How Furniture Is Uncountable Noun – The English language contains many nouns. There are countable nouns that can be counted and uncountable nouns that cannot be measured. However, uncountable nouns can be counted differently. Directly multiplying uncountable nouns is a grammatical violation. The indirect plural form is used by using words like pound, kilo, ton, etc.

English grammar has more than one way to pluralize abstract nouns or uncountable nouns. To change a word from singular to plural, you need to add the plural “s” and that’s the obvious solution you’ll find in a dictionary. But another very effective way is to use a collective noun like a bunch or a group in this sense, you can’t say that this noun is a count noun, but it is closer to a count noun by adding a collective noun. For example, the word water can mean a drop, a bucket, or a flood. However, when you say, I drank too much water. It’s more clear that you didn’t drink a glass or take a large amount that could cause flooding.

How Furniture Is Uncountable Noun

Not all uncountable nouns can be plural, however, like hope or happiness. On the other hand, tangible items such as luggage can be indirectly pluralized. For example, you can say that he has three bags of luggage, as you will notice that there is no “s” at the end of the word.

Uncountable Noun List In English

These nouns are directly related to the verb. Also, you can’t have any determiners like “a, an, the” before uncountable nouns. A verb is a singular verb after an uncountable noun unless there is a word that pluralizes it. For example, a cup of coffee is a noun formed from a countable noun. If we add the word three before the above sentence, the verb becomes plural. Three cups of coffee in the early hours of the morning is too much.

We hope you enjoyed this article. Stay tuned for more detailed lists of uncountable nouns and other interesting topics. There are two types of nouns in English. Countable nouns are nouns that you can count. one seat two chairs Uncountable Nouns are i. Nouns you cannot count ii. Indivisible iii. Same kind: furniture, luggage iV. Abstract ideas: happiness, permission

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Countable Nouns Uncountable Nouns. There are nouns that you can count. They are used with “a”, “an” or numbers or quantities. I. Nouns you cannot count ii. Indivisible iii. Same kind: furniture, luggage iV. Abstract ideas: happiness, permission These are used with “the” and quantities like “some”, “many” etc. Ex1 &2 page 40, 41

14 regular change 7. ending in IS, changing IS to ES analysis – analyzes basis – foundations crisis – crises 8. ending in us, turn us into I mushroom – mushroom – cesti 9. ending in um, change um to data -data stadium- – the stadium

Countable And Uncountable Nouns

17 Irregular Change 1. Some nouns change vowels in the middle of the singular form (1) man—men all words that contain ‘man’ Policeman—-polismen (2) oo-ee foot-foet tooth- teeth goose – geese (3) Add child – children bull – bulls

(1) animals deer deer cod salmon fish (2) complex words craft craft airplane spaceship (3) nationality Chinese Japanese Swiss (4) other species mean news

19 (5) Special case a) Hair Go ahead and cut your hair. And he had some white hairs. B) Fruits Apples, oranges and bananas are fruits. The most common fruits here are pears, apples and peaches. C) I caught a fish (two fish). We will go and look at the fish in the aquarium.

3. Compound nouns that add to the “base word” (the most “important” word. singular plural a tennis shoes three tennis shoes one assistant principal five assistant principals mother-in-law two mother-in-laws assistant secretary of state three assistant secretary of state my toothbrush our toothbrush Brushes Female doctor Four female doctors Doctor of philosophy Two doctors of philosophy Passer-by, passer-by Two passer-by, two passer-by

Countable And Uncountable Nouns, Definition And Examples

If there is no “important” word, we usually add an s to the end. Singular Plural Grow-up Grow-ups Stand-by Stand-bys

(1)Pair nouns jeans(牛仔褲)、earphones(耳機)、trousers(褲子)、clothes (衣要)、pants (短褲)、glasses(glasses)陽鏡) scissors (剪刀)、compasses(圓規)”. If If you want to indicate a number, use / one pair … I bought a pair of jeans. I bought two pairs of jeans. (2) some food noodles, vegetables, snacks (3) fixed phrases. Thank you letter in high / low mood has sports

23 (4) Innovation means _______, you should try every _______ to help him. A.mean, mean B.means, means C.means, means D.mean, means (5) Some proper names for the United States; United Nations; United Kingdom; Arabian Nights; (6) Congratulations.

