How Much Is A Alkaline Water Machine – Home filters and housings for reverse osmosis systems Water filter jug ​​Alkaline water jug ​​for clean filtered water, removes impurities and chlorine, raises pH, improves with minerals

Alkaline water filter drinking water jug ​​removes sediment, chlorine, taste, color, odor and chemical contaminants while adding alkaline minerals to raise pH and mineralize drinking water

How Much Is A Alkaline Water Machine

Get fresh, clean tasting alkaline water from your own fridge anytime with the AMI Alkaline Water Filter Jug. This unique fridge jug not only cleans your tap water, but it also increases the pH to 8.5-9.5. The active carbon component cleans your water of impurities and chemicals, so you get clean water without sediment or chlorine, while fortifying the water with natural alkaline minerals. Stop spending money on expensive bottled alkaline water at the store and make your own anytime with the durable AMI Alkaline Filter Pitcher.

Express Water Alkaline Filter

Each water purifier jug ​​can store up to 0.92 liters of water at a time, making it perfect for a small household. The carbon media filter lasts up to 264 gallons of use before needing to be replaced. Replacing the carbon media and sediment filter is simple, with easy-to-use instructions included. Voila! You have clean, filtered alkaline water to drink. Get better drinking water and cooking water and even better tasting ice cubes.

AMI Pitcher Carbon filters are made with 100% carbon made from coconut shells, a renewable and sustainable resource that offers superior chemical absorption compared to carbon-based carbon filters.

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For nearly 40 years, Applied Membranes has been a leader in commercial and residential water filtration systems, introducing the most cutting-edge water purification technology into compact, affordable systems that anyone can use. Clean water is our mission and our customer support team will be happy to help you with any questions regarding your new water filter. Enjoy clean water at home every day with our premium water treatment solutions. is an innovative 7-plate water ionizer with a new, advanced SMPS power supply, Smart-Design electrodes, Auto-Adjust Power function and DARC cleaning system. A futuristic Hydrogen Infusion Technology design optimizes performance, especially in the production of molecular hydrogen (H2.) Athena H

Production at lower potable levels of pH water. A high-performance standard, solid reliability and beautiful packaging make the Athena H

Multifunctional Alkaline Water Machine

Seven Plate Platinum Plated Titanium Smart-Design Electrodes – State of the Art SmartDesign electrodes are high performance, extremely reliable and designed to run at maximum efficiency at all levels of pH water production. SmartDesign creates an ideal balance between electrical current to the electrodes (water cell). This means optimized performance and efficiency, improved H2 presence and less degradation of the water cell.

Performance, especially at lower more drinkable – and safer – pH levels. H2 is most beneficial when dissolved in water. The functions of Athena H2 improve the amount of dissolved H2

Fully automatic DARC cleaning system. – DARC (Double Automatic Reverse Cleaning) means that your H2 Ionizer is cleaned with each use. DARC cleaning is automatic, runs in the background and runs continuously. You never have to wait, and your H2 water ionizer always gives you the maximum amount of antioxidants in your water

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Real-time flow control system. The flow rate is an important aspect to achieve optimal pH levels and hydrogen performance. The Real-Time Flow Control System features an LCD display and a valve knob that allows you to easily set a precise flow rate

Alkaline Water Vending Machine

Auto adjustment. With AutoAdjust, the current to the electrodes can be adjusted to the optimal levels to ensure you get peak H

First-class 13-stage double filtration. Two under-cover filter cartridges provide 13 stages of filtration to produce healthy, clean water before being ionized

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