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If you’re like me, you’re always on the hunt for the next motorcycle. When there’s an empty space in your garage and a handful of cash is burning a hole in your pocket, there’s nothing like browsing classified ads, looking at helmets, strapping on a set of motorcycle boots, or taking a stroll through your local dealership. It became an addiction. Soon you’ll have 12 browser tabs open and five salespeople calling you back at all hours.

Who Buys Used Motorcycles Near Me

With so many ways available to find the perfect used motorcycle, where do you start? Today’s online landscape has made buying a used motorcycle incredibly easy, but there are still some pitfalls to be aware of so you don’t end up with two wheels with locked engines and a smoking clutch.

We Buy Harleys

To serve you in the mythical search for wind in your eyes, bugs in your teeth, rain in your pants, and good ole American freedom, I put together this guide to help you find the best place to buy a used motorcycle. I also released everything to watch out for. Welcome, internet. Now, let’s get into it before I go down another Ducati Hypermotard rabbit hole.

While there are 500 to one million used car options, motorcycles are still something of a fringe hobby/devotion, so there are really only a few outlets you need to know when it comes to buying a used motorcycle. It’s your local motorcycle dealer, eBay, (the killer’s favorite) Craigslist, Cycle Trader, and Facebook Marketplace. Each one has its pros and cons, so we will discuss each one separately.

Your local motorcycle dealer will be the easiest and most common way for you to find your next used motorcycle. There are thousands of motorcycle dealers around the country for you to choose from. What’s good about these dealerships is that there is often a varied selection of used motorcycles, there is no hassle with private parties online or schedule time to see, and best of all, the dealership makes financing the purchase very easy.

The dealer regularly has a finance department where you can speed up the loan and ride away with new pride and joy, which beats going to the bank, talking to the lender, telling people all about the motorcycle from Jimmy’s friend who is super reliable, and they say. not. Local dealers are one-stop shops that reduce complications from the buying experience.

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Buy Used Motorcycles

But there are some problems here, including the same loan department. If you don’t shop around for a loan, you may end up with bad terms, including six- to eight-year loans, higher interest rates, and predatory lending. Better to read all the fine print and read the terms and conditions yourself. You can also use an online rate calculator to find out what to put in, and what to buy each month. Go in armed with information.

There is also the issue of higher prices compared to private sellers. Sure, the seller will give you below market value for your trade, but they are not in the business of selling below market value. Dealers will charge higher prices than private sellers because they need to make a healthy profit.

I can date myself, but eBay still feels like an internet yard sale. I know, I know: Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist are better contenders for that moniker, but eBay is definitely the last place I look. Of course not, because the site’s motorcycle list is the best.

With auctions and Buy Now options and everything from sports bikes to cruisers, the eBay interface lets you choose exactly what you want to see out of your next motorcycle. Then limit the field with a variety of useful drop-down menus. You can search not only by ZIP code but across the country to find the perfect machine. The site even has financing and shipping options, so you can do all your transactions without having to leave the jamming. But that comes at a cost.

Buying A New Or Used Motorcycle: Which Is Right For You?

Without ever looking at the motorcycle, you are missing out on finding mechanical and cosmetic issues. You lose the chance to test drive and see if it is the right motorcycle for you. You will lose the personal experience that most people rely on to inform their purchasing decisions.

Not just for Missed Connections between swingers and cannibals, Craigslist is a tool you can use to buy your next motorcycle. Set by geographic area, Craigslist offers you the opportunity to buy from the local community and see the motorcycle in person before exchanging money.

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The site offers a similar drop-down menu to narrow your search and find the perfect motorcycle for your specific needs, including year range, price, make, model, and more. It will also give you an insight into what the market is like in your particular area, whether it is high demand or lower demand and lower prices.

What’s not good about Craigslist is that it can be sketchy – very sketchy. And you don’t get the financial assistance you do with a dealer or eBay. There is also the problem of doing the mechanical inspection yourself and not always being allowed by the dealer to take the motorcycle to a licensed mechanic for a full diagnostic check.

Sell Your Motorcycle To Cortese Cycle Sales In Rochester, Ny

While Facebook-I mean Meta-is a place for great aunt Edna to send cringe from all parts of the intellectual dark web, Facebook Marketplace is also a satisfying way to find motorcycles that are both local and very local to you.

With the functionality of mapping these offers within a radius of 5, 10, or more miles, Marketplace offers much of the same information as Craigslist but does so in a more tactical way. You can find motorcycles in your own neighborhood, city, or surrounding area, making viewing, mechanical inspection, and testing a breeze. It also reduces the chance of tire kickers from all over the country.

However, like Craigslist, there is no financing option and you will have to do your own inspection. That said, from my experience with the service, it’s less expensive than Craigslist, people respond more quickly, and fewer killers use the app to capture their latest victims. Now, Meta right? Who knows.

One of the oldest motorcycle advertisements is Cycle Trader. What started out as print (yes, on real life paper in the real world that people can touch) has since transformed the same ad into a Web2.0 format for all to see.

Sell/trade Your Motorcycle At Yellowstone Harley Davidson

Cycle Trader’s current setup is very similar to eBay in terms of interface, and you can list motorcycles from private parties and dealers from around the country. But while eBay can act as a middleman and lender, Cycle Trader is only a middleman and does not offer additional financing or shipping. It’s pure classified ads. That means you will have all the same problems as eBay but without the perks.

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Cons: No personal inspection of cosmetic or mechanical parts for problems and defects, no financing or shipping options

Now that you’ve narrowed down where you can find a used motorcycle and set up a sit-down with your doctor to find out if a used motorcycle is right for you, we can figure out what you need. be careful when buying.

Maintenance records are a look at your prospective motorcycle’s past. They tell you part of the story, part of life, and whether or not the last owner / owner really cares about the health and well-which machine you want to put a few grand for. You can get away without them, but you do yourself a favor down the road when a bodgy fix becomes a pocket-draining headache.

Tips For Buying Used Motorcycles — Five Signs Of A Good Buy

If the bike you’re looking for has no records or only had one oil change in the past five years, you might be better off looking elsewhere.

The bicycle fell. That’s how it is. And while not all falls are noteworthy – some only fall on the author’s Volvo after the father-in-law wants to move Ducati – some fall break and damage the motorcycle in a real way that the previous owner may not have repaired properly or had a professional. address.

When you are looking for a motorcycle, check all these aspects. Look for mismatched mirrors, scratches on the ends of the handlebars, chipped fairings, or suspicious looking internals. It’s really up to you to do your due diligence, so bring a flashlight when you’re looking.

Folks, one of the most important parts of a motor vehicle is the tire. And if the motorcycle has been sitting for a while, the tires may not only be flat, but out of spec and unfit for road use.

The Best Supersport Bikes You Can Buy [2023 Edition]

All tires are stamped with the date they were made, which is one way to know if they are safe to use on public roads. As

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