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Tens’ ( = 12 ), ‘hundred’ ( = 100 ), ‘thousand’ ( = 1 000 ), ‘million’ ( = 1 000 000 )

Countable And Uncountable Nouns

26 7. Complex adjective I have a two-year-old dog. He wrote a composition of three thousand words. It is an eight-day clock. It’s a three-foot-tall table.

27 8. Collective nouns. (1) It can be used as singular or plural, depending on whether the word is taken as a unit or a separate element. His family is big. The whole family is waiting for him. This class consists of 45 students. This class is now reading English.

In order for this website to work, we collect user data and share it with processors. To use this website, you must agree to our privacy policy, including our cookie policy. Countable nouns are nouns that you can count. Because you can count them, you can have singular and plural nouns. Singular nouns take “a” or “an”. A plural noun is changed from a singular noun: usually just add an “s” (bird – birds, door – doors) if it ends in “-s”, “-ch”, “-sh”, “-x” “-z” or “-o” add “e” before “s” (dress – dresses, witch – witches, wish – wishes, fox – fox, quiz – quiz, tomato – tomato)

A plural noun is changed from a singular noun in some way: if it ends in “consonant + y”, change the “y” to “i” before adding “es” (cherries – cherries, dictionary – dictionaries) (play – plays, (day – days) Some nouns ending in “v” or “fe” take “ves” (life – life, wolf – wolves) in the plural (roof – roofs, safe – safes)

Countable & Uncountable Noun Worksheet

There are several groups of irregular nouns: some change the vowel sound (man – man, leg – legs, goose – geese) some remain the same (deer – deer, fish – fish, sheep – sheep) some are always plural and have. Without a singular form (police, clothes, pants, pants, jeans) are group nouns that refer to a group, no matter how big/small (family, team, group, staff) Some plurals are completely different and unexpected (child – children mouse – mice, bull – bulls)

What is the plural of the following nouns? Singular Plural Elf Sandwich Volcano Key Gas Deer Cookie Country Mouse Octopus

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What is the plural of the following nouns? Singular Plural Elves Sandwiches Volcano Volcanoes Key Keys Gas Gases Deer Cookies Country Country Mouse Mice Octopus Octopus

What is the plural of the following nouns? SINGULAR PLURAL Moose baby buffalo woman shelf cactus fish mouth foot echo

Uncountable Nouns Often Used Wrongly

What is the plural of the following nouns? Singular Plural Moose Baby Children Buffaloes Buffaloes Woman Women Shelves Shelves Cactus Cacti Fish Human People Foot Feet Echo Echo

Uncountable nouns are nouns that cannot be counted. Because you can’t count them, you can’t multiply them. Uncountable nouns never take “a” or “an”. Although you can’t count uncountable nouns, sometimes you have to say how many there are. There are two ways: 1. amount (some, a lot, a lot, a little) 2. portions – which are countable (a glass, a bottle, a piece, a can, a glass, a slice, etc.) We can use these to give more information about uncountable nouns .

What “amount” can you add to these uncountable nouns? NOUN AMOUNT OF NOUN homework pizza milk cheese money information time help paper furniture

What “amount” can you add to these uncountable nouns? NOUN AMOUNT OF NOUN homework homework a lot of homework pizza a few pizzas milk a little milk cheese too much cheese money a lot of money information a lot of information time some time help a little help paper too much paper furniture a lot of furniture

Ielts Writing Lesson: Countable And Uncountable Nouns

What “parts” can you add to these uncountable nouns? Noun Part Homework Pizza Milk Cheese Money Information Time Help Paper Furniture

What “parts” can you add to these uncountable nouns? noun homework homework homework pizza slice of pizza milk glass of milk cheese some cheese money stack of money information little information time time moment help paper piece of paper furniture room furniture

There are too many nouns to count. There are many reasons why something cannot be counted: it is a food that you normally have to cut (meat, cheese, bread, butter, etc.) it is a liquid (milk, water, wine, oil, etc.) in various forms (wood , gold, silver, paper, etc.) It is “abstract” meaning you cannot see/touch it (love, justice, freedom, help, advice, organization, etc.) It is a group, where everything is not the same (money, news, information,

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