What Shows Come On Today – After the last two years, we have learned better than to hope for a brighter and better New Year. But expecting better TV? A very safe bet.

– To make our schedule a good kind of busy. Here are the shows we’re watching in 2021 from Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max, Netflix, Disney Plus, Apple TV Plus, Hulu, and more.

What Shows Come On Today

Season 2 was delayed for almost a year by Covid, but it’s back and as chaotic as ever. After Rui’s (Zendaya) heartbreak and rebound at the end of Season 1 and the events of two special episodes that helped bridge the gap between seasons,

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Adolescents are still not well. A chaotic first look at Season 2 teases more parties, more abuse, more fun, and some potentially serious criminal activity. How’s that for season 2?

A teenage girl (Casey Walfall) obsessed with Superman uncovers a mysterious past and potential superpowers as she digs into her birth family in the newest addition to The CW’s Arrowverse. opposite

, produced by Ava DuVernay, is a high school drama, which means she won’t immediately embrace her superhero identity. It’s unclear how, exactly, the series will tie in with the CW’s other DCTV shows, though showrunner Jill Blankenship revealed that Man of Steel (played by Tyler Hoechlin at the network

) will be important to telling Naomi’s story. “We get to watch as she discovers in real time [that] Superman [is] really part of her story and he’s part of her,” Blankenship teased in an interview with Entertainment Weekly .

Montclair High School’s Dance Company 2023 Performances

, put a new spin on the love story of Clark Kent (Tyler Hoechlin) and Lois Lane (Elizabeth Tulloch) by jumping directly into their future as parents of twin teenagers. In Season 1, Clark and Lois took their family back to Smallville, where one of their sons, Jordan (Alex Garfin), began to show signs of Kryptonian strength, while the other, Jonathan (Jordan Elsass), did not.

). HBO Max will follow the original Peacemaker (John Cena), a justice-loving muscle man who (spoiler alert) isn’t one of the good guys. The prequel series will reportedly serve as an origin story for the character, and give a window into his early life as a vigilante. But in reality, he is an assassin for hire, willing to kill anyone in the name of peace. The series also stars Robert Patrick, Freddie Stroma, Daniel Brooks, Steve Agee, Jennifer Holland, and Chukwudi Iwuji.

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One part is found footage, a supernatural suspense thriller. The show follows Dan (Mamoudou Athi), a video archivist hired to restore a mysterious series of tapes originally filmed by Melody Penders (Dina Shihabi). Matt McGorry, Ariana Neal, Evan Jonigkeit, and Martin Donovan also star.

Part of the final season of Netflix’s popular crime drama Ozark will premiere in January with seven new episodes. And while our favorite criminal mom and dad, Marty (Jason Bateman) and Wendy (Laura Linney), were able to escape the third season unscathed, that doesn’t mean their safety is guaranteed going into this new season. is The Burde family may be on good terms with Navarro, but, according to the official synopsis for the final season, “some past sins will not be buried and the most dangerous threats come from blood.” The final season is expected to air at the end of year two.

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Baby Jericho is indeed alive and back – we think – but that doesn’t mean the Turners are getting their happily ever after. Lynne’s (Nel Tiger Free) violent tendencies and her ties to the Church of the Lesser Saints still pose a threat to Dorothy (Lauren Ambrose), Sean (Toby Cable) and their newly resurrected baby Jericho. Executive Producer M. Night Shyamalan announced on December 14 that Servant had been renewed for a fourth and final season, so fans can expect another killer cliffhanger.

Two teenage girls, Astrid and Lily, accidentally open a portal to another world and are tasked with hunting the monsters that emerge and fixing their mess, all while trying to survive high school. happened If you are thinking that it sounds like this

, you’d be right, but what sets Astrid and Lily Save the World apart is that its heroines aren’t popular girls with superpowers and vampire boyfriends. They are really just regular teenagers.

A murder mystery starring Tiffany Haddish, Sam Richardson, Zoe Chao, Ben Schwartz, Ike Barinholtz, Ilana Glazer, Jamie Demetrio and Dave Franco? You had me on a murder spree. The new comedy thriller, The Afterparty follows a detective (Hadish) investigating the murder of a man at his high school reunion party.

