The Great Interior Design Challenge Youtube РI feel like a part of something really special and unique, Daniel Hopwood implied we are a #GIDC family! .. love that. The great interior design challenge found 24 of us .. all super enthusiastic and very happy amateurs and delivered 8 episodes of the first heat .. of 3 designers in each episode 1 won a place in the quarter finals. I honestly think every designer has done such a great job, anyone who has been a part of this series knows just how difficult, challenging and yet deeply rewarding the process has been, so Daniel РI agree.. I have made friends and found a place within our lovely GIDC family! Just to mention here the winners of each episode:

I am surprised about the response to my kitchen design and I have had a few comments and questions about the episode I took part in. The big interior design challenge, episode 5, The span house kitchen.

The Great Interior Design Challenge Youtube

The chalkboard paint can be bought at most major DIY stores, I bought ours from homebase. Or if you have more time and want your chalkboard to blend in with the rest of your decor, try Martha Stewart’s brilliant DIY recipe for custom color chalkboard paint

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I think this is perfect if you want the kids to have fun without the board contrasting with your carefully coordinated room!

In my course so far I have learned the importance of presentation – great visuals help sell your ideas and also help you communicate with the client. What is most important is that these represent the work you do, how neat and tidy they are reflects on you and your ability to be clean and tidy during the project.

I made a concept or mood board. These are a tool for a designer to help focus on the feeling they want in a room, for example a brief for a quiet room can evoke images of a quiet calm misty lake. While a lively, energetic room can bring a carnival scene with bright colors and lots to see.

My presentation was accompanied by a floor plan with overlays to show the old layout and the new layout together.

Interior Design Masters: Winner & Series Three Contestants

I’m aware that I can visualize things easily, but that this skill doesn’t always come easily to others, which is why I wanted to give Anna and Richie a clear visual representation of how the room should look once finished.

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This was useful for them as they could see the chalkboard fridge in situ along with the effect of the bold fabric and colours. It gave her confidence to trust me, but also the ability to adjust details to her taste before everything started, which saves time and the stress of having to renegotiate halfway through a change that was made. It also provides a reference for anyone working on the project, such as stuart, my builder.

Finally, the sample board was praised by the judges. Sophie said “Overall I was very impressed with Kimberly’s presentation, her second board was of a very high standard with an excellent drawing” (Thank you judges!) Who doesn’t love a craft competition show? We love sitting down with a cup of tea to watch talented people show what they can do. The Great Big Tiny Design Challenge is the latest addition to Channel 4’s craft show line-up and it focuses on a new craft: dollhouse design.

Each week, the show’s ten amateurs will compete to be named the best dollhouse designer in the UK. Prepare to fall in love with the little details that the participants put into their work!

Lauters Table Lamp With Led Bulb, Ash, White

Over eight weeks, the participants will transform a mini-mansion into a fantasy dollhouse. Each room will draw inspiration from a different period of history, from the Regency period to Art Deco design.

The show is hosted by Sandi Toksvig, who brings her usual warmth and humor to the role. “I especially agreed with the show, because I didn’t think they would find another presenter the right height. I was destined to do it,” she says.

“I did not realize until I was asked about this show how many people are interested in the world of miniatures and it is the range of people, too, there is a huge number of very young people. I mentioned it to friends when we were dinner and her 18-year-old went ‘oh miniatures are my thing’ and showed me all these houses she had made. You can become obsessed with them really quickly.”

Sandi is joined by Judges Laura Jackson and Dr Willard Wigan MBE. Laura is known as an interior design expert, while Dr. Willard is a world-renowned micro-sculptor.

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Looking for more creative TV shows to watch? Check out our guides to Interior Design Masters, The Great British Sewing Bee, The Great Pottery Throwdown and Grayson’s Art Club.

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You can watch The Great Big Tiny Design Challenge on More4 on Sundays at 9pm. You can also catch up with The Great Big Tiny Design Challenge on Channel 4’s streaming service.

Prepare to be impressed by the skills of the talented miniaturists as they compete to design small rooms. Laura Jackson says: “I don’t think there’s been a show like it in terms of the idea. The contestants are so passionate, it was a wonderful thing to be a part of.

“It’s kind of that nice mix of miniatures and interiors, there’s some really nice nuggets for people who like design as well as miniatures, it kind of straddles those two worlds that I think will really be interesting to the viewer.”

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Willard says it was very difficult to send the contestants home each week because they were so skilled. “So many emotions came out during filming,” he says.

“It was so much fun, I enjoyed every minute, especially with Sandi and Laura, we had a great laugh. It was a great experience.”

There are many highlights to look forward to in the series. Sandi was particularly impressed by the small pieces of furniture that actually worked. Keep an eye out for the miniature bathtub with running water and the little mangle that actually works!

Sandi was a big fan of the Georgian kitchen challenge, which included a blancmange that looked good enough to eat.

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Laura Jackson is an interior designer and TV presenter who has appeared on shows such as Ready or Not on BBC One and Take Me Out: The Gossip on ITV 2.

She runs a supper club called Jackson & Levine with radio presenter and podcaster Alice Levine. Together they have produced a line of homewares for Habitat.

Laura is joined by Dr Willard Wigan MBE who is a British micro-sculptor. As a child he was told that he wouldn’t amount to anything and he struggled with reading and writing at school.

As he grew up, he would show his small creations to his mother, who would tell him that they had to be even smaller. Before she died, she told him, “The smaller you make things, the bigger your name will be.”

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In 2007 he was awarded an MBE by Queen Elizabeth II for his services to art. In 2013 he entered the Guinness World Record books for creating the smallest image ever made by a human hand.

Beth is a 50-year-old magistrate from Southampton. She grew up in North London and lived in France for 15 years while working as an English language teacher. She has three adult children and is also a stepmother to her partner’s three adult children.

Bexie is a 31-year-old animation director from Southport/London. She was inspired by her parents to work in a creative career. Her father is a composer and her mother was a computer game designer. She has a masters in animation direction from the National Film and Television School.

Bexie started her career in animation direction, but discovered she had a flair for miniature crafting when she had to produce a small set for a film she was working on.

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Dom is a 30-year-old mechanical engineer from West Yorkshire. He studied project design before becoming a mechanical engineer. He loves to create small, high-quality miniatures and says the thing he likes most about crafts is the sense of community.

He also has a wide range of other interests ranging from powerlifting to going to heavy metal gigs!

Elizabeth is a 52-year-old web designer and customer service worker from London. She has always loved art and being creative. She believes that crafting can have real benefits for our mental health. She volunteers to run craft sessions for teenage girls who have been excluded from school.

Elizabeth likes to collaborate with artists to create mini versions of their work and likes to go to dollhouse exhibitions.

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Julie is a 53-year-old fish and chip shop assistant from Lancashire. She is a sociable person who previously worked as a beauty therapist in LA. She is used to working with her hands and was also a hairdresser and tattoo artist in the past. Now she works in her husband’s fish and chip shop.

In recent years, Julie has really taken to making dollhouses and it is her favorite hobby. She tells her

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