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How To Charge As An Interior Designer

How much should I charge as a designer? This is a question I get asked all the time and confuses a lot of people when they first start their business.

What Do Interior Designers Charge?

Charging for design work is more of an art than a science, and will depend on a number of different factors, including your experience, the type of work you do, the level of competition, and other factors. But there are also some overarching frameworks you can use to set prices. In this post, I share three different ways to think about it.

This is a good option if you’re not sure how long a project will take, or if you’ll have many hours of face-to-face interaction with a client (eg shopping trips, site visits) where you risk being caught off guard. the advantage of an indecisive client.

But paying by the hour can be disadvantageous in some cases, especially if you are a very efficient worker and get a lot done in a short amount of time (compared to other designers who may spend more time and therefore charge more for the same job). .

I rarely charge by the hour for a project as this is often not the preferred option for clients and also has a number of downsides for the designer. But I tend to use the hourly rate as part of a more strategic and comprehensive pricing model (which I cover in myPricing mini-course), which is more of a combination of an hourly rate with a flat project fee.

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This is a good option for fixing a set amount that you know you’ll be paid for, but it’s not as risky for you in terms of fixing the full project fee. It also gives you a bit more flexibility to expand projects if they start to go beyond what you might expect from them, or if scope creep occurs, which can often happen.

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This is a pretty good model for larger, more complex projects that are difficult to estimate (in terms of the time it might take you to complete them). It is also a good option if the client wants to commission you for a fee for a specific project – for example. buy your time for 1 day a month or something else, which can be a good way to work during the construction phase of a project.

The set fee for a project can include both hourly and fixed fees, so this is generally a good option for larger projects, and overall I prefer the model. Fixed project fees are great because they don’t penalize you for being efficient. The fee depends on the volume and the set number of changes.

One word of warning: make sure your changes are spelled out in your client agreement so that you don’t make unlimited changes for the client, which can take up your time and undermine the value of the set fee.

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Find out more about the courses and resources we offer by clicking the button below and feel free to contact me and I’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have. If you are considering hiring an interior designer, chances are you have thought about it. how they charge for their services, what different elements affect the cost, and how the overall cost of your entire project is determined. Sometimes it is not so simple and straightforward.

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And before we get started, we encourage you to take a look at our recent post on everything you need to keep in mind before hiring an interior designer. You can find it here. We assure you, this is a good read 🙂 But, back to the subject of pricing…. Like this!

If you’re in a hurry… We also have a quick visual guide that you can check out here.

Contact an interior designer: We usually look for them on the Internet, which you hear about through word of mouth, friends and family, or even through newspaper ads. You contact them, make an appointment and move on.

Budget meeting and discussion: Most of us have an estimate of how much money we are willing to spend on a project. So, we understand what options are available within the budget.

How Designers Charge For Their Services

Get an offer – discuss – get started: depending on our budget, the designer will provide us with an offer. We are negotiating, a little more and the project begins.

Didn’t it all sound so easy! We are sure that it was. But the deciding factor of what determines your budget and what kind of negotiations the interior designer wants to have and on what basis the costs change is something most of us don’t know and don’t want to know. BIG MISTAKE!

The interior designer is a professional, so expect to be paid for his/her services. There are several ways your designer can charge you, the most popular 4 models are described below.

This type of model is often used for a one-time consultation when you only need design ideas and not the whole project. This type of model is most commonly used by designers who focus on a single service and give you an estimated project time and cost.

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Let’s start with the fact that the rates are from 40 to 50 Indian rupees per sq. m. foot, but can go up to 500+ Indian rupees. As a rule, 100 Indian rupees per sq. foot is a fairly average range. Many interior designers follow the model per square foot when projects are also done by them.

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This is the most common pattern and starts at around 8-10%. However, experienced designers will charge at least 12-15% or higher for their services. This again follows when interior designers look at the execution of a project.

In the case of projects in which the interior designer takes care of everything from start to finish, also known as turnkey projects, the designer cannot request a separate fee for the service. Since the project includes all services, the interior designer’s fee is also included in the project itself. This model is most often found in premium and luxury projects.

Now let’s look at the second component and the MOST important aspect that determines the total cost of the project – Real interiors!

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The choice of interiors you choose and those that fit your budget can be quite different. There are a number of aspects involved in calculating the actual cost of interiors, such as carpentry, painting, civil works, electrical, etc. There is a separate cost structure for each aspect.

In addition, the choice of material, which includes laminate, layer – layer quality, polyurethane, veneer, etc., also greatly affects the overall cost of the project. Various methods can be used to achieve a certain design, but ultimately it all depends on the choice of material. In addition, different materials have different price structures.

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All components of the project will be priced differently. Furniture can be estimated by a different method, walls and floors can be calculated by a different method. Here again you will find 2 ways to charge different components.

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Generally, you can assume that all immovable components of your interior design project will be paid per sq. ft. Typical components that

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