How To Make Pepperoni Rolls With Rhodes Dough – You know I’m a West Virginia girl! I bleed blue and gold and I’m a Mountaineer, loud and proud! On June 20, West Virginia celebrates 155 years of statehood, so here on The Kitchen Wife I felt it only fair to celebrate by sharing some of my beloved state’s recipes and it doesn’t get more West Virginian than a pepperoni roll.

Invented in Fairmont, WV as a lunch for local coal miners, the pepperoni roll has been a state staple since the late 1920s. Here you can find them at almost any gas station and grocery store and now YOU can have them at home. It’s super easy, and I know you’ll love it so…

How To Make Pepperoni Rolls With Rhodes Dough

Before we start, we need to talk about something. You can certainly make fresh bread dough for this recipe, and I will link my grandmother’s recipe for yeast rolls HERE, but if you ask just about any West Virginian they will tell you that you MUST use frozen RHODES yeast rolls. For one, using frozen yeast rolls keeps things really simple. And two, people say the Rhodes yeast rolls are as close to the original recipe as you can get. Who am I to argue with my fellow Montany? So that’s what I use.

Bacon And Cheese Dinner Rolls (using Rhodes Bake N Serv) ⋆ Nelliebellie

Now here’s where the pepperoni roll purists are going to read me in the dirt because TRADITIONALLY you would use a pepperoni stick cut into smaller sticks. HOWEVER, your girl is on a budget and the slices are WAY cheaper. Either way its pepperoni, so use what you like best.

This is also a preference, but I add a little cheese (about a tablespoon) on top of the pepperoni. Again, it’s not a traditional thing, but many people here do it. Honestly though, I don’t know why you WOULDN’T add cheese.

Once the dough rises, you can put it in a 350 degree oven and bake for 25-30 minutes until golden brown.

Fluffy, cheesy, and a little spicy, these Simple West Virginia Pepperoni Rolls make the perfect snack, lunch (and let’s be real) meal. I know you’ll love them, so get in your kitchen and try them tonight! Originating in West Virginia and beloved throughout the Ohio River Valley, these soft pepperoni rolls are stuffed with plenty of pepperoni and are irresistible at parties and potlucks. This easy scratch pepperoni roll recipe may just become your new favorite snack or lunch fix.

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Easy Pepperoni Stromboli Recipe

Sara is a chef, culinary educator, and author of three cookbooks, The Pocket Pawpaw Cookbook, Tasting Ohio and The Fruit Forager’s Companion. The latter won a 2019 IACP Cookbook Award.

If you grew up eating pepperoni rolls like I did, you know you’re in luck. My mom would occasionally buy some from Brownie Bakery, and as a latchkey kid, I’d come home after school and work at one while watching reruns.

. I purposely removed the pepperoni, that taste first. Then I would slowly grill the soft white dough that surrounded it-a halo of fat from the pepperoni rendered in the roll, staining its center red orange. It was the best way I’ve ever ruined my dinner.

When I moved two hours north, away from Ohio’s River Valley, I was shocked to learn that pepperoni rolls are not universal. They are, in fact, very regional, with a fascinating origin story. Familiarity with pepperoni rolls indicates you’re from northeast Appalachia, but they’re so good that it’s a shame they’re confined to this area. No matter where you live, you deserve pepperoni rolls. Consider this your primer.

West Virginia Pepperoni Rolls Recipe (+ Video)

As the name suggests, pepperoni rolls are white cotton dinner rolls baked with pepperoni inside. A pepperoni roll makes an ideal snack; two, a satisfying lunch.

But there is so much more to pepperoni rolls. They are a sense of identity. The pepperoni roll was born in the early 20th century, when Italian American immigrants were some of the many immigrant groups that came to West Virginia to work in the coal mines. Although former coal miner Giuseppe “Joseph” Argiro is often credited with producing the first commercial pepperoni roll at his bakery in 1920 in Fairmont, West Virginia, he may not have originated the idea himself. In The West Virginia Pepperoni Roll (required reading for any pepperoni fan), author Candace Nelson writes, “It’s possible that the first creators of pepperoni rolls were home cooks—wives, in particular, of coal miners filling the coal miner’s. stomach.”

