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If you are looking for the best place to sell your used camera and other cameras, then this guide is for you. I have gathered all my favorite places to sell camera equipment as well as tips on how to get the best price from your old equipment.

Who Buys Used Camera Equipment Near Me

First, some background. As a professional photographer, I have been collecting camera equipment for many years. When I upgrade my equipment to meet my current needs, I sometimes find myself with a bunch of used camera kits that, if I were honest with myself, I would probably never use them again.

Where To Sell Used Cameras And Photography Gear

Unused camera equipment has risen in our homes and prices have fallen. In many cases, the device works perfectly and another photographer will likely prefer to use it. It can include older cameras, tripods, external lighting, remote controls, filters, photo bags, video equipment, studio equipment and more.

There are a number of reasons why you may find yourself upgrading your camera device. When it comes to the camera body, you may need additional features like a larger sensor or capabilities like faster autofocus that the update offers.

For the lens, you may want something that offers better stability or longer zoom or wider aperture. Or maybe you have changed niches and just need a different set of glasses.

In my experience, it is rare to have to replace a camera device because it does not work (even if it happens). On the contrary, it is because as photographers we grow and change over time, and when that happens, we find ourselves limited by what our existing equipment can do.

The Best Used Gear To Buy From Mpb

In these cases, rather than letting our assets continue to fall in value, it makes sense to sell them. This has some benefits. It will save you money on the new equipment you have purchased. It will benefit another photographer who will be able to buy their equipment at a lower price.

Finally, selling our used cameras and great photography is good for the planet. Reusing the device and allowing it to last a second or third time reduces the amount of new cameras that need to be produced.

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Now that we have talked about the reasons for selling your camera and equipment, take a look at the best options you have for selling your used camera equipment.

I have put together a list of our favorite options for selling used camera equipment. These cover many options around the world, with both online and offline options. There are pros and cons to the various options that I will describe as I go through each.

This Is How Much Cash You Can Get For Your Used Nikon D750/d7500/d500/d850/d810 Camera At Adorama

If possible, I would also offer a resale price for a used camera, especially my Canon 6D body for each option. This should help you to understand how they differ, although of course you will want to compare your own devices on each site as the quotes will be different. Quotes were received in August 2021.

Note that while I’m trying to list the options that will work for people all over the world, there are definitely more options for those in the US, UK and Europe. If you know of more options available in more areas that I have not included, please feel free to let me know in the comments section!

KEH is a website designed specifically for photographers to buy and sell utilities. They focus primarily on the US market. While they accept international sellers for goods over $ 300, sellers are responsible for any shipping costs and taxes, which in many cases rather than eating into profits. So, in general, we recommend more KEH for US-based used camera equipment vendors.

If you are in the US, we would definitely recommend you to check out KEH. They will give you a free quote on your device and you do not have to provide an email address. This makes it one of the easiest options on our list for getting free quotes on your used camera device.

Mpb: New Year, Used Gear To Buy, Sell Or Trade

For more personalized quotes, you can set up a free one-on-one online video chat with a KEH representative. They will look at your device and give you a quote based on the conditions they see.

In either case, if you are satisfied with the quote, you will need to send a shipping label. Vendors in all 48 contiguous states are eligible for free shipping of their equipment. Free pickup for over $ 300.

If you like the quote, you can print the badge and send it to KEH. They will evaluate it and if the price is the same or higher than the quote you will be able to accept the quote. You also have the option of choosing the Quick Pay option for online quotes, which if the rated price is the same or higher than your initial quote, they will automatically pay you without having to accept the quote. .

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If the price is lower, they will contact you for approval. If you are not happy with the edited quote or want to cancel the process for any reason, they will return your device free of charge.

Trade In Or Sell Your Camera

KEH is an easy choice if you are looking for a simple, hassle-free option for selling your camera equipment. And you are located in the United States. Like MPB, you may get a little less for your device than using peer-to-peer services, but the convenience really makes the case compelling.

B&H is well known in the United States as a place to buy camera equipment. They have a huge selection and they also sell used camera equipment.

To get a used equipment inventory, B&H buys used camera equipment from a photographer. The process is similar to KEH and MPB. You can get free quotes through their website, even if you have to provide an email address.

If you choose to receive a quote and reside in the 48 contiguous states of the United States, they will send you a FedEx shipping label so you can send it through your device.

The Camera Exchange

They will evaluate the equipment, ensure that it meets the standards you have chosen, and if so, issue a payment. If it does not match, they will contact to discuss the quote. If you are not happy, they will return the device to you free of charge.

One of the benefits of B&H is that they actually have a store. The NYC Superstore at 366 West 34th Street allows you to drop off an appraisal tool that you might find easier if you live in the NYC area.

Obviously a single data point will not be representative, but in the case of this old camera, B&H really does not offer me the most competitive price out there! This is likely because they have a lot of this particular camera in their inventory or it is not a product they are interested in selling.

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In this case, using a website like KEH or MPB that specializes in selling used photos will get me a lot of changes for my specific camera. However, it is definitely worth checking out B&H, although the process is free and only takes a few seconds.

Equipment — Rode’s Camera Shop

If you are in the UK, you are probably familiar with WEX Photo Video, one of the largest camera retailers in the country. They have a huge selection of used camera equipment and offer photographers options to sell their used equipment.

They have two options. For popular products (see list here), you have the option of paying in cash or getting an anti-purchase credit on WEX. For other products, they just give credit. So if you are in the process of upgrading this can work well. However, if you have already purchased all of your new equipment and do not want anything else, the credit may be worth less, even if it does not expire.

In terms of processing, you fill out an instant online quote form where you list any tools and accessories. There are 6 scale assessments that provide details on the meaning of each rating and also include instructions on the number of toggles for the camera body.

That’s really a competitive quote, even if the camera isn’t on their wish list, the price is only for replacement parts. It is also easy enough to get a quote even if you have to provide an email address and they will send you some follow-up emails.

Why Buy Used Second Hand Camera Gear?

WEX also promises to match prices, so if you are looking for a better quote elsewhere like MPB UK they will match it. So if you are in the UK, this is definitely something to consider seriously for selling your used camera.

If you enjoy the quotes you will be able to arrange a free collection or drop off at one of their many stores around the UK. Once they receive your item, they will send you a final appraisal that you can choose to accept, at which point you will receive your credit or cash. If

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