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One of HGTV’s most popular shows is coming to an end after eight years, 10 seasons and over 150 episodes.

What Home Improvement Show Was Cancelled

Hosts (and ex) Tarek El Moussa and Christina Haack broke the news on their Instagram, with both calling the news “bittersweet”.

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This news comes just a week before the Season 10 finale airs on HGTV, which will now be the final episode of the home improvement show. This very last episode will air on the network on Thursday, March 17 at 8 p.m. ET / 7 p.m. CT.

HGTV also released a statement confirming that the show is ending after what they called an “epic 10-season run as the highest-rated unscripted series.”

Christina Haack and Tarek El Moussa in promotional image for “Flip or Flop”. The HGTV show ends in March. HGTV

It looks like the former married couple are also breaking up the creative partnership to focus on their own separate network projects.

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As reported by Deadline in early March 2022, El Moussa and Haack recently renewed their deals with HGTV talent, securing the future of their solo shows.

. Season 4 of the latter is expected to arrive in late 2022, while Season 3 of the former is scheduled for release in early 2023.

As such, it looks like the pair simply decided to quit doing the show when their initial contracts expired.

Perhaps it should come as no surprise that the former married couple no longer want to do the show together. After all, the two have married other people since their 2018 divorce. Haack got married

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Host Ant Anstead in 2018 and divorced in 2020 (Antstead has since started dating two-time Oscar winner Renee Zellweger). She is now engaged to real estate agent Joshua Hall.

El Moussa, meanwhile, married Selling Sunset star Heather Rae Young in October 2021, in a wedding that was the subject of his own HGTV special.

Haack’s message announcing the end of the show read in part: “Bittersweet news to announce, it’s the end of an era. Next week’s episode of Flip or Flop will be the finale of the SERIES I’m filled with gratitude to have done 10 seasons of I remember filming the pilot and thinking, “Wouldn’t it be crazy if this happened on network TV?” Here we are, a decade later.”

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El Moussa, meanwhile, wrote: “You’ve been with us through it all – you’ve seen me beat cancer, you’ve seen babies grow into the most amazing little humans, and everything in between, but I don’t going nowhere and I can promise you’re going to love what’s next!”

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Patricia Richardson opened up about her time on the hit sitcom Home Improvement and revealed why the show ended. Photo: Provided via NZH

Home Improvement star Patricia Richardson has revealed the real reason the hit sitcom was canceled after eight successful seasons.

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Home Improvement ran from 1991 to 1999, however, after eight seasons, Richardson was ready to leave the show.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight about her time on the sitcom, she said she and Allen opposed negotiations to have her return for one more season, but she ultimately declined.

When the writers suggested “killing off” her character, Allen refused – and said he didn’t want to continue the series without her, so it was canceled shortly thereafter.

Richardson also revealed that she never auditioned for the role of Jill and “fell into it when the producers were desperate”.

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“[The network said] we need to have someone who challenges it and who is as much a feminist as a masculinist,” Richardson recalled of the character of Tim “The Toolman” Taylor.

Richardson admitted that she was initially skeptical about joining the sitcom, but she and the producers felt that her chemistry with Allen was so good that she couldn’t pass up the role.

After the show aired, it was a hit, and Richardson said she noticed how its themes really resonated with parents.

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“The main thing I saw the most in the mail was, ‘Are you looking through our windows? The things you and Tim fight over are like our family,” Richardson recalled.

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“Or, ‘I get it, I have three sons too’ or, ‘It’s so weird, because it’s like our family!'” Even if you’ve been living under a rock – a sad one bedroom rock with old wallpaper, underutilized storage space and no cable! – you probably still know everything about TV for home and garden. (It’s the network that made you jealous of your best friend’s rock house because it’s 4 square feet taller and has a deck.)

Better known by its popular acronym HGTV, the cable channel airs a number of addictive shows where perky hosts turn shit-boxes into more livable (read: more monochromatic, cookie-cutter) shit-boxes. You know you have a Pinterest board full of their best advice! It’s important to keep up with the latest trends in cushions, after all. And you know what else is important to follow!? The ~scandals~ surrounding the hugely popular station. Here are some of the hottest moments in HGTV history — drama that even a coat or five of shiplap can’t cover.

1. When Flip or Flop’s Tarek and Christina El Moussa break up after serious drama. The couple announced their separation with a statement to People magazine on Dec. 12, saying they had faced “challenges” in their marriage, and in particular citing an “unfortunate misunderstanding about six months ago” as the big problem. TMZ provided more details about the “misunderstanding”, describing it as “a chilling incident involving firearms and a dreaded suicide attempt”. After a big fight, police were called to the couple’s home and saw Tarek running from the property with a gun (Christina also fled the house crying). After being found by the police, Tarek explained that he went out with his gun to “let off steam”.

2. And when one of the property’s brothers got into a bar fight. Jonathan Scott, one of the esteemed Property Bros, got into a fight at a bar in North Dakota last June and should have been dragged off the premises. The drinking establishment was apparently closed at the time, and Jonathan and his team got upset when their drinks were swept away… fast forward to the bar bouncer who allegedly had Scott in a headache and the TV star calling 911 to report he’d been assaulted. At the end of the day, TMZ’s video of the altercation proved insufficient to get the Property Bro

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Renewed And Cancelled Tv Shows 2022

3. When a Love It or List It home may have been destroyed. A North Carolina couple filed a lawsuit in April against the production company behind

Reported that Deena Murphy and Timothy Sullivan asked the production company to clean up the sloppy job of the construction company hired to work on the couple’s home. Apparently they left the place in major disarray, with shoddy carpeting, crumbling floors, and painted windows shut. Not great!

Contestant Bobi Jensen bluntly called the show a deception, I was initially like “WHAT!” then after a while of processing, I was all, “Oh yeah totally. That makes sense.” In a now infamous 2012 post on the Hooked on Houses blog, Jensen shared that HGTV producers didn’t like her original plan to remodel her current home so she could rent it out and basically told her that the episode would focus on the despair of his family. for more square footage instead. They also forced Jensen to buy the new house before the episode aired, and the houses they visited on the show belonged to family friends. Shots fired!

When it became apparent that HGTV was not going to be able to shed some light on this scandal, they issued the following statement to EW:

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We are doing a TV show, so we manage some production and time constraints, while still going through the home buying process. To maximize production time, we are looking for families who are far enough along in the process. Often things go much faster than we can anticipate, so we go back and revisit some of the homes the family has already seen and capture their authentic reactions. Because the stakes in real estate are so high, these owners always find themselves JUST in the moment, experiencing the same emotions and reactions to these properties.

Scandals – sit down and make yourself comfortable, OK!? According to season three contestant David Ridley in a November 2016 interview with Fox News, the home selection process at the start of Fixer Upper is fake AF.

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