Hold My Hand Precious Lord Lyrics – The hymn was born out of a terrible tragedy in the life of gospel musician Thomas A. Dorsey (1899–1993). In an interview for the album

I left one morning to go to St. Louis, to work in a rehab. I left my wife in bed, got in the car, and I drove off. She was about to become a mother, and I was anticipating a great joy and great joy on my return. But I got to St. Louis, and about the second night, at the meeting, a telegram boy came and brought me a telegram. I opened it, and it said, “Your wife just died. Come home.” I could not finish the meeting. Finally, I flew home to Chicago the next morning, and it was like, I found it all true, they never moved the body. And it chilled me, killed me. I wanted to get back into the blues. But having put my wife and child in the same box, I went to old Puro College, there in the music-room, Mr. [Theodore] Fry and I, just looking for the keys, and, apparently, words like the crack of the rock above. Drops of water were seen falling down the line. With me at the piano, “Precious Lord, take my hand, lead me on, let me stand. I’m tired, I’m weak, I’m worn out. Through the storm, through the night, lead me to the light.” Dear Lord, take my hand and take me home.

Hold My Hand Precious Lord Lyrics

Now God has mercy. I have another family: I have a wife, a son, a daughter, and a grandson who is about seven, eight years old. And the Lord has guided me and He will guide you. And I hope that, somehow, if you don’t sing “Precious Lord, Hold My Hand,” you will learn to sing it, and learn to sing it with a feeling and a passion.

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When My Way Groweth Drear, Precious Lord, Linger Near, When My Light Is Almost Gone, Hear My Cry, Hear My Call, Hold My Hand Lest I Fall, Take My Hand, Precious Lord

Dorsey’s wife, Nettie Harper, died on August 26, 1932. Dorsey began his career as a blues musician, but in the 1920s he turned his attention to gospel music, thus heralding a return to the blues. The song was not copyrighted until 1938, when it was published as sheet music with three stanzas by Thomas Dorsey’s own company (Fig. 1). The original arrangement was for solo voice and piano/organ.

(1980), he used two additional stanzas, “Precious Lord, I love Thy name,” and “Precious Lord, I humbly bow.” These additional words are not well known and are not often sung, but can be found in earlier hymns such as

“Precious Lord” was first recorded by the Heavenly Gospel Singers (Roosevelt Fenoy, Fred Whittemore, Henderson Massey, and Jimmy Bryant) on February 16, 1937, for Bluebird (B6846) in Charlotte, North Carolina. It was reissued by Documentary Records.

, Volume 2 (DOCD 5453, 1997). Subsequently, it was recorded by Charles Beck, The Singing Evangelist, on May 8, 1937 in New York City for Decca Records (7320). This song proved to be very popular. It was recorded 16 times between 1937 and 1942.

Precious Lord, Take My Hand (take My Hand, Precious Lord), (easy) Sheet Music For Piano Solo

Dorsey himself worked mostly as a composer, choir director, accompanist, and talent developer, so recordings of him performing his own songs are rare, especially in the early years of his career. One of the earliest notable recordings was by Mahalia Jackson with Dorsey, recorded in New York City on March 27, 1956, and released on a Columbia Records album.

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(CL-899). In 1973, Dorsey recorded another version, in which he provided a spoken introduction and played piano behind Marion Williams, which was released in 2019.

(Sound of Gospel SOG 3D110), with Richard Gordon on organ, with spoken prologue and epilogue by Clayton L. Hannah. The following year, at the 48th National Convention of Gospel Choirs and Choruses, August 1–7, 1981, at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, Houston, Texas, Dorsey performed the song for the documentary.

Thomas A. Dorsey’s hymn music is an adaptation of a very old tune called MAITLAND. The lyrics are often mistakenly attributed to George N. Allen and/or him.

Precious Lord Take My Hand Lead Me On

(1844), but Allen’s collection contained no music and Allen is not known as a composer of hymn tunes. Allen did not write the lyrics. His involvement was in an adaptation of the text “Mist Jesus alone must bear the cross,” to which MAITLAND was often assigned before Dorsey became associated with the text.

(NY: A.S. Barnes & Co., 1855 | Fig. 2). In this printing, the tune was called CROSS AND CROWN, a “western melody”, and set to “Must Jesus alone bear the cross”, the text being credited to Allen.

(Rochester: E. Darrow & Brother, 1855 | Fig. 3), edited by Leonard W. Bacon for St. Peter’s Church, Rochester, NY. Here, the tune was called CROSS AND CROWN, which rhymed with “Must Jesus alone bear the cross”. There is no other identifying information on the page.

(NY: Mason Brothers, 1859 | Fig. 4), edited by Lowell Mason and others. In the tune index, it was simply credited as an “American tune”.

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Precious Lord, Take My Hand

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