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If you’re a freelancer, independent contractor, or small business owner who uses your home for business purposes, the home office tax deduction can be huge. It allows you to write off part of your rent and related costs, including:

What Home Expenses Are Tax Deductible

The only problem: It can be difficult to keep track of all these writings. That’s why we created this free home office productivity worksheet. Just press “Copy,” and you’ll be able to track your home office expenses in one place.

Here’s Who Can Claim The Home Office Tax Deduction This Year

We built this worksheet in Google Docs, so you can use it anywhere you want, for free: all you need is an internet connection. But if you want to download your copy and use it in Excel, you can do that too.

This section automatically calculates how much of your home is used for business-related activities. (That’s why there’s an abacus emoji) You’ll find it in the upper right part of the page.

If you’re already firm on the concepts behind the business utilization percentage—or if you just want to learn how to use this worksheet—that’s all you need to know. You can skip to the next section.

Otherwise, keep reading for more information about your business use percentage, including what it means for “direct” and “indirect” home office expenses.

Home Office Tax Deduction For Small Businesses

When it comes to the home office product, your “business utilization percentage” is simply the portion of the space taken up by your home office.

For example, pretend your apartment is 800 square feet, and your workplace is 80 square feet. That would make your business utilization percentage 10%.

Your workplace is simply the part of the house or apartment where you do your freelance or independent contracting work.

We use the term “workstation” interchangeably with “home office” as it does not have to be a dedicated office

What Is Schedule A?

Whatever area you use as your workstation, it must be used regularly and follow the “exclusive use rule” – meaning, you never use it for work purposes. e.

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You need your business use percentage to figure out how much of your home-related purchases you can deduct. To put it another way, you can

Let’s back up a bit. There are actually two types of home office expenses, direct and indirect. Direct expenses are things that are used only for working from home, such as:

These things are only used in the office part of your home. You can’t benefit from them when you’re just hanging out on your couch or in the kitchen.

Home Office Tax Deduction: What To Know

These direct costs have a business use percentage of 100%, so they are 100% tax deductible. (This worksheet can handle those deductions for you – more on that later!)

Housing costs you pay for. These can include your rent, utilities, and any repairs related to your entire residence (like fixing your roof or fixing your plumbing).

When you are at home, whether you are in your office or not. That’s why you can only deduct a percentage of them – specifically, your business utilization percentage.

Most of your deductible home expenses will probably fall into this indirect category. That’s why knowing your business utilization percentage is so important.

Can You Deduct Unreimbursed Employee Expenses In 2022?

If it is a “Direct Charge”, 100% of your payment amount will be tax-deductible. If it’s an expense in any other category, the page will show the deductible amount using your business usage percentage.

If you have more home office expenses than the examples on the page, make sure you drag the formula in Column F all the way down, to wherever your last expense is.

You can use this to jot down ideas about your expenses – say, if your rent was a little late one month. That said, it’s a good idea to use this column for more information about your direct costs. If you spent $300 at Ikea, for example, enter “office furniture” so you know what that expense was for.

We have tried to make this worksheet as easy to use as possible. That said, if you don’t want to crunch down formulas or manually enter a number every time you pay your rent, then

What Is A Tax Deduction And How Does It Work?

You can track your home office expenses using the Keeper app. Our app scans your bank and credit card statements for home-related expenses and automatically records them for you.

It’s smart enough to pick up recurring expenses like your rent payment, whether you’re doing it through Venmo, check, or automatic payments through your bank.

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The last section of this worksheet is probably the most important – it tells you how much you can deduct from your taxable income as a result of the home office deduction.

These two numbers appear automatically, based on what you enter elsewhere on the worksheet. Now you know what you can delete thanks to your home office product!

Tax Deductions Logtax Deductiontax Trackertax

If you’re using this worksheet to keep track of all your home-related purchases, you’re probably already set on the expense method. In most cases, this is your best option in terms of tax savings, but we want to make sure you understand the simpler option as well.

Instead of tracking all of your home expenses and writing off a deduction based on a percentage of your business use, the simplified method for home office deductions allows you to deduct a specific dollar amount for per square foot of our home office.

That amount may change from time to time, but is currently $5.00 per square foot. The maximum amount of square footage allowed is 300, which means that the simple method caps your home office deduction at $1,500 per year.

Since most self-employed people have more than $1,500 in deductible business expenses each year, it’s usually best to just keep track of your own household expenses.

Tax Deductions For Renters & Credits You May Qualify For

Hopefully this free worksheet—and the Keeper app—will take the hassle out of tracking expenses.

Most tax software is not built for you. The keeper. We know every form you need and every deduction you can take to pay less this year.

At Guardian, we’re on a mission to help people navigate the complexities of taxation. We have provided this information for educational purposes, and it does not constitute tax, legal or accounting advice. If you want a tax expert to clarify it for you, don’t hesitate to sign up for a Guardian. You can also email support@ with your questions. These are amounts you deduct from your income when calculating what you owe in taxes, such as donations to charity or interest on student loans. Claiming tax credits will help you pay less tax.

If you earned $50,000 for the year but took $10,000 in deductions, the amount of tax you pay would be based on $40,000 of income.

What Tax Deductions Are Available For Assisted Living Expenses In Tax Year 2021

“Few of us test our productive powers, except when we fill out an income tax form.” – Laurence J. Peter

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Both credits and deductions reduce what you owe in taxes. But tax credits give you more bang for your buck because they reduce your taxes dollar for dollar (while deductions reduce the amount of income you’re taxed on).

Suppose you earned $50,000 and your tax rate is 25% (real life rates are more complicated than this). Here’s how a $10,000 deduction would work out compared to a $10,000 credit:

Everyone has to choose between taking the normal product or the supplement. The standard deduction is simpler—there’s a set dollar amount you take out of your income, and you don’t have to do a lot of math or record keeping.

Legally Using The Home Office Income Tax Deduction

It’s more complicated to itemize but there are bigger savings for some people – you find out all the special allowances you’re entitled to and add them up.

Some special deductions you can still take even if you don’t file (such as the student loan interest deduction). But there’s a lot you can’t take if you don’t report (such as deductions for mortgage interest and charitable donations).

“There may be freedom and justice for all, but tax breaks only for some. ” – Martin A. Sullivan

And of course, make sure you keep records documenting your results – like receipts for charitable donations or medical expenses. If you are audited, you may have to show them to the IRS.

Infographic On Tax Deduction Changes For 2018 Dedicated Db

Tax deductions are amounts you can deduct from your income when figuring out what you owe in taxes. There are deductions for student loan interest, charitable contributions, medical expenses, IRA contributions, and more. Deductions are different from tax credits, which reduce what you owe dollar for dollar. You are not suitable for a home office. However, you can still pay plenty of other subscriptions, and you should download the Custodian Fee.

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