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Have you tried Walmart grocery delivery? You might be surprised to know that they have their own delivery service, and it’s quite affordable and easy to use. The service has been around for a few years, and so far they’ve done a pretty good job of meeting our expectations—the milk has always been cold, the products are fresh, and we’ve yet to receive an expired product (expired doesn’t always mean junk).

How Much Should You Tip Walmart Delivery

Walmart Grocery offers a number of flexible delivery options to fit your needs and budget. And their Walmart Plus subscription includes a free trial of the service, so you don’t have to commit financially if you don’t like it.

Walmart Grocery Delivery: How To Get Groceries Delivered From Walmart

When you place an order for Walmart grocery delivery – with or without a Walmart Plus subscription – a Walmart employee will shop for your groceries first. A driver from the third-party delivery company Spark then picks up your order and delivers it to your home.

Having Spark drivers make Walmart grocery deliveries is a new development. After four years of using DoorDash for Walmart Plus grocery deliveries, the partnership will end in September 2022. And in 2023, Walmart plans to begin operating a new fleet of all-electric delivery vehicles driven by members of the Walmart team.

Do you want to try it? Walmart offers a 30-day free trial for your Walmart Plus subscription, and you can cancel at any time at no cost. So for a month your order would arrive with zero shipping fees!

Before we explain how to save, it’s important to know that Walmart’s online grocery prices are the same prices you’d pay in a store. They never inflate food prices for delivery or pickup orders.

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If you’re new to Walmart grocery delivery, use promo code WOWFRESH at checkout and save $10 on your first order ($50 minimum). Does not apply to alcohol purchases.

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TIP: Ready to learn how to coupon at Walmart? Check out our guide to smart shopping and gifting at Walmart.

With Walmart’s InHome service (sort of an upgraded version of Walmart Plus), employees will refrigerate your groceries and collect your returns on They also plan to start sending InHome prescriptions in the near future.

While the regular Walmart Plus subscription costs $12.95 per month, the upgraded InHome subscription costs $19.95 per month. A 30-day free trial is available, but only if you haven’t had a Walmart Plus subscription in the past. You need to have a smart lock to get Walmart team members into your home, which will cost you $49.95 (worth $229), but installation is free. If you already have a keypad on your door, all you have to do is link it to the InHome app.

Walmart Grocery Delivery Reviews

Don’t miss out on Ibotta rebates because you don’t shop in store. Here’s how you can earn with Ibotta: If you haven’t already, download the Ibotta app. Log in to your account (or create one). Next, go to the Walmart Grocery page and select “Link Walmart Grocery Account.” You must also have a debit or credit card as one of Ibotta’s payment methods. That’s it!

When you’re ready to order groceries, open the Ibotta app and load your Ibotta product offers (always a must-do first!), then click on the Walmart Grocery page and shop. You will see the “ib” icon in the corner of the screen; This is a reminder list of the Ibotta offers you’ve selected so you don’t miss them. Once you check out, Ibotta will verify your purchase and add the money earned on the product offers to your Ibotta account within 24 hours.

Loyal Walmart shoppers can also earn 5% cash back on every order made with the Walmart app or on using the Capital One Walmart Rewards Card. 5% applies to everything purchased at Walmart, from grocery delivery to non-grocery items.

There is no limit to how much you can earn with 5% cash back. The card competes with the best merchant rewards cards out there, the Target RedCard debit card and the Amazon Chase credit card, both of which also offer 5% cash back.

Walmart Plus Membership: How It Works & What You Get

If Walmart must substitute a store brand for a brand name item and the substituted item is less expensive than the original item, you will only pay the cost of the less expensive item. But if the replaced item is more expensive than the original, you will have to pay the list price for the more expensive replacement. As of September 2022, there is a change in Walmart food policy.

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In most cases, if you’re buying a brand-name product, like Mrs. Butterworth’s maple syrup, and it’s not available, Walmart’s grocery delivery will substitute a store-brand item, like Great Value original syrup. So it’s not like they’re going to replace Jif Peanut Butter Skippy.

If you receive Walmart grocery delivery frequently, you can save on shipping fees per order ($9.95 regular delivery or $19.95 2-hour express) by getting a Walmart Plus subscription. This service has a minimum of $35 per order.

Shop a couple times a week and you could save over $1,000 a year on shipping! Basically, the more you shop at Walmart, the more you can save with a Walmart Plus subscription. You will need to make at least 10 requests per year to make it worthwhile.

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If you need a few last-minute items, Walmart offers same-day grocery delivery with no minimum. Anything you can order with regular Walmart grocery delivery, you can order with express delivery, but it will cost you about $10 per order (prices may vary by location) in addition to the $9.95 delivery fee. Express shipping is only available in certain areas.

Place your order through the Walmart app or and select express delivery at checkout. Within two hours, a driver will pick up your order from the store and drop it off for you.

To find out if express shipping is available at your local Walmart, go to or the Walmart app and search for your zip code.

The easiest way to order Walmart grocery delivery is through the Walmart mobile app (iOS / Android). You can also place your order online at

Do You Tip Walmart Grocery Pickup? Grocery Pickup Faqs! (2021)

Because time slots can be difficult to obtain, be sure to select your Walmart location for shipping and select your time slot BEFORE adding items to your virtual cart. This will extend your delivery schedule by one hour.

Place items in your cart and complete checkout. Remember, your order must reach a minimum of $35 to be eligible for delivery.

Ok, I said earlier that the best thing about Walmart grocery delivery is that they don’t inflate store prices for online orders. I lied that was the best. This is also pretty good:

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After your initial order, Walmart grocery allows you to make changes to your order, including adding and removing items, up to three hours before delivery. I think my average changes are about 14.

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If you have placed an order for a future delivery date and time, you can schedule up to the day before your delivery date. However, you cannot reschedule a same-day delivery. Log in to your account and select “Purchase History” to check the exact cut-off time for making changes to your area.

At checkout, you can choose whether or not to allow replacements for each item. I always recommend that you allow it. If a requested item is sold out before your order is fulfilled, Walmart will substitute a similar item. You can reject the replaced items until the buyer completes your order. Rejected items and their charges will be removed from your order.

Walmart Grocery accepts credit and debit cards, Walmart gift cards, EBT, PayPal and Affirm. Walmart does not accept cash or checks for grocery delivery.

Yes, Walmart will deliver to your home, office or other location (if available nearby) at no additional cost.

Doordash Delivers For Walmart, But You Wouldn’t Know Until Dashers Arrive

Because Walmart Grocery must comply with individual state alcohol and liquor laws, your ability to purchase alcohol will vary depending on where you live. If delivery of alcohol is permitted in your area, you will need to show a valid photo ID and provide a signature confirming that you are 21 years of age or older.

Walmart grocery uses Spark drivers (independent contractors) to deliver orders, so yes, tips are accepted. To tip, simply add your order via the website or mobile app after delivery.

Walmart guarantees satisfaction on all grocery delivery products, including produce. Call Customer Service (1-800-924-9206) to report any issues and request a full refund. You can take your receipt to a Walmart store and make the same refund request. Walmart says there is no need to take the affected products with you

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