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How Did Morgan Earp Die

Western lawyer. The younger brother of western character Wyatt Earp, he is best known for his gunfight with Ike Clanton’s gang in the O.K. Corral in Tombstone, Arizona. Born in Pella, Marion County, Iowa, he was the youngest of the “Fighting Earps.” His father moved the family to San Bernardino, California in 1864. He married Luisa Houston in Dodge City, Kansas in 1875. They lived in Butte, Montana until 1879. Morgan moved to Tombstone, Arizona in January 1880 and worked as a shotgun messenger. for team Wells Fargo. In October 1880, Virgil Earp became Tombstone’s town marshal. Soon after, he recruited Wyatt and Morgan as special police officers. Over the next few months, the Earp family came into conflict with two families, the Clantons and the McLaurys, when they sold cattle to Tombstone. The Earp brothers believed that some of these animals had been stolen from farmers in Mexico. Wyatt Earp was also convinced that the Clanton brothers had stolen one of his horses. On October 26, 1881, he was shot in both shoulders during a gunfight at the OK Corral. On March 18, 1882, Morgan was killed while playing pool at Campbell and Hatch’s Saloon at the age of 30. A shot from the darkness shattered his spine. Virgil and James Earp took Morgan’s body to his parents’ home in Colton, California for burial. His body was originally buried in Slover Mountain Cemetery and was moved when the cemetery was closed. The original burial site was a mining operation on Slover Mountain in Colton.

The Town Too Tough To Die: Tombstone, Az


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Wyatt Earp: Tombstone, Siblings & Ok Corral

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Wyatt Earp, Doc Holliday Etc Gunfight Ok Corral Tombstone Arizona 1881, Postcard

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Wyatt Earp Wasn’t The Fastest Gunslinger In The West And That Didn’t Matter

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Who Was ‘the Other Woman’ At The O.k. Corral?

This was the situation Virginia Ann Cooksey found herself in in the years following her marriage to Nicholas Porter Earp in 1840.

Five of his children were the legendary “fighting Earp boys” – James, Virgil, Wyatt, Morgan and Warren. There were three girls – Martha, Virginia and Adelia – but only the last lived to adulthood. She also raised a stepson, Newton.

He was raised on the frontier in Kentucky and lived out his final years in Southern California. “Mother Earp” was a loving role model for her children and a constant companion for her husband.

Born in Ohio County, Kentucky on February 2, 1821, “Ginnie Ann,” as she was known to close friends, endured more than her share of excitement. She supported her adventurous husband on two overland trips from the Midwest to the San Bernardino Valley in 1864 and again in the late 1870s.

Just Found Put Morgan Earp Is Buried At The Same Cemetery As My Grandma

During the first trip, Nick Earp led a caravan of four families from Pella, Iowa to San Bernardino.

One of the carriage participants, Sarah Jane Rousseau, kept a daily diary during the seven-month ordeal. In his comments, Nick is described as profane and hard-headed.

Nine-year-old Warren was said to fight with other boys, a trait that never abated, leading to the hot-headed youngest boy getting into too many fights and being shot in Wilcox, Arizona, in 1900.

Some years later, the famous Virgil, Wyatt and Morgan—their unwillingness to back down from a fight—helped produce the infamous “Gunfight at the O.K. Corral” in Tombstone, Arizona, on October 26, 1881. The aftermath of the fiasco included Morgan’s murder and Virgil’s near-fatal injury.

Beyer’s Byways: Vidal Should Have More To Say, But It Does Have Wyatt Earp

A month after the disastrous Tombstone experiment, the San Bernardino Daily Index of November 27, 1881, reported an argument with Ginnie Ann’s husband:

“The trouble happened in front of the Farmers Exchange Bank this afternoon between Byron Waters and a gentleman named Earp. Earp had been quarreling with a man named Ralph, and when Mr. Waters intervened, he received a barrage of abuse from the old Lord, which he resented very much. The ear had to come off with a little damage to the eye and it’s bad from the fall.”

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Virginia Ann smoked a pipe, smoked snuff, and may have been illiterate, but she was blessed with common sense and deeply loved by the Earp clan.

Family members described her as “a Southern lady with a soft Southern voice; hospitality and love radiated from every part of her. Estelle Miller, Adelia’s daughter, described her grandmother as ‘the sweetest woman I ever knew.’

Ghost And Legends Tour

On July 30, 1890, Nick and Virginia Ann celebrated their golden anniversary at Kelting Hall in Colton. More than 200 guests participated in the big event. George Lord, president of the Pioneer Society, called everyone to order. Nick and Virginia Ann were escorted to the center of the room where they sat in two rocking chairs and were given fans to cool them off. As the pioneers sang Auld Lang Syne,  the Lord gave Nick a gold-tipped cane engraved with the words Golden Wedding, N.P. Earp – S.B. Pioneers, July 30, ’90.

The Earps were lavished with gifts. Included was a small vial of gold dust taken from the Yuba River in 1849; two pairs of gold spectacles; a pair of gold Masonic cufflinks; $10 gold to Virginia Ann for a pin of District Attorney William J. Curtis, who was a member of the Earp-led wagon train from Iowa to San Bernardino in 1864, and a $5 gold piece of Holman Curtis, who was an infant during that trek. . They received two envelopes from Virgil and Wyatt containing $40 each.

“Mother Earp, I present you with this pipe. It is the pipe of peace; and when you have trouble with the old man, put it in the pipe and smoke it.”

Virginia Ann Cooksey Earp died on January 14, 1893 at the age of 72 and was buried in Pioneer Cemetery in San Bernardino.

Aftermath Of The Gunfight At The Ok Corral

“Mrs. Earp was a loving and dutiful wife and a kind and gentle mother. Mrs. Earp is one of the pioneer women of this county and a most respected woman. She leaves a large circle of friends who will deeply mourn her loss. May she rest in peace,” the San Bernardino Daily Courier said of the beloved Earp- from the mother the next day.

Virginia Ann Cooksey Earp’s grave marker had been missing for years, and as a result, the exact location of her internment is uncertain.

E.A.R.P. The society acquired a tombstone and a

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