Which Walmarts Have Self Checkout – SHOPPERS should stay away from self-checkout machines at Walmart and other supermarket chains as it could cost them thousands in legal fees, a consultant has warned.

Sandra Barger, a counselor at Bridges Counseling LLC in Arizona, has seen an increase in petty theft cases among her clients.

Which Walmarts Have Self Checkout

A tipster has warned shoppers against using self-checkout at certain stores after several of his customers were charged with petty theftCredit: Getty

Major Walmart Self Checkout Update Spells The End Of The ‘banana Trick’ After Ceo Warned Of ‘historically High’ Thefts

This tipster claims that Walmart has caught many of its customers in petty theft after forgetting to scan a small itemCredit: Getty

Although this may not seem unusual, the surprising part is that most of his customers didn’t mean anything.

Instead, they are ordinary consumers who have accidentally stolen something cheap because of a small mistake they made in self-checkout.

Barger exclusively told The US Sun that “there was a certain Walmart here in Tucson that I was getting a lot of customers [from] … an average of two to three a week.”

Cruel Irony Sign Placement At Walmart Self Checkout Counter

“I had one client who was an elderly woman. She was shopping, she found her trash,” Barger said.

The elderly woman got “another customer to help her put the bottom of the cart. And when she got to the checkout, she couldn’t lift it. She asked for help. A Walmart employee came to help,” she said.

“You can see him in the video. Bending down trying to scan … he thought he was a scan.

“He went on with other things, then he paid and went out the door and they stopped him and said ‘come with us,'” explained Barger.

Walmart Tests New Self Checkout System In Arkansas Store

Barger said Walmart employees took the woman into the room and “said she was stealing kitty litter.”

Barger continued: “He’s like, well, I asked someone to help me scan it. So they got him some cat litter.”

These customers come from all walks of life. They are doctors, teachers, and business owners. Barger hears a similar story — “they forgot to scan something very small,” he said.

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“She spent over $2,000 on groceries and [missed] a block of cheese that was like a $5 or $6 block of cheese and it got stolen,” Barger told The U.S. Sun.

This Supermarket Doesn’t Trust Self Checkout Shoppers, So It Installed Oh, This

He said, “I’ve always thought the golden rule is you have to leave the store before they say, hey, you stole it.”

Many of Barger’s clients end up taking out a senior liability class because of their charges and there are penalties involved, depending on the situation.

An eight-hour class usually costs between $85 to $95 and fines can reach $500 or $600, according to Barger.

If I see a client come in and they say they spent $3,500 on a lawyer, that kind of tells me, you know, why would you be a block of cheese and turn around and spend $3,500 on a lawyer. protect your honor?” Barger asked.

Secret Tech Was Stolen By Walmart, Lawsuit Says

Most of his clients choose a lawyer if they can afford it because the fee is damaging to their career and/or character.

Barger said most of his customers receive payments from Walmart and a small number of bills come from Target.

“If customers have questions or difficulties using our self-check registers, we encourage them to ask for help from our partners who manage the site.”

“I understand stores trying to stop theft. But I believe that sometimes they get away with it and to me, it’s illegal,” he said.

Self Checkout Reflection’ Altered Walmart Customers’ Brain Chemistry In 2022

“You know, it really diminishes your person, your integrity, who you think you are, to be caught and treated the way some of these people [are] treated.”

Barger tries not to use self-checkout unless it’s for one. When he uses it, he calls the employee and tells them about the horror stories he heard.

You do this, so the employee knows the situation. He said employees “should have the sense to help some of these people make sure their things are scanned. That’s their job,” Barger said.

Barger praises Fry’s Food and Drug store in Arizona for helping their customers with their purchases and advises people to shop there.

Walmart Issues Warning Over Self Checkout Theft As It Plans New Technology To Crack Down

“You go to a Fry’s grocery store, [they always] have two or three people doing self-scans, who [are] there to help … t scan, watch them,” he said.

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He also said that hardware stores like Lowe’s or Home Depot are good at monitoring their inventory and helping their customers.

He thinks there should be enough staff to watch the machines and the store can check customers’ receipts before they leave, which stores already do.

Barger also believes in the opportunity for stores to allow customers to pay for something they may have missed instead of jumping to the chase.

Self Checkout At Aldi

For consumers, Barger says to avoid self-diagnosis if you can. If you must use it, make sure you pay attention to the screen to make sure all your items are being scanned.

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Also be sure to watch your little ones, as they may pick up on things you don’t know.

Barger said recently he has seen a decrease in consumer debt, but it is not clear that this is the general trend. Now What Happens Next??

Self Checkouts Contribute To Continuing Retail Jobs Decline

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Most Walmart stores have fully migrated to Walmart Self Checkout as Phase 1 of their new store design. BUT Part 2 is coming – stay tuned!

Last year, more than 1,000 Walmart stores nationwide moved to self-checkout systems as Phase 1 of their store redesign. Stores have added large, bold displays and dedicated sections for electronics, beauty, home, and other departments so customers can easily find what they need.

According to Walmart, the change to self-checkout makes the process faster for customers because all exits remain open, whereas previously only a few aisles were open due to operational costs.

The New Scan & Go Self Checkout Stations At The Wal Marts Have A Camera Directly

They also brought back Scan and Go in select areas of the system, and encouraged customers to download and use the Walmart app for a more digital shopping experience.

A lot of people were unhappy with the change BUT according to Walmart, the feedback was overwhelmingly positive – and NOW they are looking to move into Phase 2 of their redesign.

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In the next phase of their transformation, Walmart is expanding physical, personal, and digital design elements (such as QR codes), in stores to encourage customers and enhance their experience. Visual features include lighting, space optimization, dynamic displays, and more engaging features.

Fun displays in the corners of certain departments attract customers and help them touch, feel, and become a part of the place.

Ex Walmart Worker Spills Store ‘secrets’ Such As Freezing Shoppers’ Screens

For example – A home department may have a living room or bedroom set up where a customer can press a pillow or get comfortable with a blanket, then get those purchases and take them home, or order them online.

New parents will be greeted in the Baby Department with high-quality displays showing everything needed to create a dream nursery – with strollers and car seats that are taken out of the box to allow for a test run.

Beauty will feature interesting shops where new and trending items are given a home, and men’s grooming equipment can be seen and experienced.

In these newly reimagined spaces, Walmart has purposefully created more space for customers to explore and discover the breadth and depth of what our stores have to offer. Who doesn’t love more room to explore??

Former Walmart Employee Reveals Self Checkout Secret

Walmart customers will be greeted by digital screens throughout the store and be able to see the vast array of products and services offered by Walmart online through the smart use of QR codes.

For example, in the Pet department, a customer can scan a QR code to find additional dog bed options, learn about Walmart’s pet insurance service, or have a 20lb bag of kibble delivered to their door.

Phase 2 of Walmart’s store redesign is currently only at their Springdale, Arkansas incubator, BUT we hope to roll out to other Walmart stores across the country soon. 🙂 You can read more about this new restructuring process in the Walmart press release here.

Want more?? A group of people on TikTok visited this Walmart store in Arkansas and filmed their experience. Here’s one example – look how good this Walmart is! 🤩

Walmart Self Checkout Hi Res Stock Photography And Images

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