How Do Interior Designers Work – When most people hear the word “interior design,” they often think of HGTV, “room makeover” challenges, or decor DIY projects on Pinterest. But what you are really thinking about is the interior decoration. Although decorating plays a role in creating functional and beautiful living spaces, the work of an interior designer differs from interior decorating in important ways. So, what is the difference between interior design and interior decoration?

While there is some overlap in interior design and interior decoration, they are fundamentally different. Interior design is the art and science of understanding human behavior to create functional spaces in a building, while interior decoration is decorating or embellishing a space with decorative elements to achieve a certain beauty. In short, interior designers can decorate, but decorators do not design.

How Do Interior Designers Work

The interior design process follows a systematic and integrated approach – incorporating research, analysis and knowledge into the creative process – to meet the client’s needs and resources.

How Do Interior Designers Make Money?

Interior designers working in both corporate and residential settings are challenged to implement creative and technical solutions in a structure that is functional, attractive and beneficial to the residents’ quality of life and culture. Designers must respond and coordinate with the building shell and acknowledge the physical setting and social context of the project. By implementing thoughtful solutions, interior designers can create spaces that greatly improve the experiences of the people around them.

For example, many studies have been conducted on how design elements in healthcare facilities affect patients. Studies have shown that surgical patients who have vision in their room recover faster than those who do not. Another study found that infants who experienced a diurnal cycle during their stay in the neonatal unit developed their own wake-sleep cycle earlier than those exposed to steady, dim hospital lights.

Due to the complexity of their work, interior designers are generally expected to have a higher level of education than interior decorators, who do not require formal training or licensing.

In addition to learning the principles of applying accumulated knowledge to design a space, designers must adhere to code and regulatory requirements and promote the principles of environmental sustainability.

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The Client Process Documents You Need As An Interior Designer

Many US states and Canadian provinces have passed laws requiring interior designers to be licensed or registered—documenting their formal education and training—and most specifically require that all interior designers obtain NCIDQ certification to demonstrate their experience and qualifications.

Interior designers are gifted with creative thinking to create functional spaces that truly improve people’s lives. If this career sounds interesting to you, consider learning more about the Interior Design Program. Hearst Newspapers participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may earn commissions on editorially selected products purchased from links to retail sites.

If you have design skills and enjoy working with people, interior design can be a good career choice. Interior designers use artistic elements to create living and living spaces that meet different needs of clients. Unlike interior decorators, interior designers have specialized training in building codes, environmental sustainability, technological design, and other aspects of physical design. Interior decorators provide space without advanced knowledge of artistic and mechanical design elements.

If you specialize in residential interior design, you will be in close contact with clients to determine their needs and wants for a particular room or entire home. In some cases, you can provide design expertise for a new construction project. They may also be called upon to help with an indoor or outdoor living space. Most design projects involve multiple meetings with clients, creating designs and presenting furniture options, color schemes, flooring and lighting choices. Your job is from design to completion.

What An Interior Designer Does (& Doesn’t Do) At Work

Similar to residential design, commercial design involves the same process, but on a larger scale. Commercial interior designers evaluate functionality, sustainability, client branding, and business environment factors. Designs must meet client budget and timeline parameters. In some cases, commercial designers must create a design that allows the flow to continue during installation.

Generally interior designers as independent contractors. Building a portfolio and client base can be challenging for a budding designer. Networking with local businesses and home builders is a great way to get started. As an independent contractor, you will be responsible for generating a client base, billing, sourcing furniture and other design materials, and overseeing all other aspects of running a business.

Some interior designers work for architecture firms, home builders, home improvement showrooms, or furniture stores. These positions provide a quick client base, but your salary may be heavily dependent on sales commissions. If you’re lucky enough to land one of these positions, you can use it as a starting point to develop your own business down the line.

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In most cases, becoming an interior designer requires a college degree. You can choose to pursue an associate or bachelor’s degree in applied science with a concentration in interior design. Courses include elements of design, color theory, drafting skills, computer applications, commercial and residential design, and marketing. You can also specialize in hospitality or healthcare design. A college education gives you the opportunity to build a deep knowledge and portfolio that will help you find a job after graduation.

What Is The Difference Between Interior Design And Interior Decorating?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary for an interior designer is $49,810 per year or $23.95 per hour. As soon as you are established in the field, you can earn a high salary. Some interior designers earn a commission on the sale of designer goods.

Experienced designers develop a reputation that builds a client base. Longevity in the field brings the opportunity to collaborate with design suppliers, contractors and other related businesses.

Industry Data projects that the demand for interior designers will grow by 4 percent between 2016 and 2026. California, Texas, Florida, New York and Illinois are the best places in this field.

Dr. Kelly Meyer received her doctorate in educational leadership from Minnesota State Mankato. She is the author and co-author of 12 books focused on customer service, diversity and team building. She serves as a consultant to business, industry and educational organizations. Dr. Meyer works for Talico, Inc., Dynateam Consulting, Inc. and Kinect Education Group has written trade articles and books.

The 6 Step Interior Design Process — Materia Interior Design

How much does an interior designer make? How much does it cost to start in architecture? How much do interior designers earn per year for different types of work for architects? How much money does an architect make every year? How are interior decorators charged? What is the job outlook for an architect? Differences between Interior Designer and Interior Designer as a Commercial Artist Career Base Salary, Bonuses and Benefits for Interior Designers Breakdown Video Game 3D Animator Job Duties Average Salary What do you think is the typical dress code for interior designers? Are they interior designers? Or are you a young designer looking for some workwear ideas and inspiration?

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Silvia Parra from our design team loves fashion as much as she loves interiors. Sylvia has created a special blog post about the fashion interior designer and is sharing easy workwear ideas! look out!

Top interior designers love fashion! It’s always important to look your best and do a decent job. When thinking about work clothes, you should always know what is appropriate in your industry. Interior designers are lucky to work in a fun and creative industry where we can bend the rules of traditional dressing.

As each day is different from the next and from site visits, to client presentations, to team meetings, it is important to make sure we are comfortable. Our Miami design team is always ready for any interior designer situation, whether it’s a meeting with a client or a contractor.

A Career As An Interior Designer

If you think about it, interior design and fashion have a lot in common! At DKOR we use different layers of design to complete each final interior design. I do the same with fashion. You have the first cover: the basics. Basics are clothes you can’t live without! Your favorite pair of work pants, a comfortable shirt, or that tailored jacket. You build your wardrobe around your basics. You can customize your work clothes with the next layer, accessories! Accessories add more style and variety to your work clothes.

Find some ideas of what to wear in casual interior designers like meetings, workplaces and casual Fridays.

Working as an interior designer inspired me to still look cool but very professional. I always try to find the perfect pieces. For me, a good blazer is key to your wardrobe, especially if you want to look good when dealing with clients. Team your blazer with a nice pair of black pants or black jeans and comfortable yet classy shoes. Keeping it clean and classic will give you a professional look without compromising your style. Accessorize with beautiful yet simple jewelry to finish off that look :)!

If it’s a site visit or event, make sure you wear comfortable clothes

How To Work With An Online Interior Designer

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