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Will turn a group’s Dungeons and Dragons adventures into an animated series. What began as a group of voice actors — Matthew Mercer, Laura Bailey, Travis Willingham, Ashley Johnson, Taliesin Jaffe, Liam O’Brien, Marisha Ray, and Sam Riegel — playing a regular game of Dungeons and Dragons became a livestream campaign. Became fragile. Roll, in 2015. And now, seven years later, Critical Role is becoming an animated series starring the actors who started it all.

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Netflix’s youngest superhero is back. Two years after Dion (Ja’siah Young) discovers his powers and defeats the Crooked Man in Season 1, Season 2 of Rising Dion

Finds the pint-sized super and his single mother, Nicole (Alisha Wainwright), who is still learning to live with Dion’s superpowers. Luckily, they’ll get a little more support, including a new character named Tevin (Rom Flynn), but will it be enough to save them when a new threat arrives?

Come for Lily James and Sebastian Stan’s hauntingly gorgeous Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee appearances, stay for the wild ’90s sex tape drama.

Picture Dated November 29th Shows Carina Tyrrell, A Former Miss World Finalist. Today (nov 30) Carina Will Graduate With A Master’s From Cambridge University. A Pretty Doctor And Former Miss World Finalist

Tells the story of Anderson and Lee’s infamous 1995 sex tape leak, how it became public, and how it changed their relationship. Seth Rogen also stars as Rand, the disgruntled employee who stole the personal tape in the first place, with Nick Offerman appearing as the amateur porn distributor who helps Rand put the tapes online.

, tells the story of New York City socialite Anna Delvey — or con artist Anna Sorokin, depending on who you believe. The real Anna Delvy allegedly pretended to be a German socialite in New York City for four years, until she was caught in 2017. In 2019 he was found guilty of theft of services and grand larceny (and released from prison in 2021).

There’s a fictionalized version of this already wild story, and Julia Garner as Delvy and Anna Chlumsky as a reporter trying to pursue his story.

. Will Smith returns as a producer on the new series, which was inspired by filmmaker Morgan Cooper’s four-minute short, which reimagined the original comedy as a drama about a young Philadelphian. , what it would really be like for a black man to go. to Bel-Air. Don’t rely on too much ’90s nostalgia – this update takes place in the modern day.

Come See “gaslight” This Weekend!!

After 11 seasons, The Walking Dead will air its final batch of new episodes in 2022. And we will finally find out who wins the world: zombies or humans. I’m kidding! Based on the season so far — Season 11 was split into two parts, with Part 1 wrapping up in October 2021 — it’s the other humans who will have to see the surviving fan-favorite characters (the Commonwealth and the Reapers, for sure). going on. be a threat this season). In addition, the series also had to establish several planned spinoffs, including the much-hyped Daryl and Carol Show.

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The two-year “drought” is almost over, folks, and your thirst for Jamie (Sam Heughan) and Claire (Caitriona Balfe) will soon be quenched. Two years after season 5

, new episodes are finally set to premiere in March. According to early promos, Season 6 will find Jamie and Claire facing the realities of the Revolutionary War, while still trying to raise their family and navigate life on the Ridge. This season will only be eight episodes long, so

Veteran Courteney Cox is jumping into full horror comedy with Shining Veil , the story of a regular dysfunctional family that moves to a small town. Part sitcom, part horror show,

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Cox stars as Pat, an unhappy woman who goes on a desperate quest to save her marriage. He may or may not regret that decision.

Don’t sleep on The CW’s reboot of Kung Fu, a complete reimagining of the 1970s series starring David Carradine. The show revolves around Nikki Shen (Olivia Liang), a young first-generation Asian American woman who returns to her family in San Francisco after three years of training in China. The show is part family drama, part supernatural myth, and part crime-fighting action.

Fans had to seriously consider the possibility that the FX comedy wasn’t coming back. But, fortunately, it is not so.

Season 3 is on its way, with all of the main cast expected to return — Donald Glover as Arn, Brian Tyree Henry as Paper Boi, Zazie Beetz as Van, and Lakeith Stanfield as Darius. .

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Giving fans a hotter and more compelling love story than Season 1’s Daphne and Simon, but Season 2 is definitely going to try. It’s time

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