How Many Furniture Syllables – In this post, you will learn about six types of syllables and understand how teaching them to your students can help them decipher and encode words. Get details on the My Syllable Types resource and get a free Syllable Types activity perfect for 1st and 2nd grade classrooms!

Recently, I started diving head first into the science of reading. I signed up for Dr. Deep Glassers Top Ten Tools for the Reading Teacher course and watched the webinars on really great reading. These valuable resources have exposed me to new strategies that help children learn to read, write, and spell, including the importance of teaching our students the six types of syllables.

How Many Furniture Syllables

When teachers and students know the types of syllables, they can explain the spelling of many words, know the spelling of words, and use the knowledge to decode and pronounce the words.

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Today I am happy to share with you more of what I learned through my studies. I’ll outline the six types of syllables, explain how knowing the six types of syllables can help students, and leave you with a great resource for teaching the types of syllables in your class!

The type of syllable depends on the sound the vowel makes. Words with more than one syllable can have the same syllable type or different syllable types.

💕 Closed: These syllables end in a consonant and the vowel is usually short. This is the most common type of syllable we see in the English language. the previous:

*Note: Open and closed syllables make up approximately 75% of the syllables in the English language, so I recommend that you study them first.

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💕 Vowels + Consonants + E-syllables: These syllables have a long vowel and end in a silent e. the previous:

💕 Vowel team syllables: These syllables are written with two vowels next to each other. the previous:

💕 Syllables controlled by R: These syllables have a vowel followed by the letter r (er, ir, ur, ar, or). The letter r affects the vowel sound. These types of passages can be difficult for students to master and will likely require constant revision. the previous:

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💕 Consonants + LE: These syllables have a consonant followed by -le at the end of the word. If a C-le syllable is combined with an open syllable—as in cable—don’t double the consonant. If one of them is combined with a closed syllable – lowercase – you double the consonant.

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When students have knowledge of syllables, it helps them in many ways. It supports them with decoding, helps them read more fluently (which supports comprehension!), and helps them pronounce and spell words correctly.

When a student is trying to read a word, they need a clear strategy for knowing what sound the vowel in the word makes. When they know what sound a vowel makes, they can then properly blend the sounds in the word and correctly decode and pronounce it. Learning the different types or styles of syllables is a systematic way to help them do all of this!

Do you have students who can read a word made up of both a syllable and a syllable but when presented with a longer word, only guesses or perhaps skip it altogether? These students don’t realize that the longer words are really just smaller words and patterns grouped together.

Teaching students types of syllables helps them understand how to break long words into manageable parts. It allows them to read longer words more accurately and fluently, builds their confidence as readers, and gives them a strategy for attacking those longer, more challenging words!

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Finally, knowing the types of syllables doesn’t just help students with decoding. It also helps students with their writing as they work on coding (spelling) longer words. As they work on encoding a word, encourage them to listen carefully for the vowel sound in each particular syllable. They can then select the correct syllable type and match the letters to the sounds they hear.

As a teacher, you can focus on the vowel sound of each syllable to help explain the spelling of a word to your students.

Well, you’ve got that info on clip types and how they help your students – hi! But now you’re left wondering, “How am I actually teaching all of this to my students?” Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered!

The Syllable Types and Syllables Section resource comes with everything you need to explicitly and systematically teach your students each type of syllable, plus give your students the variety of practice opportunities they’ll need to master!

The 6 Types Of Syllables

This resource includes research-based information to keep you learning, as well as links to additional resources. You’ll also be given a syllable-type scale and sequence to help ensure instructions are methodical and leave no gaps.

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You will get digital learning slides designed to teach the whole group. This ensures that all of your students will receive clear, straightforward instructions when you are first introducing your students to syllable types.

Interactive digital slide activities give students the practice and revision we know they need to master. These activities provide students with immediate feedback for every word, keeping them engaged and motivated!

Once students have mastered the different types of passages, they can use the printable practice sheets or digital slides for independent practice during literacy centers.

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Finally, you’ll get Teaching Posters for each type of syllable that you can use for your direct instruction and/or post in your classroom so students can refer to when needed!

Are you ready to start teaching syllable types in your class? To get you started, I’m sharing the free clip types and clip section – digital and printable activities! This sample makes the perfect literacy center or independent activity! Get it here:

I hope the information I shared about the 6 types of syllables motivates you to give this type of instruction to your students, and that the syllable types resource makes it easy for you to do so! I’m excited that you’ll try it, because I know it will help your students become stronger, more effective readers and writers!

This website uses cookies to ensure that you get the best experience on our website. See the full disclosure here. Did you know that there is a whole set of syllable rules that tell you exactly how to spell and where to split words so you can tell what sound a vowel will make?

Syllable S105 Review: A Troubled Tws With Smooth Sound

To be able to get to this point, you first have to learn the six types of syllables.

I’m sure most of you reading this know what a syllable is because many of my readers are teachers. But for those who don’t, I’ll explain.

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A syllable is an unbroken syllable that consists of opening and closing the mouth to form vowels. Consists of one or more letters with one vowel sound. This means that we hear one vowel sound in each syllable.

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Ways To Divide Words Into Syllables

You see, it’s not as simple as identifying the vowels in a word and using that number, since sometimes two vowels make one sound, as in a word

To count the number of syllables, you may have done this thing where you put your hand under your chin to count the number of times your mouth opens when you say a word. This works because your mouth has to open wide when making vowel sounds. But I find it more accurate to whisper the word and count the buzz.

Obviously, this sounds like two parts of the word. Use the hand method under the chin by the floor

I also give my students a mirror so they can watch the formation of their mouths when pronouncing vowel sounds compared to consonants. They can easily see the visual of opening their mouth to make vowel sounds, which is the part we count in syllables.

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So now that we know what a syllable is and how to count it, you might be wondering why anyone would need to know that.

When I went to elementary school in the ’90s, syllables weren’t taught. I never really learned any of the spelling rules or the phonics, but I had a great memory and somehow picked up on the spelling rules through exposure.

But if you or your students are like most people, they’re so confused by English spelling rules that “senseless!” But this is simply not the case. There are many rules governing how we read and spell and not as many exceptions as most people think.

Syllable grammar is very important for knowing how to spell and decode, and is essential for teaching students who have difficulties with reading or spelling.

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Knowing the different syllable patterns and how words are divided into syllables helps students decode and spell words correctly. They can predict the sound a vowel will make and break long words into smaller parts for easier reading.

A closed syllable ends with a consonant. The vowel before the last consonant has a short sound. Examples include:

This is the first type of syllable taught, usually in first grade. By this point, students are very familiar with closed syllable words like

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