How Long Should Straight Leg Jeans Be – This tutorial is a complete guide to hemming your jeans. It has two parts. The first part is finding the right length for your jeans depending on the style of your jeans. The second is how to hem jeans while keeping the original hem. This way, they will look like they were designed just for you!

How to hem your jeans is a big question, it can be a complicated matter and every jeans needs to be uniquely hemmed to highlight the best features of the style.

How Long Should Straight Leg Jeans Be

Growing up, I could never get it right. Jeans that are too long look sloppy, and jeans that are too short look like they are shrinking when you wash them.

Straight Fit Vs Regular Fit: What’s The Difference?

This post is dedicated to helping you find the perfect hem length for your jeans, whether they’re skinny, boot cut, or straight to flared.

In the photo above, I have 4 basic styles of jeans and the appropriate hem length for each:

I find choosing a hem length for skinny jeans a bit more forgiving. If they are a bit longer, the jeans can look a bit baggy or you have the option of wearing them rolled up.

But for a clean chic look, I love skinny jeans that are hemmed above the ankle or slightly cropped above it.

The 27 Best Jeans For Curvy Women Of 2023

A clean, modern look like skinny, straight-leg jeans should be short in length.

Traditionally straight-leg jeans are those that touch the center of your ankle. That way you can wear them with flats, short boots and heels. It also gives you flexibility if you want to wear them rolled up.

Right now, cropped straight legged jeans are trending, so you’ll see a lot of straight jeans that are cropped a few inches above the ankle, like the picture below.

Boot cut jeans are meant to elongate and slim the leg, so you want to keep the length of the jeans longer for this style.

How To Wear Booties With Different Cuts Of Jeans

Finding the right hem for boot cut jeans depends on the heel height of your shoe.

You want your heel to be about 1/4 -1/2 inch off the ground measured from the back to get that slim look.

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Just like straight leg jeans, cropped boot cut jeans are also in trend. In this case, you can cut slightly above the ankle.

Flared and wide leg jeans have a hem length similar to boot cut jeans. Remember the height of the shoes you wear the most. Then wrap them around 1/4-1/2 inch from the bottom heel.

How To Wear Petite Wide Leg Jeans And Wide Leg Pants

With flared and wide leg jeans, you really need to get the hem length right. If they are too long, they will drag on the ground. If they are too short, it will look silly.

When measuring for flared and wide-leg jeans, be sure to stand up straight and have the jeans sit comfortably on the hips. Having a friend help you cuff your jeans to the right length is helpful.

If you’re petite like me, fitting each pair of your jeans can be an expensive task. Especially if you want to keep the original hem which is usually extra.

So why not do it yourself? The process of hemming your jeans is actually quite simple. If you have a sewing machine, great! Your alterations won’t take you long, but even if you don’t, you can pull your own jeans the traditional way with a needle and thread, and still have them turn out great!

Best Shoes To Wear With Straight Jeans

Step 1: First, you need to measure the correct length of your jeans and fold them inside out. Roll the jeans up so they are slightly above your desired hem length.

Step 2: Sew along the seam of the original hem. If you have a sewing machine, this is quick and easy, but if you don’t have a needle and thread, it will do just fine.

Step 3: Cut off the excess fabric, leaving 1cm or a little less from the seam you just sewed.

Eileen is a Canadian lifestyle blogger. She is a creative mind, loves fashion and is a wanderer at heart. Here you’ll find her thoughts on style, beauty, travel, decorating and more. Beyond a blog, it embodies the philosophy that life is about creating moments, not waiting for them. Everyone is talking about how skinny jeans are and straight leg jeans are in. But how do you wear straight leg jeans without looking like a teenager? Today’s Trendy Tuesday tip is how to wear straight leg jeans!

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Women’s Relaxed Fit Straight Leg Jean

I’m super excited to introduce a fun new series on Merrick’s Art called Trendy Tuesdays. There are so many new trends floating around all the time, it can be hard to figure out how to incorporate them into your style without losing your style and looking immature or too trendy. Today’s Trendy Tuesday is all about how to wear straight leg jeans.

Last week I posted 4 ways to wear it with straight leg jeans, but today let’s take a moment to dive deeper into this trend and how to best combine it.

What goes with jeans varies from person to person, but a pair of jeans that fit you well is always the key to a good jeans outfit. So let’s start here.

Here’s a little chart to show you how they work with different body types and some fit options: How to wear straight leg jeans and still look my age:

The Best Straight Leg Jeans (if You’re Ready To Ditch Skinny Jeans!)

This is the question of the moment! We all see GenZ wearing straight leg jeans, but we’re not sure how to wear them without looking like a teenager.

They are the right size, but I cut off my ends to make them a little smaller.

If you have any other questions about straight leg jeans, leave a comment here or above on my Instagram post this morning!

Everyone is talking about skinny jeans being out and straight leg jeans being in. But how do you wear straight leg jeans without looking like a teenager?

The Best Straight Leg Jeans 2022 To Invest In Now

Last week I posted 4 ways to wear it with straight leg jeans, but today let’s take a moment to dive deeper into this trend and how you can best incorporate it if you’re over 23.

Here’s a little chart to show you some fit options and how they work with different body types: Here’s everything you need to know about how to wear straight leg jeans to look modern and hip at any age.

The main difference is the width of the leg opening. Skinny-leg jeans have a tapered fit that hugs the thighs and calves and continues down to the ankle. Straight-leg jeans fall from the hips to the ankles. Although cramped through the thighs, there is more breathing room through the knees, calves and ankles.

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No, they’re not. Straight leg jeans and mom jeans may seem the same, but they are different. Mom jeans have a relaxed, high waist, but are wider than straight-leg jeans and looser through the crotch, bum, and legs. Mom jeans also often have an elastic waistband. Both are comfortable jeans, but straight leg jeans are often flatter than mom jeans.

Rich Brown High Waisted Straight Leg Split Hem Jeans

They are considered a classic and look good on everyone because they are more forgiving than skinny jeans. They are especially flattering on pear-shaped gals and inverted triangle bodies, as the wide leg opening helps balance these body types.

Hourglass figures can also wear straight-leg jeans, and gals with wide calves will appreciate the extra width through the lower leg area.

Don’t throw away your skinnies just yet. They are still your friend. Straight-leg jeans are the quickest way to look fresh and new over 40. I love them because they’re easy to wear when you’re a little extra heavy but still streamlined. And they’re just a nice change.

This spring, there’s a big focus on pant hemlines, with something for everyone. Just like you can have a Starbucks coffee any way you like, that’s with straight-leg jeans. We see straight leg jeans with all kinds of hems:

Code Bleu Chelsea Straight Leg Jeans

Here’s a detailed look at the many types of women’s straight-leg jeans that are starting to pop up in stores, along with some chic ways to style them with cropped straight-leg jeans with a release hem.

Cropped straight leg jeans are #1 on the shopping lists of many fashionistas. Wear with sock boots when the temperature is still cool or with sandals when it’s warm. (Here are more tips on how to wear cropped pants.)

If you’re looking for a pair of leg jeans that fit well, try a ‘slim straight,’ which isn’t too tight or too loose, but just right.

If you like your jeans with a flirty kick, flare-cropped jeans are perfect for you this summer. These jeans are straight through the thighs, then flare ever so slightly at the hem.

What Shoes To Wear With All Types Of Jeans

If you’ve never tried a cropped flare before

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