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The singer, 21, is the youngest child of Will and Jada Pinkett Smith. The couple also have a 24-year-old son, Jaden.

Who Is Willow On Home Improvement

Asked about the incident in which Will slapped Chris Rock for making a joke about Jada at the Oscars this year, Willow told The Guardian: “I love my dad.”

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She said: “My parents are my best friends. They are both wonderful people. I love them not only because they are my parents, but because they are Will and Jada, with their own beautiful, complex and wonderful minds and hearts.

At the family dinner table, Willow says, “My dad was definitely cracking jokes: “Kids are a little bit repressed, a little bit cold. My dad is more hyper than anybody else. That’s why he’s amazing, because he has endless energy. My mom and I and my brothers are very emo. And thoughtful about things.

In a video shared in July, Will said: “I’ll tell you, Chris, I apologize to you. My behavior is unacceptable and I will be here whenever you are ready to talk.

He also answered fans’ questions about the moment and denied asking Pinkett Smith to act on his behalf.

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Please refresh the page or navigate to another page on the site to log in automatically Please refresh your browser to log in Will Smith’s daughter Willow Smith turned 16 in October, and with the milestone birthday comes a driver’s license and interested suitors.

On Monday, and spoke with ET’s Nichelle Turner about how Willow “holds her own” when it comes to young men looking to spark romance.

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“They knock on the door and the first two questions Willow asks close it,” Will, 48, shared with a laugh, adding that his daughter gets her tough edge from her mother, Jada Pinkett Smith.

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WATCH: Will Smith and Jada Pinkett support Smith’s son Jaden, making the EMA Awards red carpet a family affair

Last week, Willow and Jada were pictured together dressed to the nines as they headed to Chanel’s annual Métiers d’Art collection, where Willow presented. Jada captioned the stylish snapshot, “Mommy daughter night in Paris.”

Her proud father has nothing but praise for his little girl, whose unique fashion sense and avant-garde style have already helped her find a foothold in the fashion world and music industry.

Pink Says Daughter Willow, 11, Has A Paid Job On Her Tour

“She loves self-expression, you know. She’s very confident in who she is and what she wants to be and where she’s going,” Will marvels. “It’s amazing to see that inner strength come out… I’m so proud of her.”

The Oscar-nominated star plays a man grieving the death of his young daughter. In real life, the actor’s father was diagnosed with cancer shortly after he started preparing for the film, which he says was a “beautiful confluence of life and art”.

“My father was diagnosed while I was preparing the role,” shares Will. “So here I was playing a role studying loss and world religion and everything about it, and I was able to share that with my father and we were able to work through the process.”

The star sat down for a Facebook Live session at the company’s headquarters, where he opened up about losing his father to cancer after shooting the film, and how his role as a grieving man helped him deal with his real-life loss, calling it “the magic of the universe.” Watch the video below to hear more. An American actress in television, theater and film. She is also a former MTV VJ, sometimes credited on screen as China Slick Kantner.

Willow Smith Reacts To Jada Pinkett Smith’s August Alsina ‘entanglement’

Kantner was born in San Francisco, California, the daughter of two Jefferson Airplane and Jefferson Starship bandmembers, singer Grace Slick (born Grace Wing) and guitarist Paul Kantner.

She is a native of San Francisco, living first in the city and later in Mill Valley.

A common misconception is that her name was first “God” (with a small “g”), and then changed to “China”. However, Jeff Tamarkin’s 2003 book on the history of Jefferson Airplane, Got a Revolution: The Turbulent Flight of Jefferson Airplane, explains that it was the result of a sarcastic comment made by her mother to a nurse.

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Later in her MTV career, she became known simply as “China Kantner”. In January 1988, she was interviewed by Jonathan King for the BBC TV show tertainmt USA as part of a feature on the children of rock stars working as MTV VJs. In this interview, she stated that she didn’t like her name at first, but grew to like it as she got older.

Willow Smith Subtly Reacts To Will Smith, Chris Rock Oscars Slap

She first appeared as a baby on the cover of Kantner/Slick’s 1971 solo LP Sunfighter. She provided co-lyric writing credits for several of her father’s songs. She also sang a song on his 1983 album Planet Earth Rock and Roll Orchestra.

In July 1986, she appeared as a guest VJ on MTV, making her a regular appearance during the summer holidays for the next four years. She started working at the station at the age of 15, making her the youngest MTV VJ at the time.

As an MTV VJ, she interviewed her father for MTV’s Summer of Love 20th anniversary celebrations. For a time in 1989, she also hosted a Saturday night phone-in request show on local Bay Area radio station KRQR-FM.

Kantner has appeared in numerous films (such as Airheads, The Stoned Age, and The Evening Star), television sitcoms (notably Home Improvement), and stage plays.

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Between acting roles, she studied psychology at Santa Monica College before relocating from San Francisco to Los Angeles in the early 1990s.

Her last professional acting role was in 1998, when she appeared as recurring character Willow Branch Leaf Wilson (her name was ‘pruned’ back to Willow Wilson) in Season 4 of Home Improvement, and she has now retired from acting. In late 2001, after an interview in Vanity Fair, she also stopped giving interviews.

However, she provided some brief quotes for Jeff Tamarkin’s book on the history of the Jefferson Airplane.

She contributed a section to David Dodd’s book Playing It Straight, along with her mother and recovering drug addicts such as Dennis Hopper, Steve Tyler and Ozzy Osbourne. In 1999, she married Los Angeles ditst, Jamie Azdair, but the couple divorced in 2006. When they married, she preferred to be known by her married name China Azdair. On April 13, 2011, Kantner married actor and producer Seth Isler and now prefers to be known as China Isler.

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Willow Star Erin Kellyman On Working With Her Role Models In The Mcu

In 2007, she graduated from Loyola Marymount University with a degree in Christian Theology (with a minor in Glish).

In a 2007 interview, her mother said, “My daughter loves reading Jesus. Some people turn their noses up at her. They don’t understand that she’s not talking about churches and what churches say; she’s reading the actual words. And the message of Jesus.”

Since graduation Kantner has become a substance use disorder and recovery minister at Urban Mission in Pomona, California; As of 2017, Faith is a leader/liaison in the fight against addiction.

Kantner, over the years, has made many contributions to Jefferson Starship’s music as a songwriter and singer. However, she has commented in interviews that she has no musical aspirations of her own, stating that she cannot sing well.

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She also says that famous musicians have lost many of her parts for parts, as directors automatically assumed she was musical as well.

Kantner has several songwriting credits on various Jefferson Starship albums. The first was for the song “Don’t Let It Rain” from the 1976 album Spitfire. This was followed by credits for “Things to Come” (Freedom at Point Zero, 1979), “Out of Control” (Winds of Change, 1982) and “The Sky Is No Limit” on her father’s 1983 solo album Planet Earth Rock. and roll orchestra.

Kantner appeared as the credited lead singer on the song “Declaration of Independency” and contributed vocals on “The Sky Is No Limit” and “Let’s Go”, all featuring the Planet Earth Rock and Roll Orchestra. She also appeared uncredited on the songs “Wood Ships” and “Volunteers” on the 1995 live album Deep Space/Virgin Sky, which was later re-released in expanded form as Deep Space/Extra Virgin Sky., Willow, 19. , reacting to Jada’s decision to open up about her romance with August Alsina on the July episode of the Facebook Watch series. “I want to put that on the table. I’m so proud of you. To be able to see you and dad do that, I was like, ‘OK, that’s the real deal,'” Willow said.

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