Is Ian Still On Shameless – Ian Clayton Gallagher was born in 1996 in Illinois and is often the strongest, most persistent and cheeky – and currently reckless – third oldest child in the Gallagher family. He is likely the product of a PCP-initiated affair between his mother, Monica Gallagher, and Frank Gallagher’s brother, Clayton Gallagher, in the summer of 1995. Ian was diagnosed with bipolar disorder; he currently refuses to see a doctor and doesn’t believe he needs to take medication. For these reasons his behavior was erratic and out of control, worrying his family. He graduated from high school, having left his education behind when he illegally enlisted in the military at the end of Season 3. While in the army, Ian attempted to steal a helicopter and was a wanted criminal on at least two charges: attempted theft of government property and impersonating his older brother Philip Gallagher. He was in an on-and-off relationship with the aggressive neighborhood bully, Mickey Milkovich, and was best friends with Mickey’s sister, Mandy Milkovich; he harbors complete hatred for Mandy’s abusive boyfriend, Kenyatta, with whom she moved to Indiana in Season 5. He helped around the house and helped Miki and Svetlana take care of their son Yevgeny.

After spiraling out of control, Ian becomes a religious fanatic in Season 8 and is arrested. During Season 9, Ian is sent to prison to serve a two-year sentence, where he reunites with Mickey Milkovich and his character is temporarily withdrawn from the series, appearing in the season finale before Fiona leaves. Ian returns in season 10 with Mickey and both are eventually paroled. Ian struggles with life after prison, building a future with Mickey and his own insecurities, but eventually he and his hooker get engaged and get married.

Is Ian Still On Shameless

Ian is not as intelligent as Lip, but he is more physically fit. Frank describes him as having an excellent work ethic in almost everything he does. He is often unsure of what he wants to do with his life, but once he sets a goal, he goes after it 100 percent.

I Am Handicapped’ Ian Gallagher Shameless Monologue

Ian is also aware of his bipolar condition, which he inherited from his mother and often feels inadequate because it prevents him from doing certain things. Sometimes he refuses to admit that he has a problem when his condition causes him to deviate from his normal path.

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Ian agrees with all his siblings who were aware of his sexuality long before he discovered it and accepted it regardless. He is closest to Lip and Fiona, but gets along with his younger siblings and often helps protect them from Frank’s influence. Ian was devastated by the betrayal of Samantha Slott who told the military about her choices for AVOL. However, he tried to divert Samantha’s son Chuckie Slott from his misguided juvenile views.

Ian, like his siblings, resents Father Frank for his neglect and treatment of him since Mother Monica left them. For a while, Ian felt that his father despised him the most. However, he was very surprised to learn that Frank was not his biological father, but his uncle. After meeting his presumed father (Frank’s brother), Ian decided not to broach the subject and accepted that Frank was his father, just like Lip and his other siblings. Interestingly, Frank also claims that Ian is still his son without disdaining his sexuality and accepting him no matter what. Despite declaring that he hated him, Ian was concerned when Mickey planned to kill Frank because he discovered he was gay. Ian also warned Frank of the danger he was in, but heeded his father’s words about his life. Ian was even present during Frank’s hospital stay when it looked like he was going to die of liver failure and even looked sad. However, he returned to his normal reaction to Frank after receiving a new liver and surviving. After Frank ruined Fiona’s wedding, Ian took part in throwing Frank off the bridge, was not surprised to see him alive when he returned, and did not try to help him in his moment of pain. Ian also expressed his satisfaction at Frank’s renunciation until Frank retaliated by taking Liam away and locking the family out of the house. This tension escalated to the point where he and Lip were tortured by Frank the raccoon, and Frank created a new family while seeing him off. Ian’s anger eased when he introduced Trevor to Frank and still referred to Frank as his father. However, his dislike remained as he tried to attack his father after he tried to return home, but he soon relented and slowly forgave his father when he helped Liam and repaired the house. Ian fully makes amends with Frank after seeing his grief over Monica’s death and hearing him express his pride in them, despite their past. A month after that, Ian was also surprised to see that Frank had made an effort to change and saved him and the rest of his family from an armed meth-head, while realizing that Frank had been holding him back for years in his attacks on him. . Although not entirely convinced, but grateful for the rescue, Ian seemed to encourage Frank’s actions and was pleased that he had made the effort to bond with Liam. Regardless, Ian shows that he cares for Frank and is glad to see him happy when he changes his and Mickey’s wedding. When Ian discovered that Frank was suffering from dementia, he seemed concerned and no longer became hostile towards Frank showing deep down that he loved him.

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Ian is gay and has had several troubled relationships throughout the series. He had several flings with Cash and Lloyd, but none of them worked out as their complicated lives became too much for him, leading to Ian leaving them. His first relationship was the neighborhood bully Mickey, who was the person he wanted to be with all along, but Mickey’s pride was destroyed and the reaction to his bipolar disorder blocked it. His second relationship was with Caleb, a firefighter who was different from all his partners in that they did normal things while going on dates and confiding personal secrets: Ian was bipolar and Caleb was HIV positive. Caleb was also more encouraging, pushing Ian to fight for the paramedic, which was a success. Their relationship lasted a month, as Ian discovered that Caleb was bisexual and had been cheating on him with women. Ian’s next partner was Trevor, who is transgender and showed a mutual attraction to him. Although Ian had just broken up with Caleb, he felt differently about Trevor and after overcoming their differences, they slowly built a relationship as they found common interests. Ian ruined his chances by cheating on Trevor when he was hanging out with Mickey and almost ran off with him. However, Ian returned to Trevor and they began to reconcile until Ian became a religious fanatic and arsonist. In prison, Ian reunited with Mickey and they resumed their status. Ian and Mickey have reconciled in the six months that have passed, but things have become tumultuous due to the fact that they are constantly fighting over small things. Regardless, they still looked out for each other as Mickey stopped Ian from screwing up his parole meeting and helped Ian get him a phone to see his new nephew Freddie Gallagher. After they were both released from prison, they moved in together and everything was easier than in prison. However, Ian is hesitant about the idea of ​​marrying Mickey, eventually revealing that much of it stems from insecurities about how Mickey could love Ian with all his problems when Mickey could potentially find someone better. After hearing Byron speak badly of Mickey and his qualities, Ian is inspired to not only jump to Mickey’s defense, but propose to Mickey himself. Despite turbulence in their wedding plans and reactions from Mickey’s father, Ian eventually manages to marry Mickey with the help of his family, friends, and even his old gay Jesus followers. With Mickey as his new husband, Ian couldn’t help but be happy that he finally found the person he really wanted. The only sadness Ian showed was that Monica couldn’t be there to attend the wedding.

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Shameless Cast Ages: How Old Was The Cast Then (and Now)?

Ian is introduced as the third eldest in the Gallagher family, revealed to be gay and closeted. When his older brother Lip discovers a stash of gay pornography in the room they share, he first confronts Ian about it and then sets him up to receive oral sex from Karen Jackson, a neighbor whom Lip tutors. Later, Lip comes to accept his brother and becomes Ian’s confidant.

When his mother returns to Nana Gallagher Had Affair, Ian is none too pleased to see her again, especially when she announces that she is marrying her life partner Roberta and taking Liam. After the paternity reveals that Liam is Frank’s biological son, Ian and Lip

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