Bed Rails For Seniors Near Me – Types: Bedside, Standing Support, Standing Support and Fall Prevention Weight Capacities: 12″, 13″, 14″, 15″, 16″, 300 lbs

Give your loved one the highest level of safety and comfort with the EZ Adjust Bed Rail. This bed rail is specially designed for the elderly to give them a sense of security as they are more vulnerable at night. With its superior safety shield and sturdy standing support that helps you transfer out of bed, everyone can sleep easy knowing that they or their loved one is protected throughout the night.

Bed Rails For Seniors Near Me

The EZ Adjust Bed Rail is the most versatile bed rail in the world thanks to its ability to extend its length. Easily extend the rail from its base setting from 26″ to 34″ or 42″ in length by depressing the spring-loaded pin.

Bed Rails That Can Injure And Kill The Elderly Remain On The Market

Use the bed rail as a safety handrail for balance and support when transferring from bed to walker, wheelchair or bedroom commode. EZ Adjust Bed Rail supports 300 lbs.

Release the two round handles from their locked position to slide down the side rails of the bed to easily change linens, make the bed or care for a loved one in bed.

Make sure there is at least 14″ of space between the floor and the bottom of your mattress to fully rotate the bed rail.

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The EZ Adjust Bed Rail can be installed on most traditional bed types from 12″ to 16″ thick. This bed rail is not intended for use on adjustable beds or extra soft mattresses.

Odoland Bed Rails For Elderly

Slip the base tube between the mattress and the box spring, platform or slats and secure the rail to the bedframe with the attached safety strap.

Extend the length of the guard rail to 26″-34″-42″ for full fall protection from falling out of bed at night.

Move the bed rail downwards 180 degrees for better access to the bed or out of the way when not in use

Keep the bed rail in place and prevent gaps between the beds by securing the rail with a safety strap

Things To Know When Purchasing A Bed Rail

Trying to decide which bed rail is best for you or a loved one can be a daunting task. That’s why we’ve compiled useful resources to help make the process easier.

We discuss what questions to ask before buying a bed rail so you can know which options are best for you.

By answering a few questions about yourself and what you’re looking for, our bed rail quiz can recommend several options of bed rails that best meet your needs and preferences.

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Semi Electric Delta Hospital Bed Bundle (w/ Mattress & Rails) By Drive

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Bed Mobility After Hip Replacement

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Yes, the EZ Adjust Bed Rail requires assembly before use. For detailed instructions on how to assemble the EZ Adjust Bed Rail, download our assembly instructions below.

The EZ Adjust Bed Rail can be used with traditional beds with box springs, platforms or slats. It should not be used with adjustable beds or extra soft mattresses.

Height Adjustable Bed Rail

For the only bed rails designed and approved to prevent tripping over an adjustable base bed, visit our sister brand, Signature Life.

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There is a greater risk of entrapment and injury/death when using bed rails with a soft mattress! A soft mattress increases the risk of a person’s head, arm or leg getting caught between the mattress and the rail. Entrapment can cause injury or death.

To make sure this product is safe to use, test your mattress by taking your fist and applying a weight of about 12 pounds (5.4 kg) to the edge of the mattress. If the mattress is soft enough to compress the mattress approximately 2in (51cm) when applying a weight of 12lbs (5.4kg), do not use this product without a bed rail safety guard. To learn more, visit /extra-soft-mattress.

Products can be registered for a 100% lifetime satisfaction guarantee. If a product doesn’t fit your needs or meet your expectations, a customer service agent will work with you to ensure your complete satisfaction. Neaude Bed Rail Guard Side Rails For Elderly Adults Seniors Assist Safety Handle Bedside Grab Bar Handicap Bed Railings Cane Care Equipment Home Medical Folding Handles(47×14 Inch, 1pcs)

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