How Make Home Made Chips – Making home fries is super easy and healthy, especially when baked in the oven! You only need 25 minutes and three ingredients (potatoes, oil, and salt) to make these crispy, crunchy, and addicting French fries. Eat them plain or dip them in your favorite sauce!

If you have potatoes in your pantry and don’t know what to do with them, I recommend trying home fries.

How Make Home Made Chips

I just love them. They’re everything you love about potato chips, a crunchy, salty delight, but without the guilt you feel reaching for that bag of store-bought chips! These are no less healthy than baked potatoes.

How To Make Homemade Saratoga Potato Chips

These Homemade Baked Fries are a bit thicker than your average French fries, which also makes them a bit more substantial.

(read: you might actually fill up on them instead of mindlessly eating chips out of the bag until they’re gone.)

And while this recipe only calls for salt as a seasoning, you can add any seasoning you’d like to these fries!

It is important to cut the potatoes into very thin and even slices. Fortunately, there is a handy device that will allow you to do this perfectly in just a couple of minutes!

Homemade Doritos Style Chips

A mandoline slicer is your best bet for slicing potatoes. A mandolin is a useful kitchen tool: you can use it to thinly slice potatoes for French fries, cucumbers for pickles, carrots, and any number of toppings.

And it often comes with attachments for different types of slices, like a grater and a wavy blade that will cut potatoes or cucumbers into frills!

No problem. You can use a sharp chef’s knife to cut the potatoes as thin and even as you can. Or, you can have a side on your box grater that will do pretty much the same thing.

You can use any type you want! I used golden potatoes. And best of all, you don’t need to peel them. Just give them a good scrub with a vegetable brush.

How To Make Homemade Potato Chips

Yeah! Follow the same method, but keep in mind that because sweet potatoes have less starch and more liquid, they will never get as crispy as white fries.

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They may take a little longer to cook, so keep an eye on them. And if you want, you can flip them halfway through cooking to try to get them to toast a little more evenly.

But, as long as you dehydrate them really well and they’re super crispy, you can store them in an airtight container at room temperature for 2-3 days.

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Homemade Salt And Vinegar Chips Recipe

Making home fries is healthy and easy, especially when baked in the oven! You’ll need potatoes, oil, and salt, plus any other seasonings you’d like.

Calories: 92 kcal | Carbs: 13g | Protein: 3g | Fat: 4g | Saturated Fat: 1g | Sodium: 592mg | Potassium: 434mg | Fiber: 3g | Vitamin C: 12mg | Calcium: 32mg | Iron: 3mg

Nutrition information provided is my best estimate and does not include added sodium from seasoning to taste, any optional ingredients, and does not account for brand names. I use an automatic API to calculate this information. Feel free to calculate it yourself using one of these tools:

Did you make this recipe? I’d love to know how it went! Please comment and rate below 🙂 So simple and healthy, it’s easy to make your own homemade baked potato chips that are rustic and crispy! And once you do, you won’t be back in the bag!

Best Homemade Potato Chips

Forget the bag, this homemade baked potato chips recipe bakes up perfectly crispy and delicious. Plus, they’re so much healthier than packaged fries since you control the amount of oil and salt!

Since starting my clean eating habits I have drastically altered my system and it knows when something is processed and not as close to nature as it should be. It’s amazing how our bodies adapt and I prefer these new habits and I feel great.

I can finally enjoy French fries again, and I know you will love this recipe too. Cheers to good health and good eating!

These Crispy Baked Fries are a great side to these Spicy Black Bean Burgers, White Bean Quinoa Veggie Burgers or this Summer Vegetable Sandwich.

Ultimate Guide To Homemade Kettle Chips

Baked potato chips are best eaten right away, but can be stored in a covered container for 1-2 weeks (just be sure to let them cool completely before storing).

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If you try this baked potato chips recipe, please let me know! Leave a comment and rate it below. I love hearing what you think or any changes you make.

So simple, healthy and easy to make, once you make your own crispy homemade baked potato chips, there’s no going back to the bag!

Prepare the potatoes: Using a sharp knife, food processor, or mandolin, slice the potatoes into thin slices about 1/16-inch thick. Dry the potatoes to remove excess moisture. Toss potatoes with oil and salt in a medium bowl (or you can go to the next step and lightly coat each side with oil while on the baking sheet with a silicone brush – one less thing to wash this way, which was my manner).

How To Make Homemade Oven Chips

Roast: Arrange the potatoes in a single layer on the baking sheet, spreading them out so they don’t toughen each other. Place in the oven and bake for 10 minutes. Carefully remove from oven, turn each chip over and bake another 7 to 9 minutes, keeping an eye on them towards the end so they don’t overcook. Remove any that appear to be done or about to burn completely. Once baked, remove from the oven and let cool for 2 to 5 min.

The thicker you slice the potatoes, the longer it will take to cook. I recommend cutting them 1/16 for best results. Any thicker and your results will vary.

RECOMMENDED EQUIPMENT: I ​​used these parchment liners and a rimmed baking sheet. For slicing, this mandoline works great (affiliate links).

Updated: Rustic Baked Fries Originally posted July 2012 and updated November 2019 with new photos and helpful tips. They are always delicious and a family favorite, enjoy! Making your own homemade French fries from scratch is easier than you think and very rewarding. It might take a bit of time, but once you know how to make your own French fries, you’ll know it’s worth the extra work!

Homemade Potato Chips: Easy Buffalo Chips

Crunchy. Salty. Darling. Is there anything better than the crunch of freshly fried Home Fries? I will easily say “no thanks” to ice cream, chocolate or any other sweet. But can you offer me a potato chip? Yes please; always yes And then if you walk away and leave me with that bag/bowl… Well, I warn you that when you come back there may not be any chips left.

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Take much longer than opening a bag. However, I will also be honest in saying that it is 100% worth it and that home fries are the best fries.

Three. Three. three. trios. 세. Drei. ثلاثة. Trzy.三. I’ll continue to say it in all languages ​​if necessary, so I can emphasize that home fries only require three simple ingredients: potatoes, oil (for frying), and salt.

The best potatoes for home fries are Russets or other starchy Idaho potatoes or sweet potatoes. These potatoes are high in starch and low in moisture. Also, they get crispy and change color when fried to that nice brown color you want in a crispy potato chip.

Easy Triple Cooked Chips

Potatoes that don’t work well for home fries are waxy potatoes like Red Bliss or Fingerlings. They have less starch and more moisture and hold their shape when cooked, so they’re perfect for potato salads, but not necessarily what you want on your French fries.

Ok seriously, one of my favorite kitchen tools is a mandolin. They really aren’t terribly expensive, you can get one for $40 here and trust me you won’t regret it. Not only can you make zoodles, but you can also cut them into folds for bread and butter pickles!

For these home fries, I prefer them as thin as possible: the first notch in the setting which is about 1/16-inch thick, but can be as thin as 1/8-inch as well. Both sizes make deliciously crunchy chips!

This is a very important step to ensure you have the crispiest fries! By soaking potato slices in ice water, you not only remove excess starch, but also help the cells to seal, resulting in a crispier potato. This will also help prevent the potatoes from sticking together so that when you fry them, you’ll get individual home fries and not lumps.

How To Make Crispy French Fries: The Secret Revealed

By removing all the moisture from the potatoes, this is what will really ensure that your fries are super crispy! To do this:

Be sure to

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