How Long Is Home Improvement Programme – HDB Home Improvement Program (HIP) Guidelines All HDB flats can receive HIP twice during the 99-year lease.

If you are looking to buy a resale flat or are living in an old HDB flat, you may be familiar with the HDB Home Improvement Program (HIP). After some of Singapore’s HDB flats pass the 50-year mark, it is inevitable that some renovations and maintenance are required to keep these flats in good living condition.

How Long Is Home Improvement Programme

In the year The Major Improvement Program announced in 1989 was HDB’s first housing improvement program and included improvements to flats, blocks and neighbourhoods. This was succeeded by the Home Improvement Program (HIP), which was introduced in 2007 to focus on common maintenance issues in HDB flats.

Home Improvement Programme (hip) And What You Should Do

The Home Improvement Program (HIP) is complemented by the Lift Improvement Program (LUP) which improves lift access and the Neighborhood Renewal Program (NRP) focuses on revitalizing the area including shops, parks and accessibility. These improvement programs can be carried out individually to minimize inconvenience to residents, but can also be carried out separately.

Currently, HDB flats built up to 1997 are eligible for the Home Improvement Program (HIP). As the HIP is gradually rolled out, HDB will list the flats eligible for selection. To be eligible for HIP, 75% of block eligible Singapore citizen households must vote for HIP and Singapore Permanent Resident (SPR) households are not eligible for voting. HDB for H.I.P. It will publish the voting and election results of the eligible positions on its website.

In a 99-lease HDB flat, HIP is done twice. The first round of HIP occurs every 30 years and solves common maintenance problems such as spalling concrete. The second round of HIP or HIP II, as announced during the 2018 National Day Parade, will take place between the ages of 60 and 70.

Essential upgrades for Singapore citizen families are fully funded by the government. However, for necessary upgrades, SPR households must pay the full cost of the upgrades.

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Optional modifications are modifications that can be added when necessary modifications are made. You can choose to opt out of only your share of the improvements made to your apartment. These include optional upgrades

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Note: To opt out of toilet upgrades, your toilets must pass water leaks in the slab below to prevent roof leaks. For recently renovated apartment or flat owners looking to renovate their bathrooms, a toilet upgrade package is standard for the entire block and may be ideal as there is little room for individual upgrades.

To remain relevant to residents, HDB has revamped their HIP package with more contemporary and better quality upgrades (such as external retractable clothes drying racks). These revised items are applicable to HIP projects initiated after March 2020.

Active Seniors (EASE) upgrades are optional upgrades that enhance the safety and comfort of seniors living in HDB flats.

Lily Lee: Hdb Home Improvement Programme (hip)

Unlike other reforms under HIP, EASE can be applied to all HDB flats in all cities at any time as long as your household is eligible under EASE (direct application). This means that you should not feel like you are missing out by not applying for EASE during HIP or by keeping HIP if you have an elderly person in the family.

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Renovation works for the first block in the campus will begin 4 months after completion. Work on individual apartments will be carried out from Monday to Saturday from 8am to 6pm and will take up to 10 working days to complete.

For residents who have hidden pipes during renovations, soil/waste pipe repair and replacement jobs, note that homeowners must remove and restore any fixtures, fittings or cabinets that obstruct the work at their own expense.

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During the renovation works, HDB will provide temporary toilets on the ground floor as well as air-conditioned rest and study rooms on the ground floor. The expected time for a HIP is around 1.5 to 2 years for a typical campus. Depending on the upgrade selected, each apartment works takes 10 business days or less.

For Singapore Citizen (SC) families, the necessary upgrades are fully funded by the government and substantial subsidies are provided for optional upgrades. The subsidy rate ranges from 87.5% for executive houses to 95% for 1/2/3-room apartments.

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* All amounts quoted are estimates and are subject to GST. The final amount is determined only when the improvement works are completed. Source:

For elderly residents living in HDB tenements, renovations will be fully funded by the government.

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There will be no subsidy for Singapore Permanent Resident (SPR) families. They must pay the full cost of the upgrade for essential upgrades as well as optional or minor upgrades they choose. However, if a flat owner acquires Singapore citizenship within 1 year from the date of payment, the subsidy may be returned to them under the amendment.

Flat owners will only have to pay the upgradation cost while completing the HIP. This can be done using cash or CPF or a combination of both. You also have the option of paying with a monthly payment plan. SC households are eligible for concessional interest if they choose to pay in installments, while SPR households can switch from the market interest rate to the concessional interest rate if they acquire Singapore citizenship.

Additionally, SC families can get financial assistance to help with the cost of renovations. Homeowners with a monthly household income of less than $2,000 can extend their repayment period for up to 25 years. Homeowners aged 55 and over can defer payment of improvement costs with interest until the apartment is sold or transferred to another name. Homeowners in financial difficulty may be allowed to defer payment (subject to HDB assessment) for one year or until the flat is sold or transferred.

This article was first published on January 11, 2022 and has been updated to reflect the latest information.

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A Product Content Guide to All the Fees You Pay When Investing in Stocks – and How to Minimize Them I was involved in the Singapore Housing Board’s Home Improvement Program (HIP), which aims to address maintenance issues faced by flats built before 1986. The main one is the big repair of the two toilets!

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Although my own flat had been through the program before I bought it two years ago, my parents’ flat was not the case as they received last year’s notification as of last Thursday.

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Since we have to clean a lot of things, I need help and most importantly, I need to install plastic sheets to protect the items from dust and debris. Honestly, I’m so glad I didn’t have to go through the ordeal.

It’s a chore to put the sheets away and as my close friends know, I’m quite simply the dumbest person in Singapore. It’s amazing that I’ve lived this long!

Three hours And my father and I only finished with the kitchen, the master bedroom and the television console. We didn’t even have enough plastic sheeting to cover the large altar and sofa set. It didn’t help that the tapes didn’t do a fantastic job sticking to the walls and ceilings!

Home Improvement Programme With Ease

And at my age, it was back breaking! Compared to my 66-year-old father, however, I think it is still safer for me to be on a ladder and in a high chair. Despite my rudeness.

The next morning, I arrived at my parents’ place after buying more plastic sheets and tapes in order to leave on purpose. We had to realize that some sheets had come loose and had to be re-taped! The night before the trial and error, we were very quick to tape the sheets of hard masking tape recommended by the paint shop.

Sorry we weren’t as quick as the crew who quickly laid down the floor covering with protection and laid out lots of plastic sheeting (tested by the poles) to protect our furniture. The sofa set was already blocked and I made an “executive” decision to leave it “covered”.

Father giving a finger-up; The poor man had to take permission to ‘jaga’ the house, hoping that the modest renovation would go ahead without a hitch.

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Anyway, just two pictures of empty toilets; One in the kitchen and the other in the master bedroom. It’s rare to see them so empty and you’ll definitely be looking forward to the new one

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