Freelance Writing Jobs No Experience – Five years ago, I announced to my friends and family that I was leaving my decently paying job for an uncertain future as a freelance writer. My decision raised more than a few eyebrows. Why?

Those closest to me tried to talk me out of it. But I knew better. I knew that freelance writing jobs were a legitimate (and even profitable) way to make money online. So I persevered.

Freelance Writing Jobs No Experience

And here I am, five years later, earning a full-time income through freelance writing gigs. I learned a lot along the way. Failed a few times. Almost quit more times than I can count. Even took a six month break to work as a Virtual Assistant. But in the end, I always come back to freelance writing because, one, it’s what I love to do, and two, there’s never a shortage of freelance writing jobs online (even for beginners!).

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So if you wanted to try writing but never went for it due to lack of experience, read on. You can start a freelance writing career with absolutely no experience. I did it. And you can too.

Let’s go ahead and get this out of the way: You don’t need writing experience or a degree to make it as an internet writer. What you need is a desire to succeed and a true passion for writing. If you don’t have both of these traits, then this probably isn’t the right online career for you. Without a passion for writing or the desire to do it, you’ll quickly fizzle out and be no better than when you started.

With sheer determination and a love for writing, you can get started as a freelance writer thanks to the number of online resources available.

As I said, I had no professional experience writing. I knew I wanted to be a writer and knew the internet landscape was full of opportunities. But when you don’t know where to start, you can quickly become overwhelmed with all the resources.

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. And I learned that writers are very passionate about the topic of finding online work. Some swear by content grinders and others loathe them. Some only use freelance marketplaces while others won’t go anywhere near platforms like Upwork. Others turn to online job boards and writing resource sites for jobs. So how do you know what works for you?

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You don’t. You won’t know until you try them. And chances are, you’ll find that you strongly prefer one over the other. Does that mean it’s better than the others? Absolutely not. It just means that your unique work style and preferences make it the best fit for you. And, if you’re like me, you’ll use a combination of means to put together an income at various stages of your career.

Whatever you choose, remember, don’t let anyone make you feel bad about your chosen path. There really is no right or wrong answer about where to find freelance writing jobs online for beginners.

Content mill is a massive writing platform. Clients go to them, post their writing assignments, and the content mill makes them available to a group of writers. The client pays the content mill and the content mill pays the writer a percentage (basically the content mill is the middleman between client and writer).

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This is where I (and many others) began my freelance writing career. I signed up for several of them and started making money that same week. Now, don’t get me wrong, I didn’t make big money, but I did make money as a freelance writer (which, when you’re just starting out, can do wonders for your confidence!).

I found that starting to write for several content mills was a way to make quick money, gain confidence and also improve my overall writing skills.

I also got an inside look at what freelance writing jobs were like and how to deal with editors. Although my gains weren’t huge, the knowledge I gained was worth it.

I committed myself to satisfaction mills full time for about three months. On average, I was able to make $400 a week (not great, but I was getting paid!) and was well on my way to a freelance writing career.

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I can’t say enough about how content grinders are a great stepping stone when starting out. You don’t have to write for them forever (if you don’t want to!). As for freelance writing jobs online for beginners, they are a quick and easy way to get your feet wet:

There are literally thousands of freelance writing jobs online for beginners on the various freelance markets. Clients go to these sites, post their jobs, and freelancers submit their bids and proposals. The client chooses who they want to work with based on the presentations they receive.

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I turned to Freelance Marketplaces after my three month stint as a content mill writer. I set up accounts on several of them and waited for jobs to start coming my way. But they didn’t. After sending as many offers as possible, I realized that my profile was to blame for my lack of work. One small tweak to my profiles and the presentations I submitted made a HUGE impact on the number of assignments I was offered:

Simple, right? Yes. But still most freelancers fill their profile with information only about themselves and did not mention what they can do for the client. While you may have some impressive credentials, at the end of the day, the client wants to know what you will do for them.

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After about six months of accepting jobs through freelance marketplaces, I have steadily seen my income as a freelance writer increase. A year later, I have increased my rates by over 200% since I first started. There are more than enough freelance writing jobs online for beginners at these sites:

There are quite a few job boards and niche sites that regularly post freelance writing jobs online for beginners. After using freelance marketplaces for over a year to create a full-time income as a writer, I started to wonder what else was out there (besides paying all the fees!). So I started researching ways to find clients on my own.

What I found really opened my eyes to the possibility of finding writing gigs without using a marketplace. The sheer volume of blogging, article writing, copywriting and ghostwriting available was astounding! I had less than two years of professional experience under my belt, but thanks to a few assignments that gave me a name, I was able to put together a decent portfolio to show clients.

Perhaps the best advice I ever received (at this point in my career) was from a prospective client. She told me that she enjoyed my cover letter, resume, and work samples, but suggested that I put them together instead of sending them as five separate attachments (most clients will prefer that you not bombard them with multiple email attachments!)

How To Become A Freelance Writer With No Experience?

The best thing I ever did to cement myself as a freelance writer for hire was to get a website.

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(even without experience!). All you need is a domain name, a hosting provider and a decent theme.

So, when you’re ready to start finding free writing jobs directly, I can’t recommend putting together your own website enough. It’s amazing how much work you can secure when you have your own website and make it a daily habit to check leads:

When you’ve really earned your footing as a writer, you can take your personal website and run with it (the sky really is the limit!)

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You will need to market yourself like crazy to get customers to come to you. In recent years, social media has made this much easier. With the right tweet or post, you can grab the attention of customers and make them seek out your services (remember to keep your profiles professional!).

When you do a good job, you’ll notice that the number of referrals you get from happy clients is enough to keep you busy (most of the time!).

But remember, when freelance writing (beginner or not) you find work comes in a constant cycle of feast or famine. When you’re in a ‘feast’ state, you’ll turn down work only to find absolutely no work coming your way the following week.

During periods of hunger, I turn to freelance marketplaces and content grinders to make extra money. It’s always wise to maintain wealth with multiple income streams (the freelance world is so unpredictable!).

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And now that brings us to the present. I started this blog. I have some e-books in the works (great source of passive income!). And I have a healthy client list (a far cry from where I started five years ago). I’ve shared my journey to show that even with absolutely no experience, a freelance writing career is possible and achievable!

Remember that there is no right or wrong way to start a freelance writing career. No matter which path you choose, stick with it

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