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People love to shop for clothes, get great deals and stock up on fashion items to wear for different seasons and occasions. When your closets start to fill up at home, it’s time to look for other resources for your storage needs.

Will Furniture Warp In A Storage Unit

This is where a storage unit comes in. A storage unit can be turned into a large walk-in closet, providing more space than a home ever could. Learning the different ways to store and access clothing will make it easier to enjoy a storage unit for your needs.

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Using a storage unit like a walk-in closet also makes it easy to change seasonal wardrobes and keep things you want to wear organized. Follow our tips to see how you can get the most out of each rental.

It may seem easy to just throw your clothes in a box and take them to a storage unit, but if you do that, you’ll spend hours digging through to find a specific item of clothing. If you want durable storage with easy access, it’s a good idea to buy some plastic boxes for your storage unit.

These have the protection and durability of a regular plastic bag but allow you to separate items into different drawers for easy organization. This is ideal for t-shirts and jeans. Smaller tote bags can also be used for things like socks and underwear.

The bags can often be stacked on top of each other to save space and make it easy to access all items in one place. Using tape and markers, you can easily label each box for quick access.

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There are certain items of clothing that you may not want to fold or put away for an extended period of time. By hanging items, you can avoid wrinkles or musty smells. One of the easiest ways to do this is with a hanging rack.

Portable rolling racks can be easily purchased and used in your storage unit. This is ideal for dresses, coats and formal wear that you want to keep in perfect condition. To keep items fresh, consider purchasing a bulk package of dry cleaning bags.

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These bags can go over your clothes to offer an extra layer of protection against dust and other elements. The bags can also be labeled for easier organization.

Chances are, if you’re renting a clothing storage unit, you probably have a lot of shoes to go with it. When you store shoes, you want to make sure they stay clean, won’t warp, and look as fresh as when you got them.

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Keeping shoes stored in their original boxes is not a good idea as they cannot support the weight of other boxes and may expose the shoes. If you want to keep the boxes, you should break them all down and store them in an even bigger box.

The actual shoes can be stacked in drop-front shoe boxes. These boxes have a plastic flap that opens up and holds a single pair of shoes. Each compartment will keep the shoes protected, and the clear design of the drawers makes it easy to select the pair you want from the unit.

For items you don’t plan to carry for long, consider using vacuum-sealed bags. These bags can save a lot of space and protect your clothes. The bags release any extra air from inside them and condense them as small as possible.

Once all the vacuum sealed bags are prepared, you can place them in a plastic bag and label it as needed.

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Contact All American Storage for our rates and storage rental options. We have a variety of sizes of storage units to help you with your clothing needs.

When packing items for storage, you want safety and protection for those items. Learn about four environmentally friendly alternatives to bubble wrap.

Learn about several methods used to protect furniture and prevent damage. When you pick up your furniture, you will find the pieces in good condition.

You may need to store action figures in a storage device. Follow these tips to ensure the figures stay in mint condition.

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Content, including images, displayed on this website is protected by copyright laws. Downloading, republishing, retransmission or reproduction of content on this website is strictly prohibited. Terms of Use | Privacy Policy “Seriously, where did all this come from, and why do I have so much stuff?” said almost every exerciser ever. If minimalism isn’t quite your style, packing a storage unit will take some effort. With so much stuff to take into account, you have to mess around and fix furniture in a way that doesn’t damage the goods. Step by step, these tips will help you store your furniture in a storage unit safely and efficiently. We promise not to advise you to throw anything away either.

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The key to safely storing your furniture is choosing the right storage unit in your area. Inspect the condition of the unit and the overall security of the facility to ensure that your belongings will remain unharmed. Look for a storage unit with limited exposure to the outside world when properly closed – holes and cracks let in dirt, water, moisture and rodents.

Climate-controlled storage units with dehumidifiers and air conditioning help prevent mold, mildew and corrosion. It costs more to rent these storage units, but with them you are less likely to end up with a moldy sofa fabric and bed frame plagued by dry rot. Talk to the facility manager about how they monitor humidity levels; it should be between 30% and 50%.

Thoroughly clean your storage unit as well as the items you plan to store, so you don’t accidentally import mold, dirt and rodents. Also, any odor you put into the unit will only intensify when it is closed.

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To start, vacuum or sweep the unit. Then wipe down leather and upholstered furniture such as sofas and cushions. Do the same for your wooden, plastic and metal furniture. Make sure all pieces are completely dry before packing them away to avoid moldy boxes and dirty parts when you get back.

This step won’t save time, but it will save space. Break down your bookshelves, dining room sets, and anything else that originated in pieces. Dismantling also saves space in your moving truck, should there be one in the future.

For each piece of furniture, place all screws, nuts, bolts or other hardware in a small plastic bag and label each one. Either store them in a box or tape the bag to the back of the furniture. When it’s time to unpack, you’ll find the matching hardware tucked away right where you left it.

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Use a thick sheet of plastic to create a protective moisture barrier, especially if you don’t choose a climate-controlled unit. However, do not wrap your furniture in thick plastic as this will only seal moisture into the fabric and wood. Instead, wrap them loosely in moving blankets and old bedding to keep dust and dirt at bay.

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Bonus points: the same blankets will also protect your furniture from sharp edges and corners during the actual move.

Fight your hoarding tendencies by using the original packaging to safely unpack fragile items. If they’re long gone, many home improvement and grocery stores sell moving boxes that fit just about anything, including TVs and wall mirrors. Stock up on packing materials like bubble wrap and print-free newspapers, then label your items so your movers know what needs to be handled with care.

Some people find comfort in stacking their boxes and furniture on wooden pallets or cinder blocks to keep a certain distance between the items and the floor. The extra height can help in the event of flooding and reduce the risk of moisture absorption.

Organizing is not difficult, but it is most important. Start by placing the largest, heaviest boxes and furniture on the floor, then place lighter boxes on top.

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Did you know you can install shelves in your storage unit? Buy hng shelves and drill them into the wall temporarily, or get large plastic or metal shelves that stand on the ground. This can help organize large or oddly shaped items that won’t fit in drawers.

Before you close and lock the door, make sure you haven’t packed anything illegal or restricted. Typically, flammable materials and chemicals end up on these no-no lists to keep all surrounding storage units safe. Finally, don’t store food; it’s the fastest way to invite a pest problem. Do I need climate-controlled furniture storage? Yes and no. We often get asked this question, and the answer depends on a number of factors.

Furniture is built to last in your living room – not necessarily in a cold, damp basement or a dry, hot attic. But can furniture last in a regular non-climate controlled storage unit or do you need climate controlled furniture storage?

In the short term, a storage room without any upgrades can be enough for furniture and other valuables. However, if you store

How To Store Furniture In A Garage Or Storage Unit The Right Way

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