Does Lowes Have Self Checkout – Lowe’s wants to better serve its customers by providing a frictionless and modernized self-checkout experience. Retailer Publicis partnered with Sapient to build a custom solution from scratch, giving the business a foundation to grow unlike any other in the market.

Lowe’s was constrained by a restrictive, vendor black-boxed self-checkout solution that prevented them from quickly implementing new features, making it difficult for them to meet customer demand at checkout. The retailer wanted more flexibility to innovate and improve productivity with a system that would allow the business to roll out new features/tools quickly and at scale, measure, manage and monitor.

Does Lowes Have Self Checkout

For this transformation project, Publix Sapient had to start from scratch — thinking outside the box (literally). This project was something that no other retailer had done before, prompting us to create something truly one-of-a-kind.

Was Helping A Lady On Self Checkout Today Type In Bolts And It Somehow Rang Up Oranges. 😂😂

Our collective teams built a custom end-to-end platform for Lowe’s self-checkout terminal and device management. The solution is built on an IoT architecture with state-of-the-art telemetry for data collection, device management and monitoring. The solution is designed to deliver Lowe’s flexibility to scale, with a custom device interface and the ability for new features to be quickly plugged into the platform for greater control over customization.

“The vision was to build a simple, ubiquitous and omnichannel self-checkout experience for our customers by aggregating all the technological excellence under one platform. The goal was to build a vendor agnostic, functional, best-in-class product. All this with a platform and mindset to innovate! Sapient brought their best capabilities and partnered with us to bring the solution to production in a truly agile manner through inception, design, build and PoC. This partnership has delivered tremendous value to Lowe’s and customers within a year.

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