Where To Rent Car Dolly – Do you have important items that need to be moved, but don’t want to spend money on a moving truck? Maybe you are thinking about renting a car dolly. But at what cost?

Are you looking for an affordable way to move your car and wondering about the cost of renting a car dolly? If you don’t have access to a car, renting a dolly car is a great option. However, it is important to choose from car rental companies that allow towing and understand the rental rates for different types of car dollies. Keep reading for more information!

Where To Rent Car Dolly

J.D. arranges Power Hertz as the best car rental company in North America, and for good reason. Their focus on customer satisfaction means you’ll have a great time renting from them – from start to finish.

Premium Black And Chrome Tow Dolly

Enterprise Rent-A-Car has locations all over the world, so they should have one nearby. In addition, they offer a wide selection of cars – from economy to luxury – so you can find the perfect ride for your trip.

Fox Rent-A-Car is the perfect solution for budget-conscious travelers. They offer low rates on all our vehicles, so you can hit the road without breaking the bank.

The cost of renting a car dolly is around $40-$65 depending on your location, whether your trip is one way or two way, or if your car dolly will be picked up and dropped off at one or more locations.

You’ll need to pay at least $250 for a dolly truck, and you’ll need to rent one of their Budget Trucks for a flat rate. The rent is more than $700 per day.

Car Dolly, Macklin Welding Sn:mw85034 Auction

They do not allow separate rental of their vehicles. The total cost of renting a truck per day is $880.

Unlike Budget and Penske where trailers are not included as an option, at U-Haul you can rent a separate dolly truck, so you can use it during the rental. rental car or with your own car.

If you are towing with your own vehicle, you need to know the make and model of your vehicle, as well as the vehicle being towed. This will determine if your vehicles are suitable for towing.

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Two people load the car onto a tow dolly, and the dolly comes with safety chains and tie-down straps.

Car Dolly / Car Trailer

Trailers can weigh up to 6,000 pounds on trucks. Adding a towbar can cost anywhere from $150-$800 or an average of $450 to $500. Most insurance companies only cover collisions for the car pulling the bumper, so if you need collision coverage for the tow truck, expect to pay an additional premium, at above the cost of renting a dolly. To prepare for your next move, budget for things like parking and fuel.

Renting a car dolly will cost you different fees. Find out how much it costs and when it applies

Lif dollies are ideal for towing front-wheel drive vehicles. The steering wheel must be moved for motorized vehicles and the rear may be towed by a dolly lift.

Then, as a general guide, the weight of the towing vehicle should be greater than the weight of the vehicle being towed. So, if you’re wondering if you can tow with a rental car, remember that the vehicle being towed must not weigh more than 3,450 pounds for the front wheels and 3,900 pounds for the rear wheels. This will help ensure a safe and successful tow, whether you are using your own vehicle or a rental.

Towing A C8 Via U Haul Tow Dolly Or Auto Transporter

In addition, two vehicles must be able to tow the weight of the vehicle at least 500 to 1,500 pounds plus the weight of the vehicle to be towed if it is a trailer.

Laws vary from state to state so you should check with your state DMV about tow dolly regulations. Before renting a tow dolly, make sure your vehicle will fit by checking the dimensions for maximum dimensions and towing capacity.

“Location is an important factor in determining the price of a car dolly. Depending on where you start and where you go, you can look at a big difference in price. – Statistics car rental

Given all these factors, the cost of renting a car dolly can range from $40 to $60 per day, on average. However, it’s best to go to the rental companies for specifics based on your specific situation.

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Tow Dolly And Car Carrier Rental

The most common type of tow dolly is the standard dolly, which uses a system of cables and pulleys to lift the front wheels of your vehicle off the ground. A tow dolly attaches to the back of your vehicle and supports the rear wheels, while an electric winch dolly uses a vehicle winch to lift your vehicle onto the platform.

If you need to use a tow dolly for a one-time move, you can rent it daily or weekly. However, if you plan to use it many times, you can get a discount by renting it every month.

The longer you need to use the tow dolly, the more expensive it will be. For example, renting a tow dolly for one day may cost $50, while renting for a week may cost $200.

The cost of renting a tow dolly will also vary depending on the location of the rental. If you hire from a large company with many locations, you may be able to get a lower rate than if you hire from a small company with fewer locations.

Ez Haul Car Tow Dolly With Hydraulic Brakes

The weight and size of your vehicle will also affect the cost of renting a tow dolly. A larger vehicle requires a larger tow dolly, which is more expensive to rent.

The towing capacity of your vehicle determines how much weight the tow dolly can carry. If you have a small vehicle with low towing capacity, you may need to rent a smaller tow dolly, which is cheaper.

The towing capacity of the towing dolly also affects the price. It costs more to rent a dolly with a higher towing capacity than one with a lower towing capacity.

The length of your vehicle will determine how long the tow dolly will need. A long pull dolly is more expensive than a short one.

Tow Dolly Vs. Auto Transport: 8 Key Differences

The make and model of your vehicle will also affect the cost of renting a tow dolly. A luxury car requires a bigger and more expensive vehicle than an economy car.

The city where you rent a dolly car can have a big impact on the price you pay. For example, if you are debating whether you should rent a car in Houston or rent a car in San Antonio, you may want to compare prices for dolly car rentals in these locations.

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Of course, different cities can offer unique rental characteristics. For example, considering whether you need to rent a car in Austin, you may find that the city is full of traffic and you need to be careful when towing a dolly. Likewise, deciding if you need to rent a car in San Francisco you can take into account the hilly terrain of the city, which can affect the type of dolly car you need.

Although each city has its own prices for dolly car rental, it doesn’t vary much. However, you may see a difference of $5-$15 per day comparing different cities. Therefore, it is a good idea to contact local rental companies for an accurate and current price.

X9 Tow Dolly Trailer

Here is a rough estimate of daily rental costs for a dolly car in various cities (as of 2023):

Note that these prices are rough estimates only and actual prices may vary. It is also important to note that these prices do not include fees or costs such as insurance, deposits, or additional services that the rental company provides.

When you rent a dolly truck from a large rental company with many stores, you can save money on the cost of renting.

Renting for a longer period of time can save you money on the cost of renting a truck dolly.

Tow Dollies For Sale

Looking for special prices or promotions can save you money on the cost of renting a car dolly.

Renting a tow dolly can be a great way to move your car from one place to another. The cost of renting a tow dolly will vary depending on how long you need it, the size of your vehicle, and the towing capacity of your vehicle. Follow all safety guidelines when using a tow dolly to ensure a safe trip. Thanks for reading!

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