How Much Did Sharknado Make – A TV series about tornadoes caused by sharks took the internet by storm last night, marking one of the strangest social media events in recent memory. by Syfy

, a disaster movie starring Tara Reid and other C-list actors, debuted at 9 p.m. EST Thursday night, sparking a storm of tweets and sarcasm. When a series of tornadoes swept up bloodthirsty sharks and dropped them into fictional Los Angeles, a similarly epic conversation took place on Twitter. The premiere didn’t attract a huge special TV audience — between 1 and 2 million viewers — but it did attract more attention online, with SyFy describing it as a “television show.” the most social image ever” of the network.

How Much Did Sharknado Make

If you’re on Twitter most of the time on a Thursday night, it’s almost inevitable to mention

Twitter Twister: Why Did ‘sharknado’ Take A Huge Bite Out Of The Internet?

. Celebrities like Damon Lindelof and Patton Oswalt spent much of the night writing sarcastic tweets, leading an online viewing party that included everyone from the mayor of Newark, Cory Booker, to Mia. Farrow. At its peak, the series generated more than 5,000 tweets per minute — not near a record, but certainly impressive for a low-budget cable series about killer sharks flying through the air.

I will write the sequel to Sharknado and I will write it before Shaknado is over.— Damon Lindelof (@DamonLindelof) July 12, 2013

In an interview with BuzzFeed on Thursday, director Anthony C. Ferrante described the response as “one in a billion,” claiming that the network put almost nothing into marketing his film. that.

“There’s no marketing budget for this,” said Ferrante, who, until Thursday, was best known for directing forgettable horror films like

How ‘sharknado’ Went From Afm Pitch Session To Global Sensation

. “It’s all just stuff we did with the trailers and just told people about it and other things.”

Syfy’s marketing might not matter — the network aired a shark movie marathon leading up to its premiere on Thursday and released an official trailer on Wednesday — but that doesn’t mean To be

The Asylum, the film’s production company, really specializes in so-called “fantasy movies” — low-budget, hot-shot B movies and direct-to-DVD parodies. Past products from the Burbank, California-based company include attention-grabbing titles like

Within a few weeks of the movie’s release. It’s a patchwork strategy as Ed Wood thrives on the periphery of big-budget Hollywood productions, fueling growing demand from non-theatrical channels like Netflix, Redbox, and DVD distributors. If the studio industry were a blue whale, The Asylum would be a low-budget sucker.

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Watch Sharknado: Heart Of Sharkness Streaming Online

“It’s a parody of the studio system,” David Michael Latt, the company’s co-founder and head of physical production, said in a recent interview with Pacific Standard. “We’re mocking the commercial side of this. You make your movie for $200 million? I’ll do it for $20.”

It’s unclear if SyFy did anything to orchestrate last night’s online boom, but at least, The Asylum has been pursuing subversive marketing techniques for years.

“This is not trying to get you to watch our movies,” the company wrote in a blog post in 2010, urging viewers to increase their Netflix queues to increase demand for refugee movies. “This is about the game system. This is about the stance. Against the math.”

Understanding the serious nature of this threat, Nwk OEM put together an action plan. Was prepared! RT @RobertYoungman: Thoughts on SharkNado?— Cory Booker (@CoryBooker) July 12, 2013

Sharknado Hits Riverdale This July In Archie Vs. Sharknado

In the past, Asylum and Syfy have collaborated on a number of TV disaster films, and the network continues to roll out similar low-budget films on a regular basis. But nothing has been received as enthusiastically (and ironically) as

Branded in a similar self-aware way – the tagline on its comic-style poster reads “Enough said!” — but its success was largely driven by the launch “event,” which crystallized in dramatic form last night on Twitter.

The movie’s boom will translate into more lasting success for Syfy, which dramatically rebranded in 2009. As with many other Twitter phenomena, the film’s popularity is likely to be short-lived. available for a short time and may not be replicated to other products.

