Ipad Takes So Long To Charge – You can charge your iPad in 2-3 hours. If it takes more than that then there will be some problem. The most common problem is that you are probably using the wrong charger. With a 20W USB-C charger, you can charge your iPad Pro in less than 2 hours. iPad Air, Mini or regular iPad is faster.

If your iPad takes forever to charge even if you’re using the correct original charger, there could be other issues and we’re going to cover them all.

Ipad Takes So Long To Charge

Not all chargers are created equal. Some offer higher wattage compared to their counterparts. In other words, your iPad is charging slowly because you are using a low amperage charger. But, Apple generally recommends using their original chargers. (That’s what we recommend too)

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I often use my Macbooks charger to charge my iPad Pro and it actually takes less than the 2 hours iPads come with a 20W charger

If you don’t see your iPad in the list, it only means that it actually has a 12W USB power adapter or a 10W adapter. There’s no harm in trying to update your charger to see if that fixes the problem.

If your iPad battery is being consumed at a high rate, it may appear to be charging slowly when it isn’t. Think of it this way. If your iPad is charging at the same rate, consuming 3-4% of battery life every ten minutes, it will stay at the same battery percentage.

So, if you really want to know if your iPad is charging slowly, or if your heavy use case gives you a certain impression, charge your iPad only when it’s not in use. For added benefit, turn on Airplane Mode and turn off WiFi to ensure you get an accurate reading.

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If your iPad is charging slowly even when not in use and all external connections are turned off, a hardware problem may be coming to mind.

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Lithium-ion batteries, even with all the improvements made over the past decade, are still very fragile. In fact, overheating or cooling your battery at the extremes can lead to a massive decline in battery health.

Same goes for charging speed. In essence, charging is nothing but the movement of electrons in your battery from the cathode (negative terminal) to the anode (positive terminal). It requires energy and produces heat.

External heat can cause the battery to overheat. So, to preserve the battery’s health and ensure it doesn’t get too hot, the movement of electrons is restricted, which lowers the overall temperature of the charging process.

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So, if your device is in a very hot environment or is usually left to freeze, bringing it to room temperature can significantly help your iPad’s charging speed. Plus, extreme weather won’t help your device’s overall battery health either.

When you use an iPad for a significant amount of time, dust and dirt are the enemy that can trouble your device. Aside from just looking dirty, over time, dust can clog your speakers, microphone, and even your charging port.

Or if you have to adjust it a bit before it plugs in properly, it’s likely to get dirt and dust stuck in it. If your iPad

When charging, most of your pins are not properly aligned with your charger, leading to slow charging speeds.

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To fix this, you can use a Q-tip (cotton swab), sprinkled with isopropyl alcohol and gently clean all the dust from your charging port. With a few minutes worth of cleaning, you can get your charging speed back! Bad cable

As with chargers, not all cables are created equal. For example, some Lightning and USB-C cables (especially those from non-Apple certified brands) don’t support fast charging. Because they cannot provide an adequate amount of voltage, your iPad will charge very slowly.

Your cable may not be properly seated in your iPad, or the pins on it may be dirty. To fix both, clean your port and cable with isopropyl alcohol and wipe it down before reinserting it.

If that doesn’t seem to fix anything, we recommend opting for a USB-C to C cable for the new iPad Pros and a USB-C to Lightning cable for all other iPads. With an original/certified charger and cable, you can rule out the possibility of external hardware causing your iPad to charge slowly.

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How Long Does It Take To Charge Ipad? (classic, Mini, Air, Pro)

If your iPad is relatively old or has been used extensively, its battery is severely depleted. In fact, it may have lost up to 20-30% of its original capacity. Unfortunately, there’s no way to check your battery health on the iPad.

But, as per our estimates, a 3-4 year old device will see a huge decline in battery life and charging time as well. If you have an older device that suddenly seems to be getting battery issues, a replacement may be in order.

Don’t worry, though, after replacing your iPad battery. You will also get decent charging time and better battery life overall. Note, however, that Apple’s own replacement and battery repair can be very expensive. Therefore, we recommend turning to a third-party vendor instead. Software error

A software error is a rare cause of an iPad charging slowly. But, it can still happen, especially if you’ve updated the iPad OS or joined Apple’s public beta program. At annoying times, the only solution to get your iPad back to normal is to hard reset your iPad.

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Before you reset, make sure you check out all the other solutions we mentioned above, as the cause of your iPad charging slowly is more likely to be caused by faulty software. F A Q

Yes, your iPad will charge faster if you turn it off. This is because it consumes much less battery life when turned off, which reduces overall battery drain. So, while the charging speed remains the same, you get a slightly better charge time due to less damage.

There is no official way to check battery health on an iPad. And only all other unofficial software can

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Start with a basic check to make sure the wall socket and charging adapter and the cable connecting the iPad aren’t the sources of the problem.

If you’re using a cheap Lightning/USB-C wire, please consider getting an original Apple or MFi-certified cable. If the current wire is frayed or frayed, consider replacing it.

Is the charging port full of dirt and debris? If yes, consider using a soft brush to clean carefully. Do not force objects or use a metal pin. Take extra care when removing dirt.

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This is one of the simplest solutions to charge your iPad quickly. Even with the latest iPad Pro 2021, you only get a 20W USB-C power adapter. But Apple makes chargers up to 96W. If you already have a USB-C MacBook charger, you can use it to quickly charge your iPad.

Or, you can buy a 30W (or higher) fast charger from Apple, which makes charging faster than the 20W in-box charger. If you want to save some money, you can try a popular third-party iPad charger.

After you put the iPad to charge, a popup on the screen says, ‘This accessory may not be supported.’ This prevents your iPad from charging. To fix this:

If you use a thick iPad case, it will further block heat transfer into the environment. To ensure proper charging, you can remove the case and place your iPad on a flat surface to charge comfortably.

If Your Ipad Won’t Charge

With software updates, Apple

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