Find Your Interior Design Style Quiz – Whenever interior designers or design enthusiasts share their style, it’s usually a combination of answers – modern traditional house, English meets California, industrial and modern, eclectic and farmhouse… you get the picture.

It’s actually very rare to see a house that shows only one style, but a tasteful combination of 2 or 3. That’s what makes our style and house unique… and it’s hard to pinpoint our personal preferences. Yes.

Find Your Interior Design Style Quiz

I think I tend to fall into camp #2 because I know what I like when I see it, but not everything I love will work with my home. This year I have come up with a new name for my house – rustic meets California casual. As soon as I gave my style a name that fit the architecture of my house, things started to click. I have a sense of direction for our home that makes the most sense of any style I’ve ever claimed to have in the past. And now, when I plan to remodel our home or buy furniture, I ask myself, “Does this fit the architecture of our home? Does this fall into rustic, cabin, or California Casual?” 9 times out of 10 my answers make the decision for me!

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Defining your style is very clear and I know it’s hard to do that. So! I pulled the first query design that I created way back in 2018 and completely updated it with the 9 most common patterns we see today. My new questionnaire helps narrow down, refine and define your interior design style. This is for anyone who answered 1, 2, 3, or 4 above! And best of all, my quiz considers that your unique style doesn’t fit into one mold. Ready for some clarity? Take the quiz below!

If you are looking for the source of the images or designers that I show in this quiz, you are in the right place!

My goal is simple: to demystify design and inspire DIY, home improvement and design advice.

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What’s Your Style? Take Our Interior Decorating Quiz To Find Out

Not sure if your style is Bohemian, Glam, or Midcentury Modern? Our home decor quiz helps you discover your unique design style.

Once you have your personal results, our talented designers can help you create a home you’ll love.

There, we believe that your home should reflect you. We’ll match you with the perfect designer — no matter your style or budget. . Once you have answered your design questions, you can choose a designer to help you design your unique space.

Help me! I worked with Kaylee to design the entire tiny house in less than 1 month. It’s fun, efficient and the house looks like it’s out of a catalog. thank you very much!

Holiday Palette Quiz

Buying my condo was not as stressful as trying to find the best furniture pieces to fit my home. If you have an idea but need advice on where to find the perfect furniture within your budget, it’s worth having a professional for advice. My designer helped me find some pieces to make my living room/dining room comfortable and to my taste.

The whole process is seamless and fun. The designer incorporated new and existing furniture pieces, suggested changing the layout/layout to maximize the functionality of the space and selected beautiful accent pieces that I love. I am very happy with the final result.

If you are not satisfied with our design, we are not satisfied. We work tirelessly to make sure your design experience is a pleasant one. That’s why we offer a happiness guarantee.

Find us in the App Store | Privacy Policy | Terms of Service | ADA Accessibility | Do not sell my personal information | I get asked what my personal style is all the time. The question comes up in almost every new project interview. And when I tell people I’ve never met, I’m an interior designer and have my own company, the immediate question is, so what’s your style? It is a difficult question to answer quickly. There are so many differences with style, it’s like describing your personality. But having the answer and owning it simplifies your life in an amazing way.

Find Your Home Style Quiz

Having a unique and expressive style can be as unique as looking at your own fingerprints, yes it can be special. Of course, you can be modern or Zen or even Bohemian and a combination of the three, but there are many more. You are not one note, or even two or three notes, why should your style be one dimensional? When you understand what your style is, you are free to focus on respecting it instead of designing based on trends or what other people say or do. Imagine needing something for your home and knowing where to shop and focus on the sea of ​​new ideas and social media stimulation.

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Earlier this year, we created a Style Quiz. It’s meant to be a starting point that will help you isolate and understand which styles you’re most attracted to based on about 20 questions. You’ll get three results listed as well as how you can dig deeper and begin to understand why you’re drawn to certain styles. We also share how you can incorporate this style into your home, with trade links. This is the first step in creating your style and how we work with clients to achieve their style.

Understanding your style doesn’t stop with the interior either. That’s only part of it. Finding your true style should compliment your life. When we work with clients, we don’t stop at internally based questions. We try to understand how our customers live now and how they want to live. We ask questions about life goals, travel, family, places they’ve lived and develop common themes and contrasts.

To help you understand the quiz, I’m breaking down my style and how it’s evolved over the years. I have tested many times to test the results. Out of some 20 questions, you basically need to answer 2-3 questions that include you in a specific way. I have tested and my results in order are Minimalist, modern, Scandinavian.

Interior Design Styles 101: The Ultimate Guide To Defining Decorating

You are not one note or even two or three notes, why should your form be one dimensional? uh

Minimalist Style Inside Resource: Pendant | Art | Sofa – Similar | Side Table | Floor lamp | Leather chair | coffee table | Chair | carpet

Let’s start with Minimalist. Stark, cold and basic? Of course, if not good. Minimalist style can also be simple, sleek and warm.

Minimalist design began in the 20th century as a reaction to too classical details. In a nutshell, pieces serve a purpose or make you happy. This abstract beauty exemplifies simplicity at its best.

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Essential Checklist For Your Pinterest Worthy Living Room Interior

The lines are clean in the world of the Minimalist. The materials are natural and the palette is neutral. Life is not complicated because of this attention to detail and focus. Less is often the mantra but it’s not all about plain, white boxes or ultramodern space.

Modern Interior Design Resources: Art | pendant | Sofa | coffee table | President side | Table lamp | Side Table | Rug – similar

Often confused with contemporary style, modern style is deeply rooted in history. Modernism began with the Impressionists and other artists in the 1930s. It predates Mid Century Modern and certainly predates the modern era.

The modern era is based on new technologies of construction, especially the use of glass, steel and concrete; and following the rejection of neoclassical architecture and the Beaux-Arts style that was popular in the 19th century.

Cohesive Flow: How To Get It In Your Home

If you are a modern person, you are interested in emerging technologies and believe in innovation. You like neutral tones and polished surfaces. Gropius, Corbu, and the Bauhaus are where you find historical inspiration. Your design philosophy is the function that should define the style and your coffee mug says “less is more”.

Scandinavian Interior Design Resources: Pendants | Sofa | Floor lamp | Chunky Cable Knit Throw | Leather armchair | coffee table | carpet | Upholstered Side Chair | Side Table | Table lamp | Sheepskin throw

Closely associated with Minimalist, the Scandinavian design philosophy is built on the principles of reasonable prices, simplicity, and functionality. Survival in the early 20th century required all objects that were useful and used minimal equipment to create. Over time, designers began to see the beauty in essential simplicity, giving importance to it while incorporating modern textiles.

Despite these potential milestones, Scandinavian homes are warm, comfortable and attractive thanks to the use of natural light, layers of textures and textiles. Scandinavians have a word that embodies these feelings, hygge, loosely translated as a mood of coziness and conviviality with a sense of health and satisfaction.

Which Home Decor Style Suits Your Personality? Take Our Quiz!

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