Imagine having a difficult job in a dangerous, dark, dirty place. You work long hours in cramped conditions. Now imagine having a fat, salty pack of bloated carbs to look forward to. It is a food designed to hit the most basic pleasure in the most difficult conditions.

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That’s why pepperoni rolls are hardwired into the emotional DNA of the people of the Ohio River Valley. Pepperoni rolls are so popular in West Virginia that the state legislature made them the official state snack. I have a pepperoni roll pin. Homesick Mountain State expats can order real West Virginia pepperoni rolls at Goldbelly.

Easy Pepperoni Rolls

When is the best time to eat a pepperoni roll? Anytime you feel like it! Around here, they are part of the fabric of everyday life, but every time you have one, it is a special occasion.

You can buy pepperoni rolls at mom and pop bakeries, grocery stores, and convenience stores. People also bring homemade pepperoni rolls to parties and potlucks. My friends served pepperoni sourdough rolls at their wedding. Schools sell them to raise money. With this recipe, you, too, can bake pepperoni rolls and love to transform your day into a special occasion.

I can’t think of a more forgiving yeast dough than this. It has a ton of yeast, so as long as your yeast is fresh, it is guaranteed to rise. You can knead it by hand with no arm workout – it’s smooth and soft to the touch without being sticky. In fact, I prefer to knead this by hand versus in an electric mixer. If you want to use an eclectic mixer, knead it on low speed for 5 minutes and finish it by hand for one minute.

Kids love making pepperoni rolls! Older kids who are confident in the kitchen can whip up this recipe with a little help. Younger children will love helping with piercings and shapes.

Tasty Thursday Calzones And Pepperoni Rolls, Oh My!

Pepperoni rolls are populist, crowd-pleasing food in the best way. They are not the place to show artisan charcuterie. Having experience with both plain and fancy pepperoni, I’ve found that it oozes that all-important orange fat from the roll as it bakes, a feature that imbues a good pepperoni roll with a richness similar to world-class brioche .

Don’t get caught up in perfection when forming your rolls. There is no “right” way to do it. Almost all of the homemade pepperoni rolls I’ve enjoyed in my life have been crudely shaped buds of salty, bready bliss. Overhandling your dough can make it difficult, so just let the dough take you where it wants to go and embrace any wonkiness in your rolls.

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Some people completely put the pepperoni in their dough, but I like a little peek at the tips as a visual hint to the tips people that they are in for a treat.

In addition to the basics—lots of pepperoni baked into a single-serving puffy roll—pepperoni rolls have been widely accepted variations in West Virginia and the eastern Ohio River Valley. When it comes to food, Appalachians are generous and civil; The debate over what constitutes a “good” pepperoni roll is still hot.

Authentic West Virginia Pepperoni Rolls Recipe

In and around West Virginia, it’s common and totally acceptable to make pepperoni and Rhodes rolls from frozen dinner roll dough. In fact, most of the homemade pepperoni roll recipes you’ll find call for pepperoni piled into deglazed Rhodes flour. To adapt this recipe for frozen roll dough, follow these guidelines:

I adapted this recipe from my book, Tasting Ohio: Favorite Recipes from the Buckeye State. Unlike pepperoni rolls, I may not be from West Virginia. But I can see West Virginia across the Ohio River from my office window. The version in my book had less butter. This version, with more pepperoni and more butter, is what I make now. Trust me, it’s worth it.

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Nutrition information is calculated using an ingredient database and should be considered an estimate. In cases where multiple ingredient alternatives are provided, the first one listed is calculated for nutrition. Garnishes and optional ingredients are not included.

Easy Stuffed Pizza Rolls Made With Rhodes Roll Dough

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