Where Was The Movie Home Alone Filmed – John Hughes, who grew up on the North Shore, wanted the movie to be filmed in a real neighborhood—not a set. The filmmaker found the perfect set in the Winnetka home on Lincoln Avenue.

Even though Home Alone was released in 1990, fans still roll through the neighborhood. There are only minor changes to the exterior since filming: two white columns around the front door and a wrought iron fence around the property.

Where Was The Movie Home Alone Filmed

Many of the iconic scenes took place in real parts of the house. The stairs that Kevin slides down his toboggan? It existed. So is the living room, dining room and the attic space. However, sets were created for the kitchen, basement stairs and second floor at a nearby school.

Where Is The ‘home Alone’ House? A Look Inside The Iconic Suburban Chicago Movie Home

The house has only been sold once since the movie. It went on the market in 2011 and the listing received international attention. There was a promotional video in which the owners discussed what it was like to have a movie made in their home. Movie posters were created for the listing. And real estate agent Marissa Hopkins has the house on the

And dozens of other media. It sold about a year later for $1.585 million (the original asking price was $2.4 million).

Does the house’s real-life interior match the movie? It is very different. For example, the festive red wallpaper never actually existed, it was added for the film. The actual decor is much more traditional, which you can see in a video tour created when the house was for sale.

Just across the street, the tower house that belonged to old Marley in the film benefited

Filming Locations Of Chicago And Los Angeles: Home Alone 2

Fame too. It sold for $3 million in 2003 and was listed again at a similar price in 2014, but later taken off the market. Home Alone, and its sequel, Home Alone 2, have become modern Christmas classics. The movies have continued since they were released in the early 90s, and are regularly aired on TV during the holiday season.

The movie led to a whole series of films. However, for sanity’s sake, I like to pretend Home Alone 3-5 doesn’t exist. There has also been talk of reviving the franchise on Disney+, but time will tell.

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As is standard for John Hughes movies, Home Alone was filmed in the Chicago area. A large house, just north of the city, was chosen for both interior and exterior scenes. Considering the movies are still popular, you probably won’t be the only people taking pictures of the McCallister house. Remember to respect the owners and environment. You can read my suggested guidelines here.

The house across the street from the McCallister’s is seen several times throughout the film. This is geographically correct, as the house is right across the street.

Is Duncan’s Toy Chest Real? Home Alone 2 Filming Locations In New York And Chicago Revealed

The movie has a very unusual connection with the show Friends. During the final season, Chandler and Monica buy a house outside the city. Through the windows of this house you can see a background of a house across the street. That house is the same as the house across the street in Home Alone. The people who discovered it made a video detailing the connection.

Another house featured in the movie belongs to the Murphys. Early in the film, the Wet Bandits rob the house. They then almost ran over Kevin with their van as they pulled out of the driveway. The house is also where the climax of the film takes place, as the Wet Bandits get hold of Kevin. Also outside the house is the sidewalk where Kevin’s groceries broke through the bags and fell to the ground.

Old Man Marley’s house is right next to the McCallister’s house. This can be seen in numerous shots throughout the film.

A number of shots in both movies were filmed at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport. Various parts of the airport are seen as the family run through to make their flights.

Home Alone 2:

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Nearly 30 years later, Winnetka residents say ‘Home Alone’ changed the neighborhood — but they’re okay with it

What Locations In ‘home Alone 2: Lost In New York’ Look Like Now

The house in “Home Alone”, seen here in 2019, is located on Lincoln Avenue in Winnetka. (Karie Angell Luc / Pioneer Press)

Never mind that the irrepressible Kevin McCallister, aka Macaulay Culkin of “Home Alone” fame, is now 40, and those furry bandits Harry and Marv would be bona fide senior citizens.

For Winnetka residents who live near the “Home Alone” house on Lincoln Avenue, the holiday classic remains timeless, with a steady stream of attractions still stopping by their North Shore neighborhood nearly three decades after the release of the 1990 John Hughes holiday classic .

“That house brings us a lot of joy, and some inconvenience, but we all survive it,” said Linda Martin, a longtime Lincoln Avenue resident who lives near the stately red brick Colonial that the late Hughes and director Chris Columbus used as the fictitious has been chosen. McAllister family home.

Wait, Home Alone Wasn’t Filmed Inside The Actual House!?

Martin recalls a handful of hiccups that accompanied the arrival of the “Home Alone” cast and crew in her neighborhood during the early 1990s.

Her children’s school bus was sidelined by blocked streets, the movie crew’s high-voltage equipment and props caused power outages, and the Martin family’s black Labrador developed an allergic reaction to the fake snow blowing in the neighborhood.

But for Martin and many of her neighbors, the sight of the joy that the “Home Alone” house and other filming locations in town have brought to countless visitors over the past three decades outweighs the inconvenience that occasionally plagues their suburban street. transformed into an iconic Hollywood. landmark.

Martin has fond memories of the time Macaulay Culkin visited with her children’s pet rabbits, Frosty and Moose, and remembers Daniel Stern, the actor who played the bandit Marv, as “brilliant, kind and considerate,” who despite ‘ a fully stocked canteen, bought hot cocoa from the neighborhood children.

Was Address In ‘home Alone 2’ Where The Mccallister House Was Filmed?

Still, Martin said she never imagined that nearly three decades after the film’s debut, her neighborhood would still be a popular attraction for visitors from around the world.

“When the marketing people from the studio visited our neighborhood before they started filming, they said it would take them about eight days, but it ended up taking them about 30 days,” Martin said.

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“The ‘Home Alone’ experience in our neighborhood really never ended, and it continues to this day,” she added.

Longtime resident Terry Dason, executive director of the Winnetka-Northfield Chamber of Commerce, remembers stepping on the fake snow outside the Community House with her 2-year-old and 8-month-old in tow.

Photos From Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Home Alone

“At first I thought: ‘What are they doing?’ and then I realized: ‘Oh, my! They’re filming a movie here in Winnetka!’” said Dason, who still enjoys watching “Home Alone” every holiday season with her family, which now includes grandchildren.

“My children still watch ‘Home Alone’ with awe and wonder, and they are now 32 and 30,” said Dason. “Every time we have visitors, they want to go over to see the ‘Home Alone’ house. It must be difficult for the family that lives there, but since they put up a fence a few years ago, at least people no longer walk up to their windows and look in.”

Dason said the Lincoln Avenue property, which has had several owners in the three decades since the film’s release, was recently renovated and remains “beautiful, well-maintained, and still has the same feel.”

Longtime resident Ann Smith said despite the occasional overeager visitors who park illegally before taking selfies and group photos, most people in the neighborhood are proud to live on the so-called “Home Alone” block.

Home Alone Themed Getaway

“Most people who live on the street love it and think it’s a lot of fun,” Smith said. “It was a big deal to get the movie filmed here, and it’s still a big deal. Every time I walk by that house, I see someone outside taking pictures.”

Actor Kate Johnson appeared in the film as police dispatcher Rose, who receives a call from angry matriarch Kate McCallister, played by Catherine O’Hara. She said the scene — which includes the line “Hyper on two” — was filmed in a classroom at New Trier’s west campus.

“Larry (Hankin), the actor who played police officer Larry Balzak, ate a donut, and a piece got stuck on the phone, and that’s the take that Chris (Columbus) kept,” said Johnson, a Evanston resident, said.

“We had a script, and we did the script, but then we kept going because Chris let us,” Johnson said. “You can’t recreate those kinds of tasks… you just can’t

Inside The Real Home Alone Film House In Chicago As It Looks Now

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