Who Is On Interior Design Masters – Banjo Beale has won series three of Masters of Interior Design, bagging a career-defining deal with a luxury hotel in Cornwall.

The BBC One show, which follows 10 budding designers all looking for their big break in the fast-paced world of commercial interior design, has come to an end after eight weeks.

Who Is On Interior Design Masters

Banjo will now have the opportunity to remodel the Beach Retreats self-catering property in the City, Watergate Bay. Banjo will retain colors and textures, furniture style and draw inspiration from the Cornish landscape to create a space designed for seaside holidays. The dog friendly property is just minutes from the beach and will be available for booking from late spring.

Interior Design Masters With Alan Carr

Editor-in-Chief Michelle Ogundehin as head judge saw budding designers take on a new interior design challenge across the country each week, from show homes, shops and restaurants to beach huts, bars and Luxury holiday villas.

At the end of each challenge, the weakest designers find themselves on the couch to face the judges and explain their design decisions, with at least one contestant eliminated.

Guest judges throughout the series offering advice and assessment included Matthew Williamson, Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen, Mary Portas, Guy Oliver, Sophie Robinson, Ross Bailey, Abigail Ahern and Sarah Willingham.

Check out the contestants eliminated from series three, and watch our exclusive interviews with winner Banjo and runner-up Amy.

Interior Design Masters: Who Was Eliminated In Week 7, The Semi Finals?

Banjo, 36, from the Isle of Mull, is a cheese buyer and marketer. He describes his style as fun and wild.

A: I’ve always wanted to be an interior designer, but I live on a cheese farm on a remote island in Scotland. This was my chance to learn, gain experience, meet the professionals and launch a career all in one. I couldn’t have had this crazy experience from Isle of Mull, wet and windy.

Originally from Ayrshire in Scotland, Amy, 39, lives in London and is a print designer and photographer. She describes her design style as Sophisticated Print.

A: My biggest challenge during the competition was the constant battle of confidence. I knew in my heart, deep down, I had the potential to go far but I spent most of the time trying to talk myself into just going for it! I’m sure our lovely men heard a lot of pep talk to myself in the bathroom! The competition is a real pressure cooker and can be very emotionally and mentally draining so you really have to be made of strong stuff to sustain it. My desire to present the best work possible and push boundaries led me to discover that I have more mental and physical energy reserves than I even thought I did.

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Interior Design Masters Is A Bizarre World Of Wainscoting And â?osoftscapingâ??

Paul, 52, is a Visual Merchandiser and lives in London. Originally from Fleetwood in Lancashire, he describes his style as Mid-Century Minimalist.

A: To be honest I didn’t know what to expect. I was excited with anxious anticipation. Even though I watched the show in the previous season where all the designers went through the same creative process under the same timelines, nothing prepares you for the intensity of design, long hours and fast turnaround to deliver a design in a limited number of days or in a short period of time. many hours of issues! The cameras, the questions and the examination under a lens, it’s like planning therapy where you are asked questions all the time and it challenges you on many levels to take time out and think, it’s not just about the basics of design, when you break it down. , but our emotional response to our environment – ​​a luxury we don’t give ourselves often enough.

A: It was very difficult to raise a family, a job and the competition at the same time. I felt at times that I was failing at everything and excelling at nothing because I left my children to disappear to makeover every week. I spent a lot of time planning and redesigning and trying to keep it together (probably unsuccessfully as I yelled at every challenge!).

A: There are not many interior designers that I know who love black as much as I do, but I know that I was always inspired by Abigail Ahern because I loved the way does she make a room feel dark and gloomy but still feel warm and cozy.

Interior Design Masters On Netflix: All The Info On The Bbc Reality Show

A: My mother has taught me that beauty is everywhere in the world, you just have to look for it. I got a lot of my design inspiration from her. I come from a very artistic family of painters, writers, tailors and others. companies and playing around with clothes and such. So I was exposed to a lot of beautiful artistic things as a child and my passion grew from there. I also look to nature a lot for color palettes because if it’s good enough for mother nature, it’s good enough for me.

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A: I have always loved interior design and even studied it as a degree. In 2017, I set up an online interior decoration and gift shop as a way for me to keep my hand in design and share it with others. I did little things around my house on tight budgets as well as event settings for friends and family. Although I love the show and the last series, I never thought it was something I thought about stepping out of my comfort zone to apply and be a part of it.

Abi, 27, is originally from Birmingham and now lives in London. She is a luxecycler and describes her style as Maximalist Kitsch.

A: I am inspired by those who are not afraid to push boundaries, break rules and just do what they want and be who they are! I describe my design aesthetic as if Dolly Parton and RuPaul Charles were living in Tony Montana’s LA Mansion – just so you can get an idea in your head. I love all things bright, over the top and kitsch – it’s very camp but I guess that’s why I worship big bold icons like Dolly Parton and RuPaul. They are fearless, unapologetic and drop dead gorgeous, which inspires me on a daily basis.

Interior Design Masters Fans Deliver Their Very Damning Verdicts

Peter, 63, is a hair salon owner from Newcastle Upon Tyne. He describes his style as ‘Style Chameleon’.

A: I enjoyed watching the series, and although it sounds cliché, I was always comparing my ideas to those of the contestants. I have a real passion for interior design and lived through the shagpile and minimalist 70s with my homes reflecting the latest trends. The challenge of the series raised me, and I got a lot of encouragement from my family who said I should apply. It just seemed like a fun thing to do, and a great way to express my individual style and ideas.

A: I definitely carve out my own color and shape but it takes a lot of inspiration from Peter Tarka. He is basically a supporter of the retrofuturism movement, and although most of his work takes place in digital mock-ups of places, I wanted to bring that beauty to real life with arches Trompe-l’œil, colorful murals, and unexpected furniture designs. . Straight lines started, the curvier the better!

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, covers tomorrow’s biggest interior design trends and reveals the best tips, tricks and hacks to help you decorate your home like a pro. Week by week Olivia shares the most stylish high street buys to help you find less and showcase the best real homes, from

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Meet Brighton Star Of Interior Design Masters With Alan Carr

Two Brummies who went on to launch their creative careers after losing their jobs during lockdown will feature in the upcoming series of Master Design Interiors. The eight-part series, hosted by comedian Alan Carr, will see ten budding designers compete for a life-changing design contract.

And the Birmingham accent is set to get a good show in the third series, as two local talents put their design skills to the test on the BBC TV show. Mural artist Richard O’Gorman, 30, and upcycler Abi Davis, 28, are among those trying to impress the biggest names in the industry, including head judge who ‘ return, interior guru Michelle Ogundehin.

Former model agency keeper Richard had just bought his first home in Erdington when the pandemic hit and he lost his job. To fill his newfound free time, Richard began sprucing up his new pad

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