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The Best Rental Sites of 2023 When marketing a rental property, listing it on one of the best rental sites can make all the difference in how much exposure the ad gets and how quickly potential renters respond.

Where To List My Apartment For Rent

Vacant properties do not generate money, so it is critical for landlords or property managers to market and fill vacancies as quickly as possible. In the digital age, rental classifieds sites get maximum exposure to attract potential renters. But which sites are most effective at attracting and bringing in good tenants? Landlords and property managers will want to keep reading and discover the best rental sites available.

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A homeowner may have a beautiful, affordable, well-maintained property for rent, but if no one knows about the property, it will sit empty for months, maybe even longer. Choosing rental listing websites that don’t get a lot of traffic (or don’t get the right kind of traffic) can also result in a property not filling up quickly. Here are some essential points for property owners to keep in mind when selecting the best property rental website for their listing.

While many listing sites are free to use, some may charge a small monthly fee or a fee per additional unit. A small fee may seem affordable, but these costs can add up the longer an offer is on the market. On the other hand, the fact that a site charges a fee does not automatically make it superior. If a site has a cost, property owners will want to consider whether the site has unique features that free sites don’t offer, making the cost worth it.

Many of the best rental property websites offer numerous tags and categories to differentiate a client’s property. Standard categories include the number of bedrooms and bathrooms and the rental price. Additional categories that may be helpful to potential renters include amenities, lifestyle, affordability, and square footage. The more descriptors and characteristics an owner can attribute to a property, the better. Built-in categories are more effective than an owner who also writes all the characteristics of a property in the description, because renters can filter by category to only look at locations and properties that meet their needs and wishes. This saves both parties time and energy. If an owner accepts pets at their listing, but doesn’t (or can’t) include this information in the ad, then a renter looking for a pet-friendly property probably won’t pay attention to the ad, even if it fits perfectly otherwise.

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Some owners may feel that adding too much information to a listing is a burden or that they can limit their applicants. But when an owner is short on time to fill a position, it’s helpful to include details and be as transparent as possible. This allows property owners to attract the most qualified applicants.

Landlord Inspection Checklist

Another great thing about some of the best rental websites is that they provide tools for tenants to submit rental applications and owners to screen applicants. Applicants can schedule a tour online from the same location, fill out a rental application, and pay any application fees. Many sites also have built-in background and credit checks, meaning the owner doesn’t have to go through a third party to complete these important steps.

Some sites offer credit reports instead of just credit checks. Credit reports contain more in-depth information about an applicant’s outstanding bills, debts, and delinquencies, in addition to their credit score. Sites may also display an applicant’s eviction history or allow owners to request references. These additional reports can be helpful to a landlord who has many similar applicants for a single property, as these small details can make or break an application.

It is crucial for an owner to get as much information as possible about a potential tenant. At a basic level, a thorough screening ensures that an applicant can pay the rent and pay it on time. But an owner entrusts their property to a virtual stranger, and owners want to make sure they leave their property in responsible hands.

Many rental classifieds websites allow the user to list a property and accept applications. However, the best rental website may include additional tools to streamline an owner’s or property manager’s workflow. These may include rent payments, maintenance requests, and leases or renewals. Rental classifieds sites that offer these additional tools make it easier for the owner or property manager and tenant to communicate through a single platform from the listing stage until the tenant leaves.

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The 10 Best Apartment Websites Of 2023

When looking for the best rental website, the property owner will want to consider how easy it is to use from both the owner’s and tenant’s perspectives. An owner wants to be able to add and manage advertisements efficiently on the backend, but if the site is not attractive or easy to use on the front end, fewer tenants will want to use the site. Owners who want to monitor their listings from a smartphone will also want to check if the rental listing site has an app that makes it easier for them to manage their rental business.

For property owners who have decided to manage their own properties, this experience can be easier when they use the right rental sites. Below are some of the top 2023 rental sites that you can use to attract qualified renters.

Why it won: Apartments.com attracts diverse, qualified tenants to millions of properties through innovative tools and compelling marketing.

Since its inception in 1992, Apartments.com has developed a reputable platform for both property owners and renters. Apartments.com charges renters a $24.99 fee for background and credit checks. Their pay-to-apply approach means serious candidates are more likely to apply, providing property owners with higher quality applicants. It’s free for owners to advertise on the site, with the option to upgrade to a Premium listing, and there are many unique categories that an owner can tag their property with, including lifestyle and affordability. Property owners can also screen applicants, sign leases, and collect rent through the platform. Apartments.com also distributes ads on five partner sites for even more traffic and views.

Best Rental Listing Sites Of 2023

Although Apartments.com has a mobile app, users complain that it’s not as intuitive as the website. Despite this minor setback, this platform does a great job of getting quality property owner candidates and filling vacancies quickly.

Why it won the bill: Zillow is the most visited real estate site in the United States, providing a seamless experience for both owners and renters with its easy-to-use tools.

Founded in 2004, Zillow has become one of the most easily recognized real estate sites. Zillow is a popular real estate website for buyers, sellers and renters. For property owners who want to rent out their property without the help of a property manager, Zillow makes the tenant management process simple.

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Zillow partners with Trulia and HotPads, and listings on Zillow are automatically syndicated to those other sites. Zillow is a one-stop shop for a property owner to perform all tenant-related activities, including marketing the listing to potential tenants and receiving payments from current tenants. One downside to the site is that it only offers one free listing; the landlord pays a fee of $9.99 per week for additional listings, so Zillow may cost more for owners if they have multiple properties or listings on the website for an extended period of time. Other than that it is a high quality site that continues to improve and transform the rental process.

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Why it made the cut: Zumper is changing the way the rental industry works with much faster, organized end-to-end service.

The Internet speeds things up, and Zumper’s unique Instarent feature helps real estate keep up. The Instarent feature allows hosts to fill vacancies within 24 hours and is available in 10 major cities. Zumper also has features to search for short-term rentals, along with standard leases, giving owners and renters more options when listing and searching. Unlike some of the bigger sites, Zumper only reaches 15 million visitors per month. But its unique features and easy-to-use interface allow property owners to fill vacancies for any type of rental.

Why it won the day: Avail paves the way for property owners to effectively manage their properties.

Unlike many competitors, Avail primarily targets landlords rather than tenants. This rental company understands how busy property owners are and offers a streamlined process for die-hard DIYers. It offers screening tools like credit reports and background checks and digs deeper to determine if potential tenants are on offender lists. These reports are included in the application fee, so landlords don’t have to pay extra. Avail also publishes listings on 10 partner sites and makes it easy for property owners to share listings on social media. Avail has plenty of resources online for hosts to track maintenance requests

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