Are Furniture Prices Going Down – Inflation slowed on an annualized basis for a sixth straight month in December, a relief for households and an encouraging signal for the Federal Reserve and the White House that America’s worst inflation spurt caused by the pandemic may be behind us.

The Consumer Price Index rose 6.5% year-to-date last month, up from 7.1% in November’s reading, as prices fell on a monthly basis for the first time in more than two years. The annual rate of inflation was the lowest since October 2021, a decline driven by falling gas prices and cheaper airline tickets.

Are Furniture Prices Going Down

Economists and Fed officials are focusing more heavily on a so-called core inflation measure, which strips out food and fuel prices to get a sense of underlying price trends. That measure rose on a monthly basis, but the annual measure slowed to 5.7 percent in December from 6 percent previously.

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Overall, the data provided the latest indication that inflation is easing significantly, bringing relief to consumers as they look to buy a used vehicle, take a road trip or purchase new furniture. But price increases are still unusually fast across a number of goods and services, from food to car maintenance, and the key question now is how quickly and fully inflation will return to pre-pandemic levels of around 2% in a year and a half rapid increases.

President Biden greeted the report with enthusiasm, emphasizing the role his policies — including efforts to lower gas costs — have played in helping prices rise more slowly. In remarks from the White House on Thursday, Mr. Biden said the easing of inflation “adds a real break for consumers, real breathing room for families and more proof that my economic plan is working.”

The annual rate of inflation was the lowest since October 2021, a decline driven by falling natural gas prices. Credit… Hiroko Masuike/The New York Times

For the Fed, the report confirms that the slowdown in price gains that officials have long expected is finally paying off. That could help policymakers, who have begun to slow the pace of rate hikes, feel comfortable moving even more gradually.

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Fed officials adjusted policy at the fastest pace in decades last year to try to tackle fast inflation, but with rates at a higher level and inflation showing early signs of slowing, they switched to a half-point adjustment in December after a series of three – The interest rate of the quarter moves. Now policymakers have made it clear they are considering an even more modest quarter change in February.

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The new inflation data likely bolsters the case for that softer path, which will give officials more time to see how their policies are playing out in the economy and how much more is needed.

“I expect we will raise interest rates a few more times this year, although, in my opinion, the days of raising them by 75 basis points each time are certainly over,” said Patrick Harker, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia. , she said in a speech on Thursday. “In my view, increases of 25 basis points will be appropriate going forward.”

However, the new report does little to suggest that the problem of soaring rates has been fully resolved, so central bankers are expected to push borrowing costs at least slightly higher and leave them elevated for some time to combat rising rates. under control.

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“This report really supports a decline,” said Blerina Uruci, chief U.S. economist for fixed income at T. Rowe Price. “But I don’t think this changes the overall picture of inflation: we are making progress in slowing inflation, but from a very high level.”

Several trends are expected to help slow price increases this year. Lower commodity cost changes are expected to help lower headline inflation as supply chains heal. For example, used cars and trucks, a major driver of inflation in 2021 and early 2022, became cheaper last month. New cars also fell slightly in price.

President Biden has touted his economic policies as helping to slow the pace of price increases. Credit… Sarah Silbiger for The New York Times

Housing costs are also expected to moderate later this year. Rising rents boosted inflation in December and could continue to push inflation higher for a while, but this is expected to reverse over time. Rents for recently rented apartments have started to rise much more slowly, private data suggests, which will gradually feed into the government’s official measure of inflation.

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However, risks still exist. In particular, economic officials are watching closely what happens to prices for other services, which include things like hotel rooms, tickets to sporting events and health care. They worry that services inflation – which is unusually fast – could keep prices rising faster than the central bank’s target. The Fed targets inflation of 2 percent on average, using a measure of prices that differs from, but is related to, the Consumer Price Index.

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Prices of core services excluding housing costs, a measure closely watched by both the Fed and economists, rose 0.3% in December on a monthly basis. That was up from 0.1 percent in November, according to calculations by Omair Sharif, founder of Inflation Insights.

“What we’ve done is a shift away from goods inflation,” Mr Harker said in a question-and-answer session after his speech. “Ex-shelter inflation is still too high.”

Many central bankers believe that to get services inflation under control, they need to slow the labor market and reduce wage gains. Otherwise, companies facing larger labor bills are likely to continue to pass those costs on to consumers.

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“The biggest cost, by far, in this area is labor,” Fed Chairman Jerome H. Powell said at his last press conference in December. “And we’re seeing a very, very strong labor market, a market where we haven’t seen a lot of slack, where job growth is very high, where wages are very high.”

Services inflation could keep prices rising faster than the central bank’s target. Credit… Scott McIntyre for The New York Times

That’s why central bankers have remained decisive, if more measured, about raising interest rates. Higher borrowing costs can discourage consumers from making big purchases like cars and homes, while slowing business expansions and ultimately reducing hiring and wage gains.

Investors expect the Fed to raise interest rates slightly more, but not as much as officials are predicting. Markets are betting that policymakers will announce a three-quarter move at their February 1 meeting, raising the key policy rate to 4.5% to 4.75%, but investors expect rates to remain below the ceiling of 5.1% that Fed officials had predicted.

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“There is deep skepticism now,” said Ian Shepherdson, chief economist at Pantheon Economics, who believes the central bank has done enough at this point to put inflation on a path back to normal. “I’m not sure there are many people in the markets who think they’re going to hike, then hike, then hike.”

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An important question is whether inflation will be able to slow without sending the economy into a painful recession. As price increases moderate, many on Wall Street and some at the central bank have expressed hope that a soft landing, in which inflation moderates without severe economic pain, may be possible.

“I remain what I call a realistic optimist,” Susan Collins, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, said in an interview Wednesday. “There is resilience that I continue to see in the economy and that makes me optimistic that there is a path to lower inflation without a major recession.”

Jeanna Smialek writes about the Federal Reserve and the economy for The Times. He previously covered finance at Bloomberg News. @jeannasmialek

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A print version of this article appears in  , Section A, Page 1 of the New York edition under the headline: Inflation Slows, Signaling Relief. Order Reprints | Today’s newspaper | Register Furniture prices remained high in April, but fell for an eighth consecutive month as headline inflation eased significantly.

According to the latest figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS), the Consumer Price Index (CPI) rose by 8.7% in the 12 months to April 2023, up from 10.1% in March. On a monthly basis, the CPI rose 1.2% in April 2023, compared to a 2.5% rise in April 2022.

Furniture and furnishings prices rose 8.3% in April, from 9.2% in March, while also falling from 16.3% compared to the same month last year. This marks the eighth straight month of easing in price inflation and the lowest rate in a year.

The retail price of household furniture fell to 8.6% in the month from a rise of 9.6%, and from 16.5% last year.

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Garden furniture prices rose 4.5%, up from 9.8% in the previous month and up from 32.8% compared to last year.

Prices of carpets and other floor coverings rose 9%, up from 10.3% the previous month, flat from a 9% rise last year.

Other home textile prices, including furniture fabrics, curtains and bed linen, saw prices rise 6.4%, up from 2.6%

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