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Fa la la! Tis the season for easy Christmas crafts for kids! Ready to get creative this holiday season?

Easy Christmas Crafts To Make At Home

These are all things that come to my mind…and I’m sure that’s what my kids think of (besides the presents!) when they think of Christmas. What better way to get them excited about Christmas (as if that’s needed…)?!

Simple Christmas Crafts For Kids 2022

Here are 25 Christmas items that I absolutely love, including Christmas trees, Santa and his reindeer, and of course candy.

If you’re in the mood for some winter fun that isn’t necessarily Christmas-related, we’ve got tons of winter crafts for kids, snowflakes to make with kids, and snowmen for kids. You will never run out of ideas!

Whether you decide to make Christmas ornaments, Rudolph trees, or popsicle trees, they all make incredibly cute Christmas gifts for family and friends. Or use them around the house as holiday decor!

When the big tree is finished decorating, why not give the kids their own homemade version of the tree?

Unique Diy Christmas Ornaments

We have paper trees, a straw tree, a fingerprint tree (click on it, we also have a Christmas wreath to share) and a paper plate tree!

Christmas tree with folding craft. Any decoration with a button in the form of a Christmas tree. Guest post by Toddler Approved Family Family Tree Mama Smiles. Repurposed Christmas tree. Guest post from Mommy Labs. Straw. Carton TreesMermaids Creations Egg Carton Christmas Tree Craft Adventures-In-Mommy-Land Thumbprint Christmas Tree Postcard Guest Post by Mom to 2 Posh Li’l Divas DIY Christmas Tree Cards Guest Post by NurtureStore

Here are more Christmas crafts for kids. Christmas crafts of Santa Claus and his reindeer for children:

Of course, these reindeer crafts focus mostly on one Rudolph, but it doesn’t have to be that way! Create eight reindeer with their magical antlers and name them all!

Make A Handprint Ornament The Easy Way!

And the craft of Santa Claus is not complete without his big white beard! Which can be made from lots of things (think cotton balls, white handprints, shaving cream or white pom poms).

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Crafting a cotton ball Santa because I said so. A simple reindeer craft. Fireflies and mud pies. Craft with deer.

Handprint Candy Craft Little Family Fun Marble Painted Candy Quick Ribbon for Mom Sustainable Candy Cane Hands Grow Cotton Candy Ball No Time for Flash Cards Candy Cane Paint Fun Bully Candy Candy Decorations Buggy and Buddy Beads

We’ve rounded up 30 awesome Christmas tree decorations for kids! You’ll definitely want to check it out.

Homemade Christmas Ornaments For Kids

It’s fun to have a goal of making one new ornament a year with each child and then look back at them each year decorating the tree. (Remember all the pasta wreath decorations and salt dough handprints you made as a kid!?)

We’ve also rounded up 20 of the best DIY Christmas card ideas for kids to send out to friends and family, or we love using them as gift tags on presents! This makes them unique and fun!

What are your favorite and easy Christmas crafts for kids? Not quite sure where to start?

These easy craft kits make Christmas crafts super easy! These affiliate links focus on products that will help make your holiday season easier and more enjoyable.

Easy Christmas Craft Ideas

Jamie learned how to be a mom by creating activities, crafts, and art projects for her three boys. Jamie needed the creative outlet that the classes provided to get through the first few years of parenthood with a smile! Follow Jamie on Pinterest and Instagram!

Something new for us to discover as well as old favourites. I am so grateful to have the activities handed down to us… Fun and easy to put together in a jiffy! You are awesome Jamie and I appreciate you sharing your activities and ideas!! – Melissa S.

“I really like that it takes all the prep work out of getting my kids involved. It’s so easy to just put the calendar up and look at it for inspiration when we’re in the mix.” – Activity Room Member, Rachel

I found it impossible to google ideas from millions of different sites, get organized, shop, etc. This is exactly what I was looking for! Thanks for making something so organized and easy to use. – Early Years Activity Plans User, Melissa K.

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Easy Christmas Origami — Gathering Beauty

This eliminates the need to search the internet for ideas. It’s like looking for a recipe online, there are so many options that it’s often less difficult to look in the book on the shelf than to stress about too many options. – Early Years Activity Plans User, Robin G

Thank you very much for these events. They proved to me that I CAN be that mom who does cool and creative things with my kids! And these cool and creative things can be very simple! What a revelation. Thank you!! – The 7 Day Challenge by Katie M.

I feel like a new mom with so many interesting ideas. I used to dread nap time because it was so boring doing the same thing day after day, but now I look forward to our “play” time! – Haley S.

You have changed the way I spend time with my baby in so many positive ways! Now I’m one happy dad no longer wondering what I’m going to do with this little guy for the next 12 hours 😛 Your site saved dad’s life for the first time! – Jack S.

Easy Christmas Crafts For All Ages

It is difficult to think of something that would entertain and occupy a 3-year-old child while taking care of the child. Everything we’ve tried so far on your site has been loved by the three year old. Your ideas are so simple and he can do them for hours. HEAVEN! – Karen I. When Christmas time rolls around, there’s nothing better than decorating your home with a touch of the holiday season! Wreaths on the door, homemade decorations on the tree and chestnuts roasted on the fire…

Most holiday-themed crafts are aimed at kids, but what about Christmas crafts for adults who can’t get enough of the holidays?

Grab your partner, hang out with the kids, or take these crafts on yourself! Here are twenty of our favorite Christmas crafts for grown-ups.

Mason jars are something that most people have around the house, and they are the perfect crafting tool for any time of year. These adorable little winter companions are easy to make and even easier to enjoy.

Popsicle Stick Christmas Crafts

Hang them around the house as a little reminder of Christmas or add some string and hang them on the tree! To bring these snowmen to life, you’ll need eighteen silver rings, white spray paint, floral wire, a snowman ornament, pliers, and a hot glue gun.

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Just spray the rings and tie them with floral wire in the shape you see above. Glue the decoration of your choice on top and you will have a wonderful snowman! It couldn’t be simpler.

The best Christmas decorations are the ones you won’t find in a store. Use these DIY flannel Christmas trees to bring a touch of Christmas warmth to your home.

For this incredibly easy project, all you need are some cardboard cone trees like these. Also, your favorite flannel fabric (we recommend choosing two or three for variety), rustic metal stars, a hot glue gun, and the best scissors (try it).

Jolly Diy Christmas Ornaments Ideas

We invite all wine lovers! Whether you’re a fan of holiday mulled wine or you’re looking for a cute way to pour wine at your next Christmas party, this is the craft for you.

Change the colors to match the wine: white for white, red for red, rose for blush.

This is a sewing project from scratch, so it’s a great craft if you’re trying to get better at sewing. You will need a yard of fleece fabric, a quarter yard of Sherpa fabric for the cuff (we recommend this one).

Looking for something cheap and easy? These felt Christmas ornaments make great holiday gifts or decorations and are super easy to customize.

Easy Christmas Crafts Ornaments. Felt Star, Christmas Tree And Ball On A Brown Wooden Background With Copyspace. Sewing Workshop Stock Image

You’ll want to download the pattern from Easy Felt Crafts and print it out since that’s what makes the shape. Then choose felt in your favorite Christmas colors.

Cut out pieces of felt and lay them on top of each other, then sew a simple embroidered pattern through the layers to hold them together (and add some embellishments). Weave in some of these beads to add some individuality.

There’s nothing better than an affordable Christmas DIY project, and that’s it

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