!

A thick band like this is great for a custom engraved message because it has more real estate to work with!

For a creepy inside joke, you can write “big spoon” and “little spoon” inside your rings as your cuddle style notes.

For a note of your eternal love, inscribe your rings with “Pour tous jours”, which means “for all days” in French.

Engraved & Personalized Rings

A secret nickname that you share with your partner is a fun choice to go with your wedding band.

If the groom is a military man, or more specifically a marine, writing “Semper Fidelis” inside his ring is a sign of love and respect for his service.

Men’s bands have more coverage area for adding inscriptions, but it’s important to remember to keep your notes concise.

Your man’s ring may look innocuous on the outside, but there’s a note of love on the inside. That’s what makes it really special!

Personalized Men’s Gold Notched Promise Ring

There are many different options for inscriptions, so let’s look at some of the most popular options and why you might want to choose them. If you’re having trouble coming up with ideas, you’ll love these carving options to show your partner

Below, we’ll share examples of popular inscriptions for wedding bands based on your personality type or the tone you’re going for with your special message.

If you’re looking for wedding ring engraving ideas for the hopeless romantic, consider something heartfelt and meaningful. From a part of your wedding vows to song lyrics to a line of poetry, these romantic ideas will take your partner’s breath away and make their hearts swell on your special day.

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Engrave your wedding ring with the special date of your relationship. One of the most popular wedding ring engraving ideas is to include the wedding date. This is a great way to remember your special day and always have a reminder of it with you. You can even engrave the date you met, the day of your first date, your engagement date or maybe all of the above if there is enough space! Consider numerical dates, written dates, or Roman numeral dates for a variety of style options to display your important dates on your or your partner’s ring.

Can You Get A Ring Engraved? All Your Questions Answered

What shows a more special bond between two different people than a shared joke between just the two of you? If a sense of humor is one of the things you love most about your partner, then a joke can be the perfect choice for your wedding band engraving. From witty phrases to funny pet names, you can pay tribute to your special relationship in a fun way. Just remember, you’ll be wearing these rings for a very long time, so make sure your joke stands the test of time.

Some timeless wedding ring inscriptions can include your initials or your new last name. If you want to make a statement about your commitment, Bible verses or religious quotes are popular choices. A simple “I love you” can also be a perfect addition to your partner’s wedding band. Christian couples can choose a meaningful Bible verse from Genesis, Ruth, Song of Solomon or Corinthians, while those of the Jewish faith choose something in Hebrew.

Symbols can be a unique way to write special meaning into your wedding band. The infinity symbol (or infinity symbol) is known to invoke eternal love or everlasting love and can be a perfect idea for the right setting. Some jewelers offer fingerprint engraving (aka your or your partner’s actual fingerprint) inside the ring for a truly one-of-a-kind design.

Are you and your partner fans of classic movies like Star Wars, Harry Potter or even Disney movies? Add a line, quote or phrase from your favorite movie to the inside of your ring. “To Infinity and Beyond” from Toy Story, “After all this time? Always.” From Harry Potter, or “I love you. / I know.” All the cute picks to express your love of Star Wars and your geeky side. Or, if you have a sense of humor that leans toward the dark side, you can inscribe your wedding rings with “Till Death.”

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Vintage Hand Engraved Engagement Ring

To make your engraving even more unique, consider writing a message in a different language. A creative idea could be to write “I love you” in another language such as “je t’aime” in French or “te amo” in Spanish. Or writing “my love” with “amore mio” in Italian. Wedding Ring Inscriptions in Latin are a great classy way to express your true love. Using different languages ​​can also save you space in terms of character count, so that can work in your favor. This is especially meaningful if you or your partner speak a language other than English, or the language of a particular destination is important to your relationship.

As you can see, there are many different ways you can choose to engrave your wedding band. The best part is that you can make it your own! We hope these tips and advice help get your creative juices flowing to find the perfect engraving option for your wedding band.

If you need additional help or guidance, check out Blue Nile’s online virtual appointments or visit one of their retail storefronts for a personal consultation.

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Wedding Ring Engraving Tips

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