Why Furniture Is Uncountable – Today’s lesson is all about countable and uncountable nouns. These are not always as easy as you might think. Go to my quiz and test your knowledge!

The answers are at the end of this post but don’t look at them now! Here are a few things to think about first.

Why Furniture Is Uncountable

Most of you have learned that a countable name is something you can count. Simple, right? Often, yes, but it’s not always as obvious as that. It doesn’t always make sense. For example, “vegetables” can be counted but “fruits” cannot be counted. How do you count noodles? But “noodles” is a countable word, as you can see because it ends in -s. This is crazy, right?!

Uncountable Nouns / Countable Nouns

I remember a student asking me, “Why are peas counted? Who’s picking peas?!” Well, no sane person would waste time picking peas but you can say “There are beans on the ground. Can you take it? ” “Ape” means “one bean”. Also, the word has two forms – “pea” and “peas” – so it is a countable noun.

Here is another example. Did you know that “headaches” can count? It’s true that you probably won’t hear people say “one headache” or “two headaches” but we say “I have a headache” and “I have a headache at times and -recent” so it will count.

Another problem is that words are countable in your language but not countable in English. “Information”, “advice”, “furniture” and “bread” are uncountable words in English although they can be counted and can be plural (plural = more than one) in many other languages. Similarly “spaghetti” is a plural word in Italian but we consider it an uncountable noun in English.

The most common confusion is that words have many meanings that are not transitive. Many “men” are “people”, many “kings” are “kings” and many “sheep” are “sheep”. These are all countable nouns even without the -s at the end. See this post for more information.

A, Some, Any

And while I’m here, let me mention a nickname. These are nouns that are usually plural, such as “bed”, “corn” and “need”. These behave like countable nouns in some ways because they end in -s and take many verbs, but in other ways they are like uncountable nouns. counting because you can’t use “a” or numbers.

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Now what about this question? You can go back to your answers now and check them yourself. See my answer and explanation below.

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You can find a complete reference list of all grammar topics here. You can also find the reading list here. There are two types of nouns in English. A countable name is a name that you can count. one seat two seats Uncountable Nouns are i. names you cannot count ii. inseparability iii. of the same type: furniture, bags iV. common sense: pleasure, power

Counting Uncountable Nouns

Countable and uncountable nouns. are names you can count. They are used with ‘a’, ‘an’ or numbers or numbers. i. names you cannot count ii. inseparability iii. of the same type: furniture, bags iV. common sense: happiness, ability They are used with ‘and’ in numbers like ‘some’, ‘many’, etc. Ex1 &2 Page40, 41

14 Constant change 7. end in IS,change IS into ES analysis-analyses bases-bases crisis—crises 8. end in us, change us into I fungus—fungi cestus–cesti 9. end in um, change um into a datum – stadium – stadia

17 Improper Changes 1. Some nouns change their vowels between the same type (1) person— all men words with ‘man’ the policeman—-the policeman (2) oo-ee feet – emperor – teeth of geese – geese (3) add calves-cows

(1) deer, reindeer, cod, salmon, fish (2) puzzle words on airplanes, airplanes (3) countries, Chinese, Japanese, Japanese, Swiss (4) other types of good news.

Ielts Writing Lesson: Countable And Uncountable Nouns

19 (5) special cases A) hair Go cut your hair. & He has a few white hairs. B) apples, oranges and bananas are fruits. The most common fruits are pears, apples and peaches. C)My fish killed fish (two fish). We will go and see the fish in the aquarium.

3. Compound Nouns add -s to the “base word” (the most “important” word). singular plural a tennis shoes three tennis shoes one assistant headmaster five assistant headmasters mother-in-law two mother-in-law assistant secretary. of the state three deputy secretary of state I brush the size of our king brush woman-doctor four women-doctor of philosophy two doctor of philosophy a passer-by, a passer-by two, two passer-by.

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If there is no “important” word, we add s to the end. one plural Toto-to grow Support-to establish

(1)Pair nouns jeans(牛仔褲)、headphone(耳機)、trousers(褲子)、clothes (衣要)、pants(短褲)、glasses(眼鏡)、glasses(眼鏡)、glasses、scissors (剪刀)、compasses (圓規)。 If you want to refer to a number, use one/a pair… I have bought a pair of jeans. I bought two pairs of jeans. (2) some noodles, vegetables, snacks (3) fixed phrases. greeting cards and high / low spirits with games

Countable Or Uncountable General Gr…: English Esl Worksheets Pdf & Doc

23 (4) good news, means From all _______, you will try every _______ to help him. A.means, means B.means, means C.means, means D.means, means (5) some real names of the United States; United Nations; United Kingdom; Arabian Nights; (6) Thank you.

One dozen ( = 12 ), one ‘hundred’ ( = 100 ), ‘thousand’ ( = 1, 000 ), ‘million’ ( = 1, 000, 000 )

26 7.Compound adjective I have a two-year-old dog. He wrote a composition of three thousand words. That’s eight o’clock. That’s a three foot high table.

27 8. Collection of names. (1) It can be used as singular or plural, according to whether the word is understood as one or as an individual object. His family is big. His whole family is waiting for him. This class has 45 students. This class is currently studying English.

Quantifiers: Countable & Uncountable Dominoes

To operate this website, we collect user data and share it with developers. By using this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policy, including our Cookie Policy. A countable noun refers to something that can be counted. Countable nouns can be singular or plural. They can be used with a/an and number and many other determiners (eg these, few, many, some, any): Example: He has two sisters and an older brother. These shoes look old now. I’ll take a few magazines for the flight.

Uncountable nouns refer to things that are seen as a whole or large. They cannot be separated or counted. These names are not used in the plural. Examples: Thoughts and experiences: advice, information, progress, news, luck, entertainment, work Things and things: water, rice, cement, gold, milk Weather words: weather, thunder, lightning, rain, snow .

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Other uncountable nouns include: residence, bag, housework, knowledge, money, ability, research, road, travel, experience, housework, music, media, travel. Example: We had bad weather last week. Not: We had bad weather last week. We will get new furniture for the bedroom. Not: We will get new furniture for the bedroom. or We will get new furniture for the bedroom.

Some nouns often have multiple forms but we cannot use numbers with them. We use a pair, these, those… Example: I bought two pairs of trousers. Those are great pants. Not: I bought two pairs of trousers. Other names of this type are: shorts, jeans, pants, pajamas, glasses (for eyes), binoculars, scissors. Some nouns have a plural form but are used in the singular. Example: The story is good. Gymnastics is good.

The 3 Trickiest Grammar Questions At The Exams (mcq)

5 To refer to one or more of uncountable nouns, words such as bit, bit, thing, some or words for containers and things must be used: Examples: He bought expensive furniture for her. his new home. They can give you some information about accommodation and tourist agencies. Maggie always has an interesting story when she comes to see us.

There are bottles of milk in the fridge for you. I bought you a chocolate bar. Uncountable nouns can be used with some determiners (e.g. I, her, some, any, no, which, this, that) and count words (e.g. many, many, (a ) small): Example: He studies hard. and made great progress. Would you like tea? There isn’t any coffee left.

7 Sometimes we can use countable nouns to refer to an example of what an uncountable noun refers to: uncountable dwelling uncountable house, flat, residence, dwelling bag/bag, bag, loaf of bread (of bread), a (bread) roll roll of fire luck a stroke of luck money note, one coin, sum of money.

8 poems rain rain, rain, storm travel, work travel, work Some nouns can be used with either count or non-count, but have different meanings. Example: We bought a new iron and ironing board. (countable) People believe that

Countable Uncountable Nouns Difference

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