You Are Not So Smart – David McRaney’s book You’re Not So Smart is a great trick with 48 psychology concepts. I liked the fact that the author divided each concept into delusion and truth. Below I have compiled a list of all of them. But of course the book goes much deeper. There are numerous examples to better understand what these concepts entail.

If you are interested in neuroscience and psychology, then I recommend this book. This will help you understand the world around you and act more appropriately in certain situations. Personally, I already knew many of these examples through my research (pedagogical / psychological), but nevertheless it was great to have this summary in one book.

You Are Not So Smart

Truth: You’re as deluded as the rest of us, but that’s okay, it keeps you sane.

Press — David Mcraney

Truth: You don’t realize that you are constantly being pushed by the ideas formed in your unconscious mind.

Truth: You are often unaware of your motives and create fictional stories to explain your decisions, emotions, and history without realizing it.

Truth: Your opinions are the result of years of focusing on information that supported what you believed and ignoring information that challenged your preconceived notions.

Truth: You often look back at things you just learned and assume you knew or believed them all along.

Excerpt: Are You Ever Too Old To Have A Baby?

Truth: You tend to ignore randomness when the results seem significant, or when you want a random event to have a meaningful cause.

Truth: Procrastination is fueled by weakness in the face of impulses and an inability to think about thinking.

Truth: The origin of certain emotional states is not available to you, and when you are forced to explain them, you just come up with something.

With the advent of the media, you understand how the world works based on statistics and facts taken from many examples.

Growth Mindset For Kindergarten

Truth: You’re much more likely to believe something is ordinary if you can find at least one example of it, and much less likely to believe something you’ve never seen or heard about before.

Truth: The more people see a person in trouble, the less likely it is that one of them will help.

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Truth: Coincidences are a routine part of life, even those that seem miraculous. Any meaning applied to them comes from your mind.

You prefer what you have over what you don’t because you made a rational choice when you bought it.

You Are Not So Smart Audiobook By Tyovrakhsin

Truth: You prefer what you own because you justify your past choices in order to protect your self-esteem.

Truth: The recipients of good luck often do nothing to earn it, and bad people often go unpunished for their actions.

We could create a system with no rules, where everyone contributes to society, everyone benefits, and everyone is happy.

Truth: Without any regulation, slackers and scammers will destroy economic systems because people don’t want to feel like suckers.

You Are Not So Smart

Truth: You tend to believe vague statements and predictions to be true, especially if they are positive and concern you personally.

Truth: You depend on emotions to tell you if it’s good or bad, overestimate rewards greatly, and tend to stick to your first impressions.

Truth: You make excuses for your failures and consider yourself more successful, smarter, and more experienced than you really are.

When you are around other people, it seems to you that everyone notices every aspect of your appearance and behavior.

You Are Not So Smart — Book Review / Summary

You believe that your opinions and decisions are based on experience and facts, and those who disagree with you succumb to lies and propaganda from sources you do not trust.

Truth: Everyone thinks people they disagree with are gullible, and everyone thinks they’re much less persuasive than they really are.

Expressing anger is an effective way to reduce stress and prevent attacks on friends and family.

Truth: Memories are created anew each time from whatever information is currently available, making them highly susceptible to influences from the present.

Albert Einstein With Guns Quote Robert De Niro Machete Foam Board Art Poster

Truth: It takes little more than an authority figure or social pressure to get you to obey, because submission is a survival instinct.

If you stop doing a bad habit, it will gradually decrease until it disappears from your life.

Truth: Every time you give up something drastic, your brain makes one last attempt to get you back into your habit.

Truth: Someday you become part of a group and put in less effort because you know that your work will be integrated with the work of others.

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Smart Drugs’ Are Not So Smart When Used By People Without Adhd

When your emotions run high, people may look at you and tell you what you think and feel.

Truth: Your subjective experience is unobservable, and you overestimate how much you convey your inner thoughts and emotions.

Truth: If you feel like you are not in control of your destiny, you will give in and accept whatever situation you are in.

The truth is that you are aware of only a small part of all the information received by your eyes, and even less is processed and remembered by your consciousness.

Chris Rock Quote: “if Your Work Is So Smart That Only Smart People Get It, It’s

Truth: Simply believing that an event will happen in the future can cause it to happen if that event depends on human behavior.

Truth: If you don’t consciously monitor your progress, you assume that what you’re feeling now is what you’ve always felt.

Truth: You jump to conclusions based on how representative a person with a preconceived personality type seems to be.

Wine is a complex elixir full of subtle flavors that only an expert can truly discern, and expert tasters are not fooled.

Pdf] You Are Not So Smart By David Mcraney Ebook

Truth: You often think you can control outcomes that are either random or too hard to predict.

If you like all of the above and are more interested in finding out what it really means. Read some use cases, go ahead and buy the book, here is the Amazon link. I really enjoyed this book, and I hope you do too.

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