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How Much Should You Tip Grocery Delivery

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How Much Should You Tip? No One Wants To Hear The Real Answer

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The drivers who deliver your Instacart orders to you are employed by gigs and are generally paid through tips. This means that if you frequently order through Instacart, you should know how to operate the app’s tipping tools.

For example, knowing how to change a tip. You can change your Instacart tip in two places: on the checkout page before ordering and in the Orders menu later.

So if you’ve placed an order with the wrong tip or just want to reward your driver for a job well done, here’s how to change it.

Instacart Workers Feel Squeezed By Constantly Changing App

Important: Although tipping is optional, Instacart doesn’t take tip baiting lightly — it gives a big tip at first, then changes it to zero later. If you are caught repeatedly soliciting tips, you will be banned from Instacart.

2. While on the checkout page, scroll down to the Shipping Tips section. By default, this will be five percent of the price of your order — tap Change to change it.

2. Select the delivery time, address, phone number and payment method. Click Continue at the bottom of the page.

3. A page called Say thank you with a tip will appear. Choose how much you want to tip here, then click Order.

How To Be A Better Instacart Customer

Instacart will allow you to change your tip up to 24 hours after the order arrives. But once that time has passed, your payment is processed and the tip is locked.

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1. After placing your order, return to Instacart’s home page and tap the three stacked lines in the upper left corner.

2. Select your orders from the menu that appears, then tap the order you want to modify.

4. Select the new tip amount, then tap Next. If you’re lowering the tip, you’ll need to explain why.

How Much To Tip Food And Grocery Deliveries

4. Choose how much you want to tip, then click Next. If you are reducing the tip, you will also need to explain why.

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Delivery apps make our lives so much easier, but when it comes time to leave a tip, calculating the right tip amount can be difficult.

Grocery Shopping Online During Coronavirus: Tips And Tricks

The suggested tips can vary greatly depending on what you’re ordering, what platform you’re on, and what happens in the delivery process.

So how much should you tip a delivery person when things go well and when things go wrong?

In this article, we’ll answer that question by taking a deep dive into tipping etiquette for modern delivery apps that connect you with drivers who are independent contractors rather than full-time or part-time employees.

Consider gig economy platforms like Uber Eats, Instacart and Grubhub, which are changing delivery — and, in some ways, tipping — as we know it.

What It’s Really Like To Be An Instacart Shopper

Read on as we explain what a standard tip is and when it’s okay (and expected) to tip more or less, so you can become the fairest tipper in your market.

Because modern app delivery drivers are often classified as self-employed, they are responsible for all of their own expenses, sometimes while only earning or making less than their local hourly minimum wage before tips.

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That’s why standard tipping rules require you to tip at least 15% — just like you would a traditional pizza delivery person, restaurant server, or even a Lyft or Uber driver.

Whether you’re ordering from DoorDash, Uber Eats, or another food delivery service, tipping etiquette is usually in line with the standard 15%.

Walmart Plus Grocery Delivery Review

However, this is really only the standard for small orders — those that are easy to pick up and drop off.

If you request a large order, such as a catering order or a request involving more than two bags, we recommend a basic tip of 18-20% to ensure that your driver is well rewarded for his efforts.

When you save yourself a trip to the grocery store with Instacart or Shipt, you’ll usually need to increase your base tip to 20%.

Grocery delivery orders tend to be larger — often significantly larger — than those on food delivery apps, which means the service itself naturally requires extra effort.

How To Get Walmart Delivery (in Depth Guide)

In addition to the size of your order, you may also want to tip more because your driver is giving you a lot more of their time, since they are spending their own time buying the products you are looking for.

Although it is debatable that this time is included in their salary, grocery delivery people often have to provide more services than any other type of delivery person.

They’re trained to reach out to you when you’re at various touchpoints—for example, when they’re on the go or when an item is out of stock—as well as to select the freshest products possible.

This particular service definitely deserves a little extra on top of your base tip, although 15% is still fine if you’re placing a small order that doesn’t require much communication.

Can You Tip Grocery Store Workers?

Although tips are not expected for traditional courier services, package and mail delivery services are growing in the gig economy.

When you choose these alternative courier services, a 15% tip is still a great rule of thumb — especially if you’re only delivering a single envelope or small box.

However, if you are delivering a heavy package or multiple packages at once, you should tip at least 18-20% depending on the exact size, weight and volume.

Only the person requesting the courier service will need to tip, so if you’re on the receiving end of a package, don’t feel obligated to grab your wallet, although your delivery driver will certainly appreciate an extra dollar or two.

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Best Online Grocery Delivery Services In 2022

On apps like TaskRabbit, you can request the services of a driver to help you with multiple tasks, including package deliveries, grocery store pickups, dry cleaning pickups, and more.

In these cases, you usually won’t have to worry about tipping more just because your driver is going to several locations.

Start with a higher base peak if you expect to do a lot of lifting or other forms of vigorous effort.

If your driver goes above and beyond the basic requirements of doing the job, turning good service into great service, it is customary to leave a larger tip.

Gratuity Guide: How Much To Tip In Every Situation

We’ve already talked about how big, difficult requests can justify a higher base tip, but there are more situations where the extra effort can justify an even bigger tip.

For example, if your delivery driver had to climb a few stairs to get to you, thank him for his efforts by tipping him at least 5% more.

If your delivery driver makes your day with his positive attitude, communicates with you at every stage of the delivery process, or otherwise makes sure you have the best experience possible, again, make sure to tip him at least 5%.

No matter how much you love a delivery app, there are still two situations that call for a reduced tip.

Best Grocery Delivery Services In 2023 That’ll Save You Time And Money

Generally, bad service is the only reason you will tip less than the standard tip.

We usually don’t recommend giving up tips completely because independent contractors often depend on tips to support their families and sometimes even to make minimum wage.

However, if poor service escalates to the point of harassment or other major issues, feel free to opt out of tipping and report the situation in your app.

Please note that delivery drivers should not be penalized for poor service that occurs due to bad weather, traffic or other situations beyond their control.

Instacart’s Harsh Ratings System Hurts Grocery Delivery People Like Me

Another situation where you can give the delivery person a smaller tip is if they actually damage your purchase.

For example, if they spilled your food all over your car or broke a breakable item by dropping it on your doorstep,

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