Its sudden popularity could possibly be due to the randomness and unpredictable whims of any factor driving the viral content. But the film’s “happy accident” is also underpinned by a deliberate and long-winded content strategy — a strategy that at least last night matched the camp and absurdity many moviegoers share. online and sly peddlers are attracted.

Sharknado’ Tears Up Twitter, If Not The Tv Ratings

“They seeded production images, movie posters and trailers for the show,” said a social media marketing executive working at a Hollywood studio, who declined to be identified for this report. fan blogs, who then pushed to their social networks.” “Syfy didn’t advertise, fans discovered that the film was far from a hit, it quickly became a beloved cult classic, spawning sequels, comic books and video games. The films revolve around Finley “Fin” Shepard (Ian Ziering) and April Wexler (Tara Reid), who must navigate to a new world where tornadoes sweep man-eating sharks out of the oceans. to terrorize and destroy.

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While the plots are funny, the science is wildly inaccurate, and the CGI is awful, the movies can be lousy in a good way. But to enjoy them, you have to pause to believe and understand that these movies are meant to be ludicrous and they’re captivating in their own right. Let’s take a look at them, from worst to… um… best.

, and Fin and his family went shark-free for a good while. But now, sharks are showing up in unexpected places and ways. Out of all the movies of the franchise, this one is by far the most ridiculous as it features phenomena like a rock and a biological woman.

At this point, it’s clear that many people have gotten over the series joke. After all, with a Rotten Tomatoes rating of 14%, there’s not much to expect from this movie.

Sharknado 2′ Aims To Have Even More Bite

Series ends. In the end, a joke can be funny the first time, the second time or the third time, but by the sixth time, it becomes boring.

As the final film in the series, the stakes are higher than ever. Earth was destroyed after the events of

, Fin and his son must travel back to the Cretaceous to stop the first shark and eliminate the phenomenon once and for all. Everyone agreed that the movie wasn’t bad enough to be as good and didn’t have the same appeal as its predecessors.

Thankfully, the fifth film is an improvement on the fourth, though that doesn’t say much. After a brief period of peace, an expedition of shark researchers inadvertently set off a wave of ferocious and ever-larger sharks. Fin and April are the only ones who can save the world, so they have to travel the world to locations like Sydney, Giza and Rio de Janeiro using the portals on top of the tornado.

How Is ‘sharknado’ Still A Thing?

While the plot is still amusing, the series has regained some of its original appeal and is somewhat enjoyable to watch again.

While Fin was receiving a medal of honor in Washington, D.C. from the president for his heroic actions against sharks in the second film, sharks threaten the East Coast of the United States. So, the saw-wielding Fin must once again risk his life to save his family and the world. But as he fought his way south, the sharks coalesced and became an even bigger problem than before.

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At this point in the series, fans know what to expect, and while the series is still enjoyable in some respects, the weak plot and lack of special effects leave fans a bit disappointed.

, when their plane was attacked by a shark in the air. When the plane lost its engines, the freak weather system turned deadly, and the passengers and crew on the flight were all killed. Accordingly, New York City’s most iconic and beloved sites such as the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building and Citi Stadium are under threat. Only Fin and April can save the Big Apple.

The Five Best Cars To Survive A Sharknado

Was delighted to receive a sequel to the beloved first movie. And while it’s the highest-grossing film on the Syfy Channel, most likely due to the hype from the first film, it’s considered less exciting than its predecessor, but still very enjoyable. taste when watching. Still, it’s still an iconic sequel to an iconic movie, making it the second best.

In the series, an overwater tornado known as a tornado, caused by ‘Storm David’, lifted man-eating sharks out of the water, flooding Los Angeles with shark-infested waters. When bar owner and surfer Fin sets out with friends to find his estranged wife, April, and their daughter, Fin grits his teeth as the storm turns more dangerous. expected. Along with his crew, Fin must save the shores of Santa Monica and its inhabitants.

Movie series. The reviews are mixed at best, with good reviews being sarcastic and humorous. However, consider it a catalyst that causes

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The Writer Of Sharknado 1 And 2 Is Actually Hilarious

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