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No matter your weight, your home is a place where you deserve to feel safe and comfortable. For a lot of people out there, sitting on the sofa is something we take for granted. But if you are

Most Durable Sofas For Families

. With that in mind, I reviewed dozens of sofas from some of the top brands on the market and read hundreds of real customer reviews.

Nearly Indestructible Sofas Perfect For Kids & Pets

To test more than 22 different sofas, I invited a few friends, all different heights and sizes, to measure how each sofa ranges in weight. Read on to know more about it

And in anticipation of your couch getting a lot of use, consider these factors when you’re shopping for a new couch:

Overall, the personal test I set up was a success. Three adults ranging from 150 pounds to about 320 pounds sat on the sofa simultaneously and separately. Between each trial, I checked the frame for any signs of stress and how quickly the cushions bounced. Both the frame and cushions are impeccable, resilient, and the suspension is definitely the most supportive of all the sofas on this list.

Still, the brand’s focus on good engineering and design keeps them at the top of this list. And while it doesn’t feature spring coil suspension, Allform sofas have a unique tempered steel flexolator grid system that replicates the even weight distribution of coils but without the added weight or inconvenience of individual springs poking at you.

Affordable Sofas That Don’t Skimp On Style

In terms of their cushions, I saw a recent Business Insider review on Allform that highlighted the brand’s use of “high-grade polyfoam,” which sounds like super jargon, but it sure isn’t average.

Based on the more than 300 reviews I’ve read, many customers praise Allform’s modular designs, which make it so easy for people of any size to design and customize their sofas. While the site is offering

I also tried out some of the customization features, which make it super easy with quick refinement of options, from Allform’s Sight Leg Finish to custom add-ons like adjustable ottomans and weighted blankets.

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Delivery was quick and easy, much faster than traditional retailers through the long haul. The Allform sofa arrived in about a week and a half, compared to 2 to 3 weeks from retailers like West Elm. Zpugut L Shaped Sofa Cover

In terms of long-term customer service, I’m impressed with Allform’s generous 100-day at-home trial, which gives customers the option to try the sofa at home and send it back if they’re not satisfied. Allfarm was extremely generous

I have to agree with reviewers who assembled their sofas themselves that setup was equally painless and took about 30 minutes for the traditional three-

While some customers have some reservations about the potential noise of the Flexorator grid suspension system, I tested the Alform sofa and didn’t notice any squeaks.

Modway performed almost as well as Allform’s sofa. However, I noticed that applying too much weight made the frame make unwanted noise.

Sofas Under $2,000 That Are Crazy Comfortable

Of any model on this list, at 1,323 lbs. In terms of comfort, it felt comparable to the Allform but the seats were slightly less dense, which suggests they may sag a bit over time.

Options, ) but the design of the sofa is as stunning in person as it is online. Hardwood legs give the sofa a mid-century look

Shipping and delivery was great and like Allform, this sofa needs assembly. While not as easy to snap together as Allform’s modules, it’s still easier than most IKEA sofas I’ve put together.

As I said, assembly takes a bit of work, but if you’ve assembled enough furniture in the past, it’s pretty easy. And as I mentioned before, pillows can sag over time, which is actually something that several customers have highlighted in their critical reviews.

What To Look For In A Sofa In 2020

‘s site is a bit harder to shop than other ecommerce companies like Allform, and lacks any customization options. When the sofa arrived, it had some impressive features like drop-down cup holders and a

The sofa works if you’re tall, as the reclining position is several inches longer than the bestreclining sofasout there.

During the weight test, one reviewer commented to me that this Wayfair sofa, like the Allform modular sofa, was close to the “Goldilocks” standard: not too hard, but not too soft.

, but several reviewers agreed with me that it would probably work better in the home office. That said, we were all impressed with the sturdy frame and chic mid-century styling.

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The 17 Best Sectional Sofas For 2023: Tested & Reviewed

And unlike Allform and Modway, this couch comes pre-assembled, so no setup is required other than taking it out of the box.

Neither I nor any of the reviewers had a high opinion of Velvet, but I know it isn’t

Not available, this basset sofa has outperformed more than 16 other sofas that I have not included in this list. It’s one of the most impressive sofas reviewed by reviewers and one of the most comfortable in terms of comfort

Options, definitely more than any other sofa on this list. Shopping with Bassett is easy considering it’s one of the more traditional retailers I’ve reviewed, and delivery is almost as fast as the ecommerce brands on this list. That said, the delivery price is $70 higher than Allfarm and Modway.

The 12 Best Kid And Pet Friendly Sofas Of 2023

Information or details about frame and suspension. However, both of these are comparable to the Modway and Wayfair sofas discussed above.

Shrinks and flattens over time. However, the best brands and retailers to buy from a sofa usually highlight high density use

In the mind While there are exceptions to this, the best thing you can do is research maximum expert advice from Bob Vila, the most trusted name in home improvement, home remodeling, home repair and DIY. Tried, true, trusted home advice

Best Couches for Kids 2023 Choose a family couch that can withstand plenty of wear and tear with one of these great options.

The Best Storage Couches

When you have kids, the couch can be turned into an imaginary pirate ship, a fairy tale castle, or a safe haven when the floor turns to “lava.” Family couches play host to movie nights, pillow fights, snack time, and more, so they have to deal with sticky hands, spilled drinks, and the occasional accident. A couch serves as the focal point of every living room, so choosing the right one is essential when furnishing your space. Shopping for the best baby and pet-friendly couches online, however, can quickly become overwhelming with so many options available at a wide range of prices. This article breaks down what to look for when shopping for the best couches for kids and discusses important considerations to keep in mind as you shop.

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Keep reading for tips on choosing the best option and explore our curated picks for some of the best kid-friendly couches.

While it’s easy to assume that all couches offer the same performance, a number of factors affect how they perform and what makes them ideal for busy family homes. Features such as material, construction, color and washability can make one choice better than another for a family’s needs. Continue reading to learn about these important features to consider when choosing the best couch for kids.

Sofas are covered or upholstered in a variety of materials. Natural materials like cotton, silk, linen and wool look great but are more delicate and require more diligent maintenance. On the other hand, synthetic fabrics can be designed for wear and tear resistance. Microfiber and polyester are some popular choices for kid-friendly couches because they are affordable and easy to clean. Both materials come in a variety of styles and can be created to look like velvet, chenille or corduroy. Pet owners should look for a tightly woven fabric as it won’t show hair easily. A model with removable and washable sofa covers is the best choice when dealing with heavy stains.

Best Family Sofas To Buy In 2023

Leather provides a smooth and classy look while being easy to clean, making it an excellent choice for homes with small children. However, choosing the right type of leather is important. Aniline leather is natural and untreated, making it more susceptible to scratches and scuffs. Look for pigmented leather for a more durable option. Choose a model made from top-grain leather, which is more durable than split-grain leather.

When choosing a sofa, the right size for your home depends on both the size of the available space and the size of your family. Couches typically measure 72 to 84 inches in length, although longer models are also available. Anything less than 72 inches long is considered a love seat and usually seats two people.

Standard sofas are 35 inches deep, although depth can vary based on that

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