Can Violin Be Self Taught – Can you teach yourself how to play the violin? Can you learn to play the violin without a teacher?

Look, whether you had a teacher or not: we’re all self-taught in violin playing (and making music in general). If you have weekly lessons and practice daily: most of the time you will be correcting yourself and not your teacher.

Can Violin Be Self Taught

However… most of the time these are exceptions. They are people with musical talent, who have a good ear for improvisation. They are very serious or even perfectionist. To learn violin yourself you have to be very independent to find and filter the right information. You can find a lot online, but there’s also a lot of nonsense and stuff that doesn’t apply to you right now.

Tips For Choosing A Violin Teacher

This is something you have to be prepared for. Of course in the beginning it is really important to get feedback from the teacher and not reinvent the wheel yourself. Your progress will be much faster and you won’t get stuck.

On the violin you quickly develop bad habits that take a long time to correct. Getting a good teacher right away can be cheaper in the long run, but I know that’s not possible for everyone.

Remember that the violin is one of the most difficult instruments. Even with a teacher, many people take years to develop a good voice.

It’s so important that you get the basics right and don’t try to learn everything at once. First focus on a relaxed and balanced violin hold and bow hold. Being precise about basic technique will save you a lot of time in the long run.

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If you are not taking lessons, try to imagine that you are your own teacher. Correct yourself. Listen to yourself. Don’t let yourself get carried away by a sloppy technique. Try to get it right all the time.

If you have a teacher, his/her job is to guide you in your practice and not to learn for you. We are learners ourselves! For me it helps to imagine that my teacher is in the room and I try to imagine what they would say about my playing.

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The nr 1 reason people get stuck and quit playing the violin is because they don’t practice consistently, don’t see results, and lose motivation.

If you’re not ready to play the violin every day, give it a lot of thought if you want to play the instrument. It takes a lot of time and dedication to not only become good, but to learn to play well after a few years.

What Age To Start Violin Lessons (and Other String Instruments)

There will never be a day when you will master the violin, play everything and be endlessly happy with your own playing. Even the most famous soloists criticize and improve their own playing. Most of them take lessons or ask colleagues for advice.

We are all students and will always be students. Enjoy the process. Approach your violin playing with curiosity, patience and love.

What have been your experiences studying the violin by yourself in any way or form? Did you have a private tutor or did you learn some other way? Share your experiences in the comments below!

I take you from scratch to your first violin concerto with 40 videos, sheet music and violin tabs. It is very possible to learn to play the violin yourself. In fact, some people actually learn better this way.

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Before you start playing the violin, it’s important that you follow some basic chord rules to get you started on the right foot. And get yourself the best violin.

The following tips can help ensure you make good progress while learning to play the violin.

The first (and most important) tip is to practice as much as possible. And more, even. We all want to go fast and learn everything perfectly in just two days.

But it doesn’t work that way. “Study makes perfect” is a common saying. There are no miracle recipes, just time and dedication. That’s enough and you can add your name to the list of famous modern violinists.

Violinist Nicola Benedetti Tells Schools To Put Away Musical Instruments

This is true whether you’re just starting out with the basics or you’re learning advanced techniques like double stopping on the violin.

If you look at some famous violinists, especially actors who had to learn for roles, one thing they all have in common is that they practiced consistently and often for long periods of time. For example, it took Meryl Streep 8 months to learn to play well.

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Set goals to better track your progress. A goal calendar will help you stay motivated. Your goals can serve as goals to define your growth stages and thus maintain motivation.

This technique is commonly used to maintain the desire to continue playing. Challenges attract many to the violin. But the initial charm and excitement soon wears off. Doing your best to set achievable goals based on your level will prevent you from losing motivation.

General Violin Advice Fiddleheads Violin Studio

It’s a good idea to organize your education so you know where to go, so you don’t end up in the dark. Try to progress step by step.

Sometimes, you may see a problem, but not know how to solve it. So you’re asking yourself “Why does my violin blow?” or something like that. In such cases, it may make sense to hire a teacher for a lesson, to address such a problem.

This does not mean you are learning from a teacher. You are simply using an instructor to help you a little on your journey to learning the violin.

The violin is a difficult instrument to learn, especially on your own. The violin is definitely harder than the guitar or other fretted instruments.

How To Play The Fiddle (self Taught Techniques & Drills)

Don’t quit learning at the first hurdle. We assure you that you will find more than one. The key is to learn to overcome them.

To benefit from other tips and advice from violinists, feel free to visit popular forums and blogs. You’ll find other musicians who share the tips and tricks that helped them become true violin virtuosos.

But you should know that learning by yourself can lead to many difficulties and inconveniences. In the beginning, you won’t have a teacher to correct you and help you with the right material tailored to your level and your needs.

That said, if you want to start from scratch, there are plenty of videos and tutorials to help you out.

Piano Vs Violin: Which Is Easier To Learn?

Where should you start when you decide you want to learn to play the violin without a teacher?

Some choose to start with music theory, while others prefer to skip this step. It is not necessary. Whatever your decision, there are many ways to begin your education.

If you dare to play the violin and you already know how to play other instruments (piano, guitar, cello, flute, clarinet, harmonica, trumpet, saxophone, accordion, etc.), you should remember that learning is not necessary. easy

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When it comes to music theory, you may already have the necessary knowledge and your ears may already be used to analyzing certain sounds. However, you have to learn to adopt the right posture, achieve certain techniques and work on your finger skills.

Learn To Play Violin In 20 Steps — Meadowlark Violin Studio

Conversely, it’s also possible to learn the basics, such as reading scores or harmonizing, with online classes or textbooks.

If you are lucky enough to have perfect pitch, learning to play will definitely be easier for you, as you will be able to reproduce any song perfectly just by listening to it.

If you don’t want to be held back because you don’t know music theory, remember that there are many methods that will allow you to learn to play the violin without going through the agony of learning the violin for beginners.

On the YouTube platform, some channels offer you the possibility to play a certain song on the violin by seeing which finger to place where and when.

Self Taught Violin Player Takes Music To The Streets

As if it is a pure Guitar Hero style game, you can learn to play by following the musician’s steps on the screen as well as following the rhythm of the music.

Tabs can be used to change sheet music. Tablets have four lines (representing the four strings of a violin) with numbers placed on them. These indicate at what level of the neck you should place your fingers.

Tabs designed for the violin are a bit more complicated than the guitar because the violin has no frets. Hence, if you are starting from scratch, we advise you to use only reputable online tableters.

Another jewel of new technology: applications for smartphones! Many apps can help you in different ways. Many others are useless.

Self Taught Violin Maker From North Macedonia Wins Global Fame

If technology is not your strong suit, don’t worry you can also turn to textbooks and manuals. Violin learning methods designed for students will help you learn things like:

In manual, you can do this

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