Used Office Furniture To Sell – Moving an office is an exciting time, whether it’s remodeling, remodeling, or moving an office, it’s always fun to find “out with the old and in with the new”. That said, an often overlooked part of this transition is deciding what to do with all the old office furniture you’re replacing. It may be a big project that you may not have thought about, or thought about too late in the process. Should you sell it? Donate? Recycle it? Or is it a combination of the three? There are many moving parts no matter what you decide to do. Here we outline some solutions for getting rid of your old office furniture, and hopefully help make your office transition even easier.

First things first – we recommend that you start by taking an inventory of the furniture you own, including the quantity, condition, and age of the pieces. This will give you a good start as you consider whether to sell, donate, or recycle your furniture.

Used Office Furniture To Sell

We work with a network of third party companies that buy used office furniture and have learned that the success of a sale depends on what you are trying to sell, and when. For example, if the second market is full of chairs, and you are looking to sell 200 used office chairs, you will not be as successful as if you were trying to sell another product with a higher demand. What happens to be in question at any given time is unpredictable.

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If you have products you like, then often a third party company will offer to remove the furniture for you as well as pay you a lump sum for the inventory. If you have products that are not as requested, then the best scenario is that the third party simply removes the items for you for free, but you may not receive any payment for the inventory. Sometimes it’s just having another company that is willing to spend the time and labor to remove the furniture is satisfactory. Regardless, it’s best to research a second market before deciding whether selling is the best way to go.

Some companies know in advance that they want to donate their jewelry, but they don’t know where to start or how to find charity. One of the best practices is to work with a company like IRN or The Furniture Trust. IRN supplies furniture and equipment to charities and schools around the world, and The Furniture Trust donates its old office furniture to its local community. Both companies provide a complete recycling solution for companies looking to make gifts, and they manage the service and logistics around the gift itself. Companies that go this way not only benefit from knowing that their products are helping the less fortunate, but they also benefit from taxation as well.

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If the furniture is not suitable for recycling in its current state, then the furniture can be separated into recycling categories such as metals, plastics, and wood, and recycled at a local recycling center or by a third party company. In addition, Steelcase can help through the company’s “Phase 2” program, which has the goal of “zero landfill”. Metal consultants will examine a company’s used furniture and identify materials that can be recovered and recycled into useful products and can also assist in selling and donating the furniture. . They can also help you figure out if some of your existing furniture can be repurposed and reused, which could get your company LEED® certified. Recycling is always a great option that conserves the planet’s resources and is consistent with your sustainability goals.

There is no “one-size-fits-all” solution, and sometimes a company finds that a combination of the above solutions makes the most sense for them. A portion of your office furniture may be suitable for recycling while the rest may need to be donated or recycled. However, no matter how big your office change is, there are many options to choose from for disposing of used office furniture. Whether you choose to sell your furniture, donate it to a charity, recycle what you can, or a combination of all three, you can find a solution to fit your project’s time, budget, and goals. Corporate Office Furniture offers new and pre-owned office furniture to the New Haven area and throughout Louisville. We provide our customers with quality office furniture at a fraction of the retail price. We emphasize customer service and we value each customer with the goal of a long lasting, mutually beneficial relationship. As a trusted supplier of pre-owned office furniture in New Haven, Office Furniture is here to provide quality products at low prices.

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Stop by the company’s 25,000sq foot showroom today and browse our large selection of pre-owned or slightly used furniture. The office furniture company offers a wide variety of pre-owned desks, ergonomic task chairs, conference tables & chairs, vertical files, external files, cabinets, places work and curves at amazing prices!! Email [email protected] for specific prices

Please note: While we make every effort to keep our website as current as possible, the used furniture section changes frequently and the furniture pictured may already be sold. Please call (203) 230-4800 for specific pieces.

At Corporate Office Furniture you don’t need to sacrifice style in order to reduce costs. You can always find used office furniture with the look you want at very affordable prices. We have a wide selection of pre-owned office furniture and are here to help home offices and businesses in the New Haven area and throughout Louisville. Our used office furniture is in excellent condition, we guarantee that you will get years of use out of all our pieces.

A vertical filing cabinet is essential to any business to keep files and other important documents safe. In addition to many pre-owned office furniture, used vertical cabinets can help you organize your office at an affordable price. Contact us today and browse through our collection of used filing cabinets.Our used office furniture for sale offers deeply discounted pricing on quality inventories of 2nd hand office furniture ready for immediate shipment. .

How To Buy An Office Chair Secondhand

Browse this page for a variety of used furniture items for your office including used cabinets, used conference tables, used desks for sale, and used chairs. Beware: Used inventory is subject to prior sale and may disappear quickly!

For those who value their dollar, used and used office furniture for sale from reputable, quality brands can be a very smart business investment. Gently used office desks from Haworth Furniture, for example, can be in very good condition and last you 10 years or more, while a new version of the same desk can cost you two or three times as much. How much.

Meanwhile at the other end of the buying spectrum, expensive new desktops may come with a very tempting price tag, but in all likelihood they are not made to last beyond a few years. It is impossible to avoid the truth in the old saying “you get what you pay for.” More than anything, it’s important to know and trust your office furniture vendor!

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It is important to mention that used commercial furniture does not come with some hollows that require flexibility. Most pre-owned stock is classified as “As-Is” and comes from a gently used stock. While the dollar savings is nice, you must be willing to overlook some scratches and dents.

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Unless you’re trying to match your existing office furniture or consider yourself very selective, this usually doesn’t present an issue. Most of the office furniture brands that we use only keep stocks with the most common colors and finishes that can be easily matched or blended into the average office work environment. For example, it is unlikely that you will come across a pink light second hand office chair, nine out of ten of them will be black or blue.

If your business requirements are very specific, having to choose from fixed sizes or configurations of “What You See Is What You Get” used office furniture may not work for you. For example, a set of used desks may all be left-handed oriented when your office would be better suited for right-handed desks, or a small, cluttered office with limited dimensions may require specialized narrow storage instead of A file cabinet used in standard sizes. These types of situations are impossible to find what they want in the “How-To” list.

Distance can be a big obstacle when trying to buy used executive office furniture. While a common savings advantage with brand new furniture is Free Shipping, cheap furniture can have extra costs that are less-than-cheap to pack and ship the items to you – and that’s how far yes, it can be more expensive.

Your best bet is to find a used store within your area, since it’s the shortest, the lowest the freight costs and the fastest it can get to you. Even better, you can find used furniture within an